Testimonial Video by Chad Riddersen Deviate Labs Growth Hacking on My Metal Business Card

Hey, I’m Chad Riddersen with Deviate Labs and I want to thank the team over at My Metal Business Card for working with Raymond Fong, my business partner, and myself on a custom metal business card. What we’ve done is we offered the book, Growth Hacking, and then we wanted a good segue a good conversation piece, a good growth hack – for us to create that differentiation, create that conversation
piece and also have some utilitarian value. When someone gets the business card from us, they’ll be able to use it as a bookmark in our book. The graphic on it will match the graphic on the front cover. On the back side, we’ll have all our contact information there. When we looked at this, this wasn’t just a little admin expense for us. It was an opportunity to have a marketing expense. And to that end – it’s been this massive return on investment. I actually probably can’t disclose how much we’ve been able to generate out of this. But, needless to say, it’s been a really good conversation piece and we’re really appreciative to the team over at My Metal Business Card for working with us on that. Thanks!

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