The #1 Variable of Success for Every Business | Inside 4Ds

The #1 Variable of Success for Every Business | Inside 4Ds

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  1. True signs of a Boss…A case of Whatchamacalits in the back of the conference room haha Gary Vee is a beast

  2. What Gary says at 12:49 literally has convinced me that I really need to create a youtube channel around my art even though I’m a software engineer…

  3. this is the best content on the internet for business and it is not even close. Garyvee is so smart. such good content. Oh, and its free

  4. Wow Gary is human, he does eat food

  5. You & curre$y are the most CONSISTENT artists/entrepreneurs I know!!! Thank you so much for everything you do
    Shoutouts from Las Vegas 🔥🔥🔥🌴

  6. Business mukbang? haha love it Gary, I know you max out every second of your day

  7. Also I love how you say how you're too high energy for most people while I watch your vids at 1.5x speed haha

  8. Can someone please tell me what the hell Gary is talking about when he says " a to a" or "b to b"

  9. I love how in these videos everything but the cuss words get bleeped out 😂

  10. Hi m. Gary
    U are the best coach ever seen for me, I loved ur videos, it's my first time commenting, I'm just wondering why you don't have subtitles on ur videos, it's gonna help more foreign ppl can't understand you well.
    Wish you the best luck

  11. And now I'm dying for a Whatchamacallit.

  12. i feel sorry for these people when the lip readers come along 😄

  13. That intro is sick!

  14. GARYVEE IS THE MAN!!! Ive taken all of his advice and he has encouraged me to case my dreams of becoming a YouTuber! I post weekly videos and would love some support! Please hit subscribe and check it out!

  15. First video of yours that I had to stop watching cause of that loud ass chewing! Ol smackin ass dude 🤣😂✌️

  16. I love you Gary! You're my oxygen <3 Hope the Jets kill it this season.

  17. Gary dope video we’ve been trying to make quality content it would mean a lot if you seen this !

  18. Really like the Q & A Gary….I also appreciate how direct you are with people and don't give out the fluffy crap.

  19. I think many people are hung up on metrics

  20. Sometimes we can read the lips of the muted dialogue. Blurring face may be worth trying.

  21. oh man , i have no problem with swearing but i listen without image and those eating mouth sounds are impossible to stand… i pass.

  22. Pays $10,000 for a 4D, Gary eats salad.

  23. You are a legend! The bottlecap @ 19:31

  24. I love you Gary ❤ you do inspire me

  25. I liked this channel very much..
    I am inspired by you..I am gonna publish a new video with many unknown facts within 1 hour..Please support me

  26. How can I stay positive when I have all those negative vibes around me even from my own family .?

  27. The smacking is horrendous.


  29. anyone else wonder what's inside the salad ?

  30. Hey Gary! I'm not sure if you will respond to this. Have read the 48 laws of power and if you did, what is the law that you feel like you use or have used well or that you naturally respect?

  31. GARYVEE IS THE MANNNN! I've taken all off Gary's advice, jump out of my comfort zone and now i'm on target of making a Million, I've even created a youtube channel to follow my progress, i would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out, peace.

  32. Watchamacallit!!! I grew up on those! Love your content and books Brother!

  33. This video with cursing cenzure is not an experience I expect from GARY 🙂

  34. 13:52 – "Constantly testing… in perpetuity" – Here ya go D-Rock…

  35. This helped me good you are the man Garyvee with this I made my own YouTube channel would love some support oh and also I subbed to u garyvee and hit the bell ding ding

  36. Great video. I know you have to block specific content, but I really wish there was a small piece of info when someone asks a question of generally what they do. It's so hard to guess the context of the question without "dentists who sell software to dentists." Would help provide more value than much of the guessing. Thanks!

  37. Thumbs if you've been doing what Gary says from before you even knew who Gary was

  38. Thank you Gary Vee,! Igot inspired with these and created my own channel that features my favorite stars and events in the Philippines. Please support my channel by subscribing and clicking the bell button. Thanks guys!

  39. Gary's advice is always great but I Really like listening to Gary eat. I'm not sure why. If Gary released the Sermon on the Mount while eating celery it'd go viral 😀

  40. Stopped watching the video straight away because I can hear the eating and chewing noises. And he talking about quality of content..The irony

  41. Honestly I want to watch more videos from 4D it’s helping me come up with ideas with the petrol station business my family runs.

