The Dark Night of the Soul: Dealing with Life’s Tests

The Dark Night of the Soul: Dealing with Life’s Tests

The topic for today is going to be the dark
night of the soul. Sounds like a cheery topic, doesn’t it? It’s very important to understand
that, even though it sounds like a almost a negative, the dark night of the soul, there is nothing on earth that brings us greater
transformation, absolutely nothing on earth that equals what the dark night of the soul
does for us. So please be patient. Let me explain. The
term really was popularized by a mystic named St. John of the Cross. He was a contemporary
of St. Theresa of Avila. And, you know, they were both so
interesting. They were both mystics and people that went through what is part of the traditional
mystic path, meaning a period of, just a purging away of the old ego self and
the old mystic path, which was sort of a, it’s sort of a branch off of, or yet the other
is a branch off it, of religion. And so it maintains the God concept as religion does.
But instead of talking about and using dogma around God and rituals, it’s kind of personal
experience oriented. But it still overlaps with religion, in that
it still almost encourages, at times almost encourages, a burning of oneself, a purging.
And life doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to go through
those old school kinds of purging. processes. However, in this world, we will likely do
some amount of that, just not to the extreme we used to. Those mystics, oh my gosh, you know, by no
coincidence, they were at times imprisoned and scourged and and beat, and so
on and so on. Even St. Francis went through turmoil at time. So masters throughout history and mystics
throughout history went through this thing called the dark night of the soul. The reason it’s called dark night
of the soul, I don’t know if this information’s out there much anywhere. But the reason it’s
called the dark night of the soul, because it’s not a night at all man, it lasts years, usually, a couple of years.
But it’s called the dark night of the soul because of its relevance and association to
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. So you could say that mystics kind of made this connection
to, “Wow, our Lord Jesus went through a a terrible, difficult purging in the garden.
So we have our own version, which takes months or years.” And so I that’s kind of where that originates
anyway. And I’m not all people go through pregnancy,
not all people get married, not all people get divorced. Not all people do this, and
that, you know, and the other not all things are relevant to all people. There used to
be a saying, you know, you have to, there’s two things, you can avoid death and taxes,
and you can avoid taxes, you just might be put in jail for it. But it’s still possible. I’m saying that what you can’t avoid is actually
death and the dark night of the soul. All human beings go through it. All human beings,
everybody goes through it, typically at least two or three times in one lifetime. It lasts,
you know, just just to kind of catch you up, because you might still be saying, well, what’s
he still talking about? I’m talking about something that you and I, all of us go through. But nobody realizes, most people do not realize
that there’s a name for it, and that it’s a thing you’re going through. It’s not an
accident. It’s not a coincidence. You didn’t just happen to lose your job and your health
and such and such at the same time. There’s, when, when, when lots of things fall apart,
simultaneously and or stay quite stuck, you know, immobilized not changing, not progressing
and so on that those are good symptoms of the dark night of the soul. Those are pretty consistent symptoms of that.
So if you are going through something like that, it could tell you what you’re going
through. And so I’m going to explain, just like some people say, well, good doctors might
say, “Well, let me explain that all those symptoms, that’s actually an ailment. It could
be minor, could be major, but it’s nice to be told what it is instead of just going “Doctor I got all these things, man, I’m just
terrified or I’m in pain.” “Oh, that’s actually this, this, this .We
we just adjust your supplements or whatever it is, and it’s all gone.” Wow, isn’t that great? It’s the same for the dark night of
the soul so we go through this and most people just
don’t even know there’s a name for it that there’s an it at all and it’s what they’re
going through now this does not include having a bad weekend
you know, you can’t go in and a bender, you know, and, and, you know,
binge drink or whatever, and have a hangover, and later they’re going, Oh, I think I’m having
the dark night of the soul. No, you’re just having a dumb ass Night of the Soul. You know, you
just went too far you got drunk. Now you have a hangover. That’s all you that’s not, that’s
not a dark night of the soul. A dark night of the soul, like I said, typically lasts
for quite a while. And there’s all kinds of other symptoms. You know, I’ll share that here and there. But, but I
want you to remember that it’s something that we all go through. So
one of the things to remind yourself and others when they’re going through these kinds of
things, or when they’re going through the dark night is one of the most important is
to remind them that they’re not going crazy. They’re just waking up which is a title of
one of my books thats related to the dark night of the soul, but also to make them feel normal to make
them feel it’s it. This is normal. This isn’t like, your bad. This isn’t like you’ve ruined
your life. This is one of those cycles, you know, and you do it in a way that they’ll understand,
you know, if they’re a Buddhist, just say it one way if they’re Christians, and other
new way you said another, whatever, you know, they’re wherever they’re coming from, no,
no belief systems at all. Faith wise, then you just say it in another way. You can say
it’s been proven scientifically, you know, if that’s what appeals to them. But you’re just saying this
is normal. There’s biological, you know, like, if you’re talking to a male and he’s describing
all this stuff, and he has no faith beliefs or whatever, you could still say, all people,
all bodies end up going through a purging process. What are you talking about? Is that something spiritual? Not necessarily.
