THC vs CBD: What’s really in your weed? (CBC Marketplace)

♪ [mysterious] David Common:Today’s marijuana
is not Woodstock weed.
♪ I got to get
my props ♪ ♪ cops come and try
to snatch my crops ♪ David:It’s not even
Cypress Hill weed;
that was in the ’90s,
in case you were wondering.
Decades of plant breeding
for high THC content
mean that some strains are more
than five times stronger
than in the 1970s.To understand why
that’s important,
let’s look at what weed
does to your brain.
This is drugs. [egg sizzles] This is your brain
on drugs. David:But instead
of frying pans,
let’s use neuroscience.Simply put, cannabis
contains cannabinoids,
about 85 of them.Many users may have heard
of the big one, THC
or Delta-9
It’s the compound
that produces the high,
and it does that by binding
to receptors in your brain
and interfering with how
your brain’s nerve cells work.
Users feel buzzed because there
are high concentrations
of these receptors
in the areas of the brain
responsible for memory,
movement, and pleasure.The result? Suddenly, the world
seems a little different.Reaction time is slower;
judgement is impaired.
And while some find this
experience pleasurable,
others have reported
severe effects
like increased heart rate,
anxiety, and paranoia.
And some studies say
exposure to THC as a teen
may even increase your risk
of developing schizophrenia.
That brings us to pot’s
lesser known cannabinoid,
Cannabidiol or CBD.It doesn’t have the same
street cred as THC,
likely because it
doesn’t get you stoned.
Some research suggests CBD
helps tone down
THC’s extreme effects,
like anxiety or paranoia,
by minimizing its effect
on certain receptors.
Researchers are even looking
into using CBD
as a possible treatment
for schizophrenia.
We tested 12 popular strains
from dispensaries in Toronto
and found weed that
had no CBD at all;
that’s because when
you crossbreed weed
to increase THC,
the levels of CBD can drop.
Is it worth
freaking out about? Well, maybe.THC-potent strainscan hit inexperienced users
pretty hard.
In Colorado,
quadrupled after
the state green lit
retail pot sales.As for Canada?Perhaps ones day soon,
you’ll see labels like what we have
on an alcohol bottle but for THC and CBD
content levels. Let us know what you think
in the comments below. ♪ ♪

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