  42. Hey, I'm listening to this I'm trying to learn new terminology. What is it that Gary says @ 28:38?

    Velvet Rope?

  43. Garry. Why do you say Youtube videos can only be either entertainment or educational. What if you make videos that are both educational and hilarious at the same time? What's wrong with that?

  44. thanks GaryVee for the great insights,i hope someday, I can apply your ideas to my start up business,God bless,

    This Guy is awesome..

    subscribe and like my channel,thanks…

  45. Gary vee was sheltered..he doesn't know struggle..oh but we all know he would disagree… hes liked by haters and I wouldnt want his life..but he thinks we all wish we were him. nope not me buddy. people today who make money like gary vee or have his success story nowadays is only successful cause they are obnoxious with soci media and easy to hate and you know all dark youtubers hide gary vee hides behind with your annoying speeches. Gary vee is to good to be true.

  46. I love Gary Vaynerchuk! His video tips and advice are awesome and have helped me to understand more deeply about making business decision wisely and also turn my audiobook publishing business into over 13k per month!!! THANKS GARY!!

  47. Trying to get better at this – always open to tips!

  48. Most UNPROFESSIONAL thing to do is eat on a Recording. 🤦‍♂️ smh. Couldnt even watch it past 1min.

  49. GaryVee have some great advice, he inspires me. I have a youtube channel I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out . much love

  50. Gary,

    It was an honor to meet u today. I walked away from a job 2 days ago and accepted a 20k reduction in pay, to do something that will make me happier, and allow me to watch my 3yo and newborn grow up, as working 60hrs a week, nights, weekends, and holidays in retail management- will not allow me to.

    My dad may have thought I was a little nuts but the only card I bought today was yours.

    Thank you for your time, I know how valuable it is.

  51. Hey Gary, you’re changing my life. Thank you. Lots of love from Brazil ❤️

  52. Wow fist time i lisen to some like this in english..and i really lije it…just the truth

  53. Remember that dude in the early days of uk supermarket points cards, who did the sums and bought 942lb of Bananas give it away – and make pounds 25 profit .. always thought that was funny as it seemed to get points cards culture moving and even get them in the door opportunities .

  54. Gary, I started my channel for coders after I got introduced to you about 1 year ago. These are great tips for dentists, what tips would you have for a coding channel? Thanks 🤓

  55. Damn! Is it good Gary?

  56. I literally got 2 pages of notes within the first 13 minutes of this video. For myself starting a digital marketing business where my lead generation will be optimized through video pre-roll, this content you delivered was so valuable. Thank you GaryVee!!!

  57. Hace una semana vi uno de tus videos en Instagram acerca de publicar tus miedos en una red social , al no tener Facebook pienso que esta es la mejor manera de hacerlo y que mejor que en uno de tus videos.

    Me molesta y asusta lo que la gente piensa de mi cuando tengo que mencionar alguna palabra con r que me cuesta trabajo pronunciar , vergüenza el tener un padre que actúa todo el tiempo como un niño y se la pasa todo el tiempo quejando , mis complejos por buscar la perfección en todo el tiempo y ser muy duro conmigo mismo, al igual que darle importancia a lo que los demás piensan y sobre todo el que me cueste tanto conectar con una persona . Si llego a encontrar más miedos o inseguridades vendré a aquí a agregarlo pero solo con escribirlas me siento mucho mejor , la paciencia y el optimismo siempre saldrán victoriosos , gracias Gary por todo , saludos desde México 🇲🇽❤️

  58. Hey garyvee!😊

  59. I just wish the sound of him eating wasn't so loud. I'm glad he's eating though lol, lord knows he probably forgets to eat sometimes 🙁 Love these 4DS 😀

  60. please garyyyyy add subtitles for the individual people who ask you question like how you do it on INSTAGRAM cause understanding the question will also allows us to understand what and why you are saying. I know it is a headache to add subtitles too for youtube videos everyday but will appreciate it.

  61. Garyver is a man,, he make me think more about life.He inspire me to make my new channel,, you are awesome man

  62. The Banana quote is so great! "Marketing is about breaking patterns."

  63. LOL my morning was the consumption of wisdom from Gary Vee and the constant ASMRish therapy of him eating. LOL

  64. Before 6,7 years eating afront of cilent would be unacceptable, but now Gary brought 100% of himself..and everyone likes it..i like it too 🙂

  65. Gary doesn't know you… but he knows more about what you need to do with your business than you do, he can finish your sentences, and he knows your business.