For example, when a woman goes through menopause, it is
a form of the dark night of the soul. She’s doing
a purging process, everything she knew is now not so which is a symptom of the dark
night that which I knew is no longer You know, I’ve often used a reference to the
There’s a song It’s called ordinary world. And it’s by a band called Duran Duran, who I’m not into it all. But I’m just using
a reference to a song they wrote. And, you know, he’s just describing what is happening
to me crazy, somewhat say, where’s the life that I recognize? And then the voice in the
background says, it’s gone away, you know, and that’s just really,
if you could really drop into that. That’s, oh, my God, it can bring tears easily.
Because where’s the life that I recognize? You know, and it’s another versus where’s the friend?
You know? Where’s the friend that I had gone away in? That’s what it’s like. It’s like everything you thought you knew?
Where’s my health gone away? Where’s my finances? Gone away? Is my job gone away? Whatever it is, that you you believe you knew
to be real or true or valuable? Gone away? Why? What did I do wrong? Nothing at all. And that’s another thing to remember about
the Dark Knight Don’t take it personally, which is a funny thing to say because it’s
happening to you personally. But to not take it personally. It’s definitely
not God dishing out curses like people once believed. It’s a cycle and it’s a cycle that’s actually a blessing
that feels like a curse. Why? Because Thank God my soul has decided
and it’s my soul that are it organizes and science me up for the dark night. That’s why
it’s called the dark night of the soul it’s not the dark night of God is not the dark
night of sun to something else or your next door neighbor it’s the dark night of my soul
about soul so what happens is there’s a there’s a moment where the soul says you know you’re doing all right but there’s some areas
that are kind of stuck some areas maybe you’ve ignored maybe that are stuck maybe the you
underestimated or sometimes there are some areas where you’re just too attached to some
things thought concepts people things and so the soul says oh my god I have such a perfect
plan for us you know what I’m going to do I’m going
to sign us up for a little period of time almost like saying going on vacation to kind
of you know get over the stress of work except it’s it’s going within instead of going on
vacation it’s about going within and you get to have all the things you you know either unhealed wounds collectively
that built up you know it’s almost like having the sink pipes clean you know because they
build up hair and debris and so forth after one they clean it up you know and wow all this stuff comes out of there you
know and debris and toxic stuff and so it’s kind of like that it’s you know, it’s it’s
going into the soul having all the debris that’s built up but also attachments and the
soul is saying oh this is going to be great God because when this is done you’re going
to be clean man you’re going to feel great it’s it’s the pipes all cleaned out it’s like
having the key elation on your arteries. Colon therapy on the colon or whatever you want
to imagine it the shampoo on dirty here. It’s like Oh, so refreshing a shower or bath for a dirty or stressed body. You know, and so you accept it to yours. And it doesn’t feel like a damn bath or shower
man. Let me say, you know, you guys should know by now. This is not like, oh, okay, I’ll
go and take me away. It’s more like kill me now. Because when the soul is purging our human
self is usually not aware of what’s happening. Therefore, it’s it’s confused. Our human self
is going What is going on? Why is everything dying around me? Now the soul
is going Oh, don’t you remember we sent you a member we’re going to be doing some housecleaning.
So as a bit of extra dust blowing around and bags of you know, trash going out. And you
know that you hear the jackhammer, because part of the foundation was was crooked or
weak, or do you know whatever sinking. So there’s a lot of construction going on. But we told you about it. We sent you a memo.
Oh, I forgot about that. You know. And so. But ignorance is no excuse. It’s, you know,
even if you knew it’s going on, it’s still going to be a little painful. But we
love to live in ignorance. And so we’d rather claim we didn’t know anything about it, of
course, in miracles tells you how important it is. There’s a concept in the course called
thoughts and leave not their source. Meaning when your life is going through the dark night
of the soul. It could only have been approved by you. You can’t get away with thinking at someone
else. Or blaming God or whatever, you have to accept it. Wow. Okay. This is absolutely
as well as I could have known. It’s where my higher higher good or my highest good.
So it’s a cleansing process. Now, you could say, but I don’t like that there’s so much
to be cleansed. Okay, then maybe don’t build up so much debris last time, don’t be a dang
spiritual hoarder, you know, and, and you wouldn’t have so much stuff to clean out.
So no matter what you can take responsibility and, and kick your own button and say, you
know, this is what is. So let’s just go instead of fighting it. You know, this is what is
it’s a drag. It’s inconvenient to our day to day wishes. But this too shall pass. And it’s one of the most important things
to remember this too shall pass when you’re going through the dark night of the soul.
Remind yourself this, too shall pass, you know, this, this originates because of our,
our need to cleanse our need to clear out and we will only be able to create a new life
tomorrow contingent on how well we clear out today. So fight the dark night of the soul. The way I look at it is like out of
10 points, let’s say, How well did I do that have 10
points or use a grading scale? If you want a, b, c, d, e, f, you know, how did I do and on zero to 10, meaning meaning 10 would be special della perfect Christ like
response to the Dark Knight that would not be most human beings. So don’t even go there,
you’re probably not even going to be able to claim a nine or an eight, believe it or
not. But if you do, congratulations. It also depends on how honest you are and
how kind of hard on yourself, you are in an even in a good way, meaning stringent on your
rating system. And not overly arrogant going on at 10. Always the times I’ve gone through the dark night
of the soul. And I’ve already gone through it a couple times. It’s I would say I probably most recent time years ago, several
years ago, I probably would grade myself to be maybe a an eight, maybe a seven to eight people who
know me would say, Oh, my God, and people have said, You’re totally dead. You’re a nine
plus, you were like, 10, you are stellar. I didn’t feel stellar. So being honest with
myself, I’d say no, there were moments what I where I would like
to have handled a little bit better couple of moments when I appreciated, you know, just
just sinking in it for a moment. Or I allowed myself to fear too much, or whatever, lose
faith, those moments I know better than anyone else. And yeah, you anybody would feel those
doubts and fears that’s going to be normal, how much you fed them will be what determines
whether it knocks you down a little from a 10. And mostly I didn’t let them get to me.
But there were a couple of times When, when, where it was there, just like such frustration, such doubt, or whatever, you know, depending on which
dark night I was going through, some of the feelings are going to be consistent from one
period to another, but some are going to be unique. So I went through it, and most people
can go through it, you can have a childhood version, if you’ve had a lot of abuse and
so forth, I collectively could say that to my first dark night of the soul, his childhood
in general, but the first adult one, and for many of us, it’s around the age of 30, which can coincide with what we call a Saturn
return, but not necessarily as exact during a Saturn return. And it can be around 30 for me. And then another round came
up at around 50. And, and the third round came up in its now I’m
actually feeling that quite a bit the last couple of years. And, you know, and it’s you, you might also notice that you’re going through
it, and I want to add this I’m not in a Saturn return right now.
But, but it is a dark night of the soul. Nevertheless, because it doesn’t always coincide. But I
want to say this, we are as a planet going through the dark night. And this does
happen to nations to towns, even households, group of people versus just an individual
it can happen and we are going through it. So whether this is minor hours, I’m still
here. So I still have to walk through my version mine has not been horrendous in terms of major losses,
which I’ve had before when it was a dark night period, major threats which I’ve had before,
you know, to my well being, or whatever. But, you know, it’s instead it’s more of a disconnection
from some things and goodbyes to some things. And, and, you know, just things kind of some areas that were stuck.
Now, I’ll explain though, going through the dark night does not mean
your life is completely trashed. It usually will look that way when you’re going through
it. But the more you grow, most people would not know you’re going through it. And that’s
kind of cool. Not because you’re in denial or stuffing it that’s not very cool, are wearing
a fake smile. It’s because you’re seeing it differently. You’re handling it differently.
For me, this this dark night period that I’m in now is probably similar to the second one I had
about eight years ago or so. And and one would think, Well, why should you have another one,
when you had that one, I don’t even care why you don’t have to overanalyze it. It is what
it is. So you just go you just do your work. When you’re there. You know, that’s what you
do. You fall in a cave, you have a flashlight, turn the damn thing on, do the light work
while you’re in the darkness. So it is a little frustrating, and I’m but I’m grateful. Because
this time, this time going through it. There are some things like the online courses like
the live presentations, like the life that we share at Unity of Sedona, when I’m teaching
there on tour, when all these people attend just throngs of people, supporting the work
on and on and on, even people making donations, you know, you can, you can donate to me as
amended. We call it the foundation for Christ consciousness, you can donate to that, or
if you prefer my other ministries through unity of Sedona, you can donate their people
do that. And that’s very helpful during this time to have had work channeled in you know,
just great channeling support, financial support. And so far, this all makes a major difference.
Those are the areas that are actually above water. Thanks to you guys. Thanks to God,
spirit channeling my integrity is in yours. So we’re all in this and it’s made a real
big difference. And you should make a difference to others and let others make a difference
for you. And some of you upset that these presentations are helpful to you during your
challenging time. So there we are men at spiritual eco system versus a worldly ecosystem. So that has helped a lot there’s a couple of
areas that have been a little more stuck or challenged. And it’s been for at least a year
or so. But like some of you know, I shared this many times the recently a few times recently,
I just made a list of those things, do it journal guys, or make a list of things and
start bidding farewell to ones instead of being hooked by them, waiting for them to
come back to life. Just bid them Farewell, so that you’re not drained or strained on
that energy, you know, hooked by that energy. It allows us to be free it may or may not
bring your next steps your tomorrow yet but it helps speed up the process of purging today.
If you your soul has nothing left to purge out, then it doesn’t keep purging. So I just helped it along and made a list of
some things and say goodbye. And you know that that was probably a pivotal moment. I
just did that a couple weeks ago. And it was a pivotal shift for me again, nobody outside
would really notice. And some people might say, Oh, I noticed. I know it really for the
most part, you know, nobody would notice. But and I’m sure I tried to be honest about
it. When I say something you know to people and let people know what I’m going through.
And you should as well don’t dump it on your kids. Don’t take it out on people that’s different.
I’m talking about journal it or talk to a friend smart things to do when you’re in the
dark night of the soul. Include a counselor seeing a counselor sponsor journaling, prayer,
obviously. So there are some things you can you can reach out for and connect with that
can, you know, help you find sanity in the what seems like insanity. I’m not saying it’s
insanity. But you know, it sure feels that way sometimes. So, you know, do your deep
work and don’t take like I said, Don’t take it out on people. Just do your deep work.