  66. Utility and entertainment… exactly

  67. 2:36 – (continue) ideating even though something works –
    3:25 – understand how to do the creative, media distribution
    digital – what makes it so great, is what makes it hard – unlimited variation
    Constant movement.
    5:36 unlimited distribution / unlimited variation
    6:20, 6:41 micro-insight -pre-roll youtube – based on google search queries –
    7:51 – research (with audience) – consume
    9:36 (unlimited variations) one moment you get a spark from using a different adjective… just one moment… from one version of creative and one search query… two creative processes
    10:00 – production value (low to start) – test – if there’s promise, then
    increase production value
    10:51 don’t overthink the creative
    12:26 human insight –Dentists 39-65 are part of generation that did what they were told to do, not what they wanted to do. Unhappy
    13:46 – this is science – the nos are as valuable as the yesses –
    Old forms of creative are fixed / fixed marketing have no ability to play
    Constantly testing
    13:56 “constantly testing in perpetuity”
    19:05 the world is busy, the way you break through, is by breaking patterns
    21:05 don’t overthink your content, that wasn’t the physical manifestation, it was the mental manifestation
    22:32 this is utility and entertainment
    30:04 how you package the arbitrage IS the game?
    36:21 How you make your money is more important than how much?
    39:49 Everything you were scared of, became less scary after you did it.

  68. Do you like positivity? Subscribe to my channel!!

  69. I love how much insight you pack into these little conversations. I am so thankful that you just put these videos out for free. Thank you!

  70. fuck rosé @MINIMANART

  71. Did he say ‘that’s agnostic’ to communicate that something is huge?

  72. Gary what up man!

  73. Normally, if someone was chewing while I was in a meeting with them, I'd find it pretty rude. With Gary, I'd be more than happy for him to chew his ass off because it would give me more of an opportunity to speak my truth before he comes back and spits the actual truth… Along with some salad.

  74. Might be just foolish but I can’t pay attention with Gary eating and drinking near the mic. Sad cuz I’m interested

  75. 22:00 that's me on the spot. I know my stuff and care about my audience

  76. Was listening to this at work and I was wondering why I could hear munching in the background

  77. Any youtubers wanna grow together

  78. I will be a millionaire

  79. This is such an insanely incredible video! Indeed, we are so consumed in the fear we curated in our head and all these fears stop us from achieving so much more.

    “Everything you are scared of becomes less scary after you did it.” ❤️

  80. Smart Toothbrushes will see a bump. Apple is including brushing teeth in the health app in ios13

  81. Advice for youtube starter??

  82. 8:25 idk why but this funny, watching you eat

  83. Gary inspires many people and am one in many..
    Liked the sentence "Hiring is guessing and Firing is knowing".

  84. Just noticed that the 2028 goal was censored in this video but was not on the podcast.

  85. I wish I had as much insight on marketing as Gary does. I need to work on that.

  86. can anyone please help me kickstarting my channel by subscribing and viewing the videos i posted, i will do the same

  87. Wanna be successful? Just chew like GaryVee! 😀

  88. Gary and anyone else who wants to weigh in… does content always have to be your own? Is it "ok" (read: just as good) to link or get permission to post someone else's article on your site? Is there a "formula" for how much content should feel original to brought in?

  89. FINALLY. A guy telling me what I don't already know.

  90. Is it just me or Gary's laugh sounds a lot like Seth Rogen's 🤔😆

  91. 4Ds vids are your best ones, Gary. Pls keep posting them 🙂 Thank you!

  92. Top of the funnel just clicked on me. I was showing someone your content amount that you are sending out to subscribers daily. And I was telling him watch what you do as you say. Then watched this video and you said top of the funnel, Bingo! It helps that I was looking at my youtube funnel last night.

  93. Each piece is another funnel and enough funnels and you reach more

  94. I love Gary videos but I hate the ad roll on Gary videos. “Let me tell you how I made $10,000 in 24 hours from one ad.” Just take me to Gary!

  95. I love every word you say! You let me stay motivated every day! Thank you garyvee! Biggest respect to you!

  96. Quality content creation is a key for engagement with a customer

  97. Awareness of your brand is important so we got to think creatively and innovate, in order to break patterns, get noticed and get awareness.

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