See your counselors do your prayer. But there’s a phrase I use, which is die well, meaning don’t just whine about what’s ending.
be thorough, man die. Well, let some things just come to an end. Like write them down. Take a photo of the
person or if you need to burn that write down what you’re letting go of deep prayer fully
say goodbye to things it just means die well, means authentically, thoroughly, sincerely
and be and honestly because you have to be honest about you know what, what kinds of
emotions are going on you, you know, somebody is part of your let’s say you have a challenge someone leaves
you or as part of your dark night someone leaves you sometimes that’s just a specific
little challenge right now, at other times as part of a greater dark night of the soul.
But someone leaves you can say, Well, I don’t really care, that’s not actually going to
help you. And whatever feelings really, we’re there. If you don’t work them now, they’re
going to just collect it’s no problem. The Dark Nights going, Oh, honey, don’t worry,
we have a little we have a little strainer right here. And there’s stuff that will stick
stuff that’s been thoroughly and authentically done. We’re going to just collect that for
you. And then on a certain period of time, maybe tomorrow, maybe a year, five years from
now we’re going to walk up to you, we’re going to take the strainer plot, dump it out, you’re
going to have all this growth yucky moldy stuff, it’ll just look like black algae. And
it’s horrible. And it’s your unhealed stuff that you tried to run from or minimize or
deny or whatever. So you know, that’s that’s kind of the moral of the story there. You
know, you can run but you can hide so the Dark Knight is going to happen you’re going to probably lose you could lose
jobs, friends, your health home, you know, I said house but but your
home your properties. Your car could get mashed, you could have accidents. There’s all kinds
of things that can happen. And really with the Dark Knight which really a drag is it’s
often several things at once. It’s not like you just go wow, you know, there was a hailstorm
and it and it broke a corner of part of the roofing on my house and dark night. No, it
isn’t that’s a hailstorm. That’s all the dark night is when you say speech, Alicia. No. Okay. And now a hailstorm. And a week ago
my partner left me and a few days before that
I was diagnosed with such and such. And then there’s a family members passed away last
year and on and you know, it’s like that it’s when it’s just like I call it being hit from all sides. Really,
you know, so it can be challenging. But again, don’t forget the affirmation. This
too shall pass. That’s so important. You can even lose jobs or incomes or whatever. But
this too shall pass. It’s a fact. Things happen in cycles in this universe, in our lives in
the world, even in our bodies. And this too, shall pass. Now here’s an important
key when I was saying, grade yourself, how’d you do? Seven? Five? Whatever it is to nine.
How did I do? Okay? The reason that might be important to do that
is because, first of all it in inspires you to try to do a little better for yourself.
It’s not like anybody’s keeping score against it just for you. But I can say to myself, if I were to score
a six or a five I Michael would say, I know Dang. Well, that that means if I score of five, now a five is coming again. Tomorrow. It has to because I didn’t finish it. So I would rather feel like I scored pretty dang
well, and there’s not much left to do. You know,
that’s kind of kind of how it looks to me, I you know, I keep my eyes open. I’m not the type to be
in denial. So my eyes are wide open, typically. And I want them to be open. And so I want
to be responsible and know what I’m dealing with. So that’s just what you know, I would
recommend again, we all go through these things. It’s
it happens a few times per lifetime, typically lasting, it’s hard to say it could be anywhere
from at least two or three years. And it can be fine. Seven years at the most. And for most people, I do know
some people who seem to have a dark life of the soul, you know, where it’s lots and lots
and lots of purging. Remember, even though it’s longer lasting, and time times an illusion,
and therefore this too shall pass if you happen to be one who came in and you say, I honestly
think it seems like every year other stuff is happening. I have not seen much of the
light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve only known the darkness of the tunnel. First of
all, my heart goes out to you, as does God’s got itself. Its heart goes out
to you. Because this is painful, it’s painful. But know this too shall pass. Even though it’s
a longer period of time, it will pass. And when it does, you’re done with this stuff.
You don’t come in for a lifetime, purge all the stuff, some of you have had to purge long life stuff, only to come back and do it three other lifetimes.
That doesn’t make any sense. When you’re going through the dark night, you’re likely clearing
relevant stuff, whether it’s a few years relevant stuff, or whether it’s few lifetime’s worth
of relevant stuff. So you know, have faith know that just know that it’s impossible.
And that way, you can feel a little bit of like, wow, you know, it really has been a hard life. But I’m gonna
sit within in terms of responsibility and, and recognize that that probably means that
I’m cleared I’m done with the heavy stuff of life’s lifetimes. You know, that’s how
I would look at it. Anyway. What is the purpose of the dark night of the
soul? Well, it’s all about life’s tests. The book I wrote, called the seven initiations
on the spiritual path is subtitled understanding the purpose to life’s tests. Because life is tests. You’re only here because
you haven’t completely graduated in Devon. So everything is about learning tests and
graduation. We learn something, whatever it is, and then you take a test on it to do the
universe test you to see if you got it. Some people don’t even like the word test
for some reason, but that’s their trip. And they should look at that and track that. Because
if you if you get triggered by a word, and you can hear what I’m saying, because of one
word, you need therapy or something. Sorry, man, but you know, you need you need
work on that, man. Don’t, don’t ignore the message is for a word life’s tests. And if you get the metaphor that we’re here
learning at the end of a learning period, we take a
test to see how we did the universe. Does it just like schools do it? Hey, did you get
this how you doing now? What’s the purpose of that test? Well, that’s what the Dark Knight
is, what’s the purpose of the dark night? What’s the purpose of life’s tests primarily,
and especially with the Dark Knight It teaches us surrender. Because you’re going to try all
your usual tricks to get you through your day. But they won’t work you’re going to grab me your herbs. When you’re not feeling well,
not going to work, you’re going to grab medicines are not going to work, you’re going to try
your counselor, it’s not going to work you’re going to try even prayer will seem like it
does not work. You’re going to try all kinds of quick fixes and longer term fixes. You’re
going to consult your astrologers you’re going to try everything backflips in yoga postures because something’s got to help. But no, that’s
the whole point. And the Dark Knight, nothing’s going to help because it’s trying to teach
you that nothing you can do on this planet is truly have any long lasting or real permanent
value, which means there’s only one place you should be going, not the doing outside
being inside. And that’s why spirit in any form as Christ or Holy Spirit or Divine Mother, whatever
spirits all for it, saying, oh, man, this is great. You’re going to have a dark
night of the soul. You might cave in, like most people doing score three. But man, I’m
really rooting for you. Because if you get it, you’re going to say of myself, I can do
nothing. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who I am. And then you’re going to ask
God to show you who you are, and so forth. And that’s really one of the main points The
Dark Knight is to teach us. humility, surrender, The Dark Knight is to teach us to love unconditionally instead of conditionally. It’s all it’s all just to improve us. It’s
also about cleansing that which is not as valuable as we thought it was. And last but
not least, for now, the dark night of the soul also teaches us to integrate things we
learned. For example, you can say, Oh, I went to three retreats all about health
and wellness. And lately I’ve been doing meditation and I’m really working on myself or you could
just be an average schmo. You know, doing life but the dark nights gonna say sell out of
all the things you’ve ever heard, and learned
and studied and felt and experienced, what did you learn? What did you gain? What,
How are you different? It’s gonna, it’s going to ask you to integrate
what you went through. And you say, Well, here’s what I learned.
No, no, no, don’t tell us. We want to see it. Who are you? We want to
feel it. Is it in you? Have you become a healer? Or are you still dabbling with medicines? Are you are you a yoga, you know, yoga Master? Or are you still taking it all? Seriously? And, and, and, and,
you know, going into depression? If you forgot to do your awesomeness today? Like you’re
still the door, or have you become the being yet and it will ask that question, not because
it’s trying to work us over. It’s asking us so that will
look at it and become more honest. And that’s pretty
cool. Your mom You know, just because you’re you have a kid or are you truly an expression
of the mother? Okay. And then there’s, you know, I really
love my child. I really love my partner. Really love my mother. Okay, how much do you love
them? Oh, I gosh, you know, I love them so much. It’s amazing. Probably more than any
other person they’ve ever known, really, and more than I’ve ever known of another person.
You know, I’ve never loved anybody so much. Really, the soul is going, you know, we had to do
is remove them from your life to see if you can love them without seeing them. Having them hand in hand up the aisle. Can
you love them if they’re gone? And instead, we’re like, oh, Lord, you know what happened?
Bring them back and souls like, darn it. We were really hoping you could turn human love
for that person into divine love. But it’s okay. We’ll try it with another person later.
That’s how it works. You know, it’s all the all the angels are helping orchestrate
the entire thing. But it’s really our soul spirits rooting for us. But it’s really our
soul that sets these things up. And I hope that much has made sense that it’s you know,
we’re not a victim in any of this. You know, there’s biblical record references that tell us what to expect when we go through it. Like men will pray for death
and death will not come. That is a description of one’s personal
dark night of the soul. Even though I walk through the valley of the
shadow of death. That’s a description of the dark night of the soul. But the affirmation
is, I will not be afraid God’s with me in the dark night. I don’t see it. I don’t feel
it, man. I don’t even hear I’m calling the angels. I’m not hearing the flapping of any
wings. I don’t hear any trumpets, and so on. Maybe it was all a farce. Maybe this was not
even real. All this stuff I believed in. Oh, yeah, that’s pretty cool. Because it’s testing
you to say, Do you only like this stuff, because you read about it, you have to become it.
You know, you have to, you have to believe in angels, even in the darkness, call upon them, feel them, no more than anything else, know that they’re
there. Understand that it’s impossible for God to not be there. Christ not be there. The
angels to not be there and sell it. It’s impossible. Even when you lose a loved one. It’s impossible
for them to actually be gone. They’re just not perceptible
to your five human senses. And there you go. So the dark night of the
soul is taking us yet again. You know, one more thing where we’re needing to learn the dark night of the soul is easily described
as the crucifixion of personal crucifixion. That’s all the personal crucifixion that is
supposed to end in case you missed this in any of your Easter movies. supposed to end
in a resurrection. You know. crucifixions that don’t end in a resurrection
are just deaths that’s all they are Spartacus is a
once a Roman warrior. And then he became a slave for various reasons,
and became, you know, they rebelled another there was a big rebellion against Rome, and
he and a bunch of other slaves, thousands escaped and broke free. And they take freedom.
And they, you know, got away for as long as they could, but they were all crucified when they were
caught later, thousands of them if you can imagine that thousands of guys at once crucified, that’s
how sick Rome was, in my opinion, but they just
died, we didn’t hear about the resurrection of Spartacus,
you know, you just see the resurrection of the movie getting me made again. And again.
It’s like, you know, whatever. But the, the, what the message Jesus gave is kind
of like saying, I’m paraphrasing, but it’s kind of like saying, you know, what, guys
isn’t like funny, it’s, it’s kind of, it’s a dream. But it’s really mostly become a nightmare,
because it’s filled with tests and crucifixions, dark nights of the soul when there is a major
blend of things, or just individual little moments of tests, and so forth. Gosh, you
know, and that’s good, because you’re trying to wake up. But if you would really surrender fully, you
would realize God has never even allowed you to be flawed and have to work on yourself,
there’s a divinity in us that we can release the burdens and, and it crosses off of our backs. And just surrender to the truth of who we are,
and everything changes. But humans like to believe that we have to learn at a slow gradual
pace. Because unconsciously, what it is, is it’s an attempt to drag things out. And that’s
why people that like to drag things out, they almost like your task version of a hoarder,
they just collect unfinished tasks and so forth, because there’s
physical hoarders, you know, material orders, and then there’s tasks on done types of people.
And that’s a different kind of hoarding. And those kinds of people are hoarding because
they’re afraid of the light, they, you know, like the hoarder of material stuff, they have
to have stuff all around them, because it reflects all the disturbances inside. And so it makes them feel in touch with themselves
in a very kind of twisted way, take all their stuff away, and they’re going to feel like
you took a part of them away, which is kind of like saying, Please don’t clear my arteries because I’m
addicted to the, the plaque in the arteries don’t clear the colon, because I’m addicted
to the tar in the colon walls, you know, makes no sense. But that’s what people do. So some
are addicted to unfinished tasks. And that’s going to be an extra hard thing to go through dark night, because it’s bidding them to let
go, let God you know, it’s not unusual to go through or feel like
you’re in a depression in the dark night of the soul. Because, well, for no other if, if for no other reasons.
It’s deflating. I mean, I had I had children, and they’re not here now. Or I thought I had a life mate. But if they’re gone, it’s no longer called a life mate is
it it’s not for life. They’re there, they’re gone, they left I didn’t even know they were
going, you know, or I thought I had it job. And now it’s gone.
And so those things are are what I call dismantling of our lives. And there are stages The Dark
Knight includes, which is first of all dismantling in the book, you’re not going crazy. It’s
it explains the five stages of soul transformation, which is another way of saying the five stages
of the soul transformation process or the dark night of the soul. And they include
dismantling one level or another, you know, a single issue or major many issues, single
issue that’s dismantling, and then there’s emptiness
that comes from it. That’s depression. That’s the, you know, just being deflated. It’s like, after it all blows up. There’s
shock, like, or what now, you know, like, here I am. I’m
empty. disorientation is when you start to go, Okay, I’m a little bit over being depressed.
Now. I’m in the stage of Okay, now, what are we gonna do? You start to anticipate the next move, but
most people don’t allow any new inspirations to come, they just go, all right. What are
we going to do now? And they go back to another relationship, like the one that left
him. Another thing like the one that failed another job, yet another job, everything out
of desperation, and so forth. In reality, what we’re needing to do is maintain our center
not try to jump ahead, practice being centered being though and asking for guidance. Asking
for guy even though it’s you probably still in The Dark Knight Ask, ask, ask. Because
the Dark Knight mostly has three steps, dis, or
dismantling emptiness and disorientation. But technically, the dark night doesn’t end
as a dark night. The goal of the dark night of the soul is to discover the light at the
end of the tunnel. And the light has two more steps after the first three. Those two steps
are rebuilding a new life rebuilding is number four, rebuilding a new life is number five. So Michael in The Dark Knight is not just
to crash. It isn’t even just to go. Okay. I’ll just accept that I’m depressed and everything’s disoriented
and deflated and dismembered and dismantled. And no, no, no, it’s, you do a bit of that.
But you also say, and I’m ready for a new life. But I’m open to guidance as to when, how and
what I do next. So that those are the five stages kind of important
to know. And I would say, you know, keep in mind that the Dark Knight is it’s
a soul thing, The Dark Knight is is essentially not an initiation of the root chakra, the
crown chakra, the navel chakra, it is an initiation of the heart chakra. It is when our heart
is being purged. Everything we thought we valued in our heart now needs to be cleansed
and only valuing the truly valuable God love peace oneness and letting go of all things
that are connected flicked it and painful and whatever. And that takes courage. You
know, unfortunately, sometimes we believe we’re too weak to push through things, barriers,
challenges, tests, and so we crumble. Now the bad news
with that is that if you crumble, it now locks in as tomorrow’s tests, okay. But sometimes we’re like, you know what,
I don’t care if it’s a test tomorrow, I need a break right now. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna
let I’m gonna let myself fail this test. I’ll take it again next semester. And it’s okay.
If that’s all you think you can do. If, on the other hand, you’re the type that says,
Why in the heck would I want to wait for another semester, when I can graduate today, then
it’s probably not a good idea, then to, you know, to allow yourself to fail the test because,
you know, then it’s going to come back again. But please, as I’m going to start coming to a close, please remember
that when you when you see other people going through the dark night, please be there for
them as good karma will come around. And they’ll be there for you. People will be there for
you. But, but be there for them talk in their language, you know, and oh, yeah, that what
do you mean that I’m going through hell? Oh, yeah, I know. I mean, do you know that that’s
a normal cycle, talk to them in their language, you know, if they’re, let’s say they’re, they’re not
into spirituality. Let’s say they’re just, they’re just an average guy, let’s say contractor,
and how can I can I talk to me as no particular spiritual beliefs? All I could say, You know
how sometimes you bought houses to renovate? Oh, yeah. You know, sometimes you get them
in you can’t renovate them. They actually have to be demo like, you have to, like, wipe
them out and start over. Oh, God, I hate those. Well, there you go. And you just nailed it there. Like, you’re
kidding me. I’m a I’m a demo. You know, Yes, you are. Your life is a demo this time and
you just make it sound not under valued. And not like you’re just being flippant, I’m
saying You make it sound like it’s more understandable, acceptable, normal
to go through so that they ease a little bit of the burden. And the fear that’s that in itself will bring people miracles, but you’re also helping them feel like, and
it’s not them per se, it is them having the test. But it’s not them because they’re bad or flawed in some
way. So that’s that. The last thing I just wanted to say was, just remember, when you’re
going through the dark night of the soul, or others are, you can advise them this too. When you’re
going through the dark night. There are some things you don’t want to do.
And one of them like I said, Don’t take it too personally, and so on. But watch out for addictions, okay, watch out
for addictions, you’re going to be tempted to grab the bottle because because you’re
going through, you know, hell now, even new people at the 12 step group
they’re going to understand because, you know, this is really a rough period. No, no, it’s a test so you don’t go back to addiction. So you don’t go to your addictions. And then
and then blame the Dark Knight think you’re going to get away with it. You know, I would say you can blame God. You can say Why me? You
can do things like that. But I’m just telling you, it’s kind of worthless. Why me because it’s your souls. Tests blame God doesn’t matter. God’s not gonna
take it personally. Nor will that do you any good. It’s not going
to get you out of it any sooner. And if you get obsessed on, okay, when is it going to
be done? I’m waiting. I’m looking at my about a new watch. Just
so I could watch the hours and time it so it’ll be over soon. It doesn’t end when you
want it to end. Part of the point of the dark night is you not being in control so things
don’t go the way you want them to go. So as soon as you say I wanted to end at a certain
time the soul is going to go That’s okay. I’ll
add that to my list. Endless you know, it’ll go let’s make it endless until this person is no longer
trying to think they can control the time frame so may sound strange, but you know,
it’s how it works. Take responsibility when you’re going through
the dark night. It is only me reflecting to me. It’s only me reflecting to me. Okay, got it. It’s a mirror of my soul. It’s my soul. magnifying out so I could see it all. And
one other thing I would advise that you not do, I wouldn’t make too many plans. You know, I’m going to start a new business while I’m
in the dark night of the soul. Well, you might have heard, don’t do certain things. When
you’re in Mercury Retrograde. Don’t do certain things. When you’re in Saturn retrograde.
Saturn retrograde is sort of like a version of a dark night of the soul. But don’t make
a lot of plans don’t think that well, since everything else has fallen apart. I’m going
to just make a lot of plans right now. So that I can stay busy and be distracted. That’s
the dark night of the soul is trying to get you to go in and and knock you down. It’s not a bad
time to sit and journal ideas for tomorrow meaning down the road. But I wouldn’t expect
to make plans and expect them to manifest right now it’s a you’re sort of going through a winter
of the soul. And wintertime, nature typically goes in and brings energy to the roots. So
you could look at that and say, Yeah, a little bit of planning in the sense of I’m really
deep inside. So I’m getting some new ideas. But I wouldn’t do planning in the sense of
expecting those to materialize. because that’ll just be another setup, that it’s not going
to materialize. So that you can have another thing to learn while you’re in that dark period.
Okay, I pray this is made sense. There are videos and books related to it from me. And
you might be able to, you know, if you want to study some more, you might look at the
book of Job in the Bible. And you’ll see a really vivid example of someone going through
a dark night of the soul. Because that’s what happens to job in that
story. But all the Greek heroes, the apostles are
men and women throughout history, that everybody’s gone through it. So there’s not a hero in
the legends that is immune to it. They’re just going to have hero levels of dark nights
of the soul. They can be demigods. And they’re going to have you know, demigod levels versions
of dark nights of the soul. But they have them you can, you know, whether it’s Luke
Skywalker, or you or me, you know, the hobbits in one story. And, you know, and
Perseus in another story, they’re all stories about
going through hell, and coming out better people. And that’s the point and not just
better people. I’m going to say it this way, The Dark Knight is to eventually for the most
part, it’s to purge away our ego based, humanists ego based, humaneness and helping us to become more spiritual based humans, and eventually just spiritual period.
And that’s what it’s about. And I appreciate all your time, and all your commitment. And I want to say,
finally, if you’re going through the dark night, or have gone through, or when you do,
go through it, connect with God, connect with Christ, connect
with the truth of God, no, know that this is not who you are, you know, humble yourself,
just reach out as deeply and personally and sincerely as possible. If you want to call
to an angel, fine call to Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or the Divine Mother, God, whatever. But go to the highest that
you believe in, call on it, and use the dark time to help viscerally create a connection to that being
not just out of pain them, then it’s going to be I’m in a bad space. So I want your help.
And then I’ll toss you out. Once I get your help. We don’t want that you can do that a little bit. The main thing,
try to remember this, it’s not only am I in a dark period, reaching out,
I’m reaching out because I want to, even if I feel like even if I weren’t in the dark
night, I would like to have a tighter relationship with you, God, spirit, whatever, feel as though it’s actually
hearing every word and that it wants to help you to make it through those tests. Because
it does really believe that though, really know that
and believe that let your heart be comforted. You know, you have the support of all of us that watch
a program like this, and who have a decent heart. And we all would, of course, never wish upon anybody
the dark night. But the truth is, after we’ve come through
it, we typically say, Oh my god, that that oh my god, that made sense. Nothing has ever helped me as much as that to really
grow and understand who I am, you might still be without that person, you might still change
jobs and so on. It doesn’t mean everything starts to go your way. But new things happen.
And typically, if you score well on the test, you go higher. That’s it, you don’t just naturally get gold
at the end of the rainbow. It’s the work you’ve done in The Dark Knight is what will determine
how good your new beginnings are going to be. If you look at my videos, there’s some
called New Beginnings, starting the new life or things like that there’s video sets, rebuilding a new life I think is the name
of one of them. And it has a set of talks like this on this topic, might want to get
that or look at individual talk. Some of them are free if you can’t afford some bunch of
Murphree on on these kinds of topics. But reach out feed your soul. don’t reach for
addictions and don’t just crash, you know, onto a couch, you know, and become a couch
potato or whatever. Feed your soul. It’s a dark time. So do some
work on your darkness. Write about your darkness, purge out the darkness, learn about the darkness
and pray around that topic. But then be prepared to get up and move when it’s time. Don’t become
addicted to staying in the dark night and depression, complacency. Be prepared. I’m
now ready to come back to life. I’m ready for a resurrection. And understand hear that
voice Lazarus which is you, Lazarus come forth. Because it’s going to be calling to you the
dark nights going to start ending Lazarus come forth and you’ll be coming out. If you
don’t know when nobody can tell you. Nobody can tell you. I can honestly nobody can tell
you. But what I will say to you is that fall is a good
time to continue purging. Even if your dark nights starts to end. Just keep letting things some things clarity is learned
and and old things passed away. It’s fall. It’s a good time for that. But you’ll also
facilitate the dark night a bit better. And then good news. Prepare man we’re going to
all go deep inside for winter springtime we’re all going to launch forward. So let’s do it.
Collectively let this group that’s watching and believes in this. Let’s do this collectively.
Let’s help each other along. Some of us It may be longer than springtime next year or
January next year. January date wise is a good beginning because it’s a new year. Spring
is a good metaphor for seasons for a new year. But whenever it’s going to come forth if you
don’t launch as soon as some others doesn’t matter you’re one of its that’s still holding,
you know, holding space in the darkness for a little longer. But we’re not going to desert
you and leave you there. We’re going to all keep holding space for each other in this
process. That’s my commitment. And I would like to ask you guys to do so as well. All right. And one last thing is I’m going
to write a book about the dark night of the soul. So keep an eye out for that because
enough people could use such a thing. So we’ll do what we can. All right. many blessings
to you all and we’ll catch up with you soon. Join us wherever and whenever you can. Peace
be with you. Bye bye.

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    The second started 10 years later ish, and around the time I was having my Saturn return. First Saturn crossed my ascendant, then my natal Saturn, and then my sun. And not time I started going back to School, started to divorce, completed a divorce, met my Divine partner who has been at a distance for about 3 years. We are closer this year than the past two years, but they're still things that keep us from being able to spend much time together.

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    I definitely also resonate with the verse that you mention about… They shall pray for death and it will not come. There are many times over the past couple of years I've thought that maybe it would be better if I wasn't here in this world anymore. But then another part of me said that's not true. And of course you find ways of clawing your way out of that Darkness. Even though you feel like at times no one is there to help you, no Angelic or Earthly beings to help prop you up and assist you in your hardship. I have felt very alone for the past couple of years. And as though everything has crumbled and disintegrated under me, but I can see the new foundations that are being laid for my life for the future. Nevertheless, I have not seen the abundance that shall be built upon that Foundation yet, which is frustrating after all of the hard work I have put in. I feel like I should have accomplished something solid by now. But I guess it was just the break down, and reteaching myself how to go forward.. So it still looks a little dark and dismal from this vantage point.

    Similar to you, a week ago, on the full moon, I did a ritual prayer session and release several burdens and energies from my life to the divine. Since then, I feel lighter, and definitely feel the difference. I think when Pluto goes stationary Direct tomorrow and Monday, it's direct course will begin the final Purge from a lot of us who have been experiencing that recently. A final release of things that had been pushed to the surface. Pluto is the spiritual surgeon, dredging up all of the muck and excrement. And it went retrograde now it is going forward again… So we should be able to complete a process now.

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