TESTER NY MONSTER ISKAFFE! /m Norweeegianprincess

TESTER NY MONSTER ISKAFFE! /m Norweeegianprincess

[Nico]: Are you ready? [Stine]: Yes. [Nico]: I need you to bring your most thorough reviews. And them hardcore descriptions. [Stine]: Yeah, with like the texture and everything? And the smell. [Nico]: Mhm. Yeah, you’ve got to–
[Stine]: Because you can’t smell. [Nico]: No, I’m going to need
you to do the smelling for me. Hey guys, and welcome back to another video. I am doing a collab on my channel
for the first time in forever. A new person here on the channel,
you don’t get to see that too often. You’ll usually just see the same
people over and over again. But this is a friend of mine
that I met during middle school. We haven’t hung out in like 2 years prior to this.
{2 years.} I think? [Stine]: Yup. [Nico]: Since 10th grade. This is Stine. She has her own channel, and it’s called… [Stine]: “Norweeegianprincess” with 3 E’s. [Nico]: With 3 E’s, that is very important. And we’re back here to do
another generic flavor test video, because they get a lot of views, and I’m out of ideas, ok? Ok, so what we’ll be testing out today is: 2 new products from Coca Cola. They are both Monster energy
drinks, as well as iced coffee. You wouldn’t really think that the
2 would go together like that. But I don’t know, what do you think? Are you skeptical? [Stine]: I am skeptical, but it can be good. [Nico]: Maybe so. Should we start off with this one? [Stine]: Yes. [Nico]: Ok, so this is the “Espresso Monster triple shot”. “Espresso & Milk”. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the 2, but I’m guessing that there is a difference. The design is tweaked a little at least. I’ve got some empty glasses
here. Do you want this one? [Stine]: Sure. [Nico]: It is very important which glass you chose. Ok, but before having a taste of it, what do
you think– Actually, you know what? No. People don’t like that I take too long before
actually tasting things, so let’s do that first. [Stine]: We need to smell it. Because Nico
here can’t really say anything about the smell. So, I’ll do that for him. [Nico]: Yes. Stine has to do the
smelling for me. That’s why she’s here. [Stine]: It smells like iced coffee. There’s something retarded about my camera today. I think that it might be overheated or something. Because it is very, very hot in here. Either that, or it is just out of space, even though
it shouldn’t be, given that I spent a lot of money on a big SD-card. But it stopped recording for a bit. We
started it back up, so I guess it’s fine? You said that it smelled like iced coffee. [Stine]: Yes. It smells similar to every other iced
coffee that you can buy in the stores. [Nico]: So, the smell doesn’t stick out? [Stine]: No…
{…} [Nico]: Cheers.
*Clink* [Nico]: I don’t know how to feel about this one. [Stine]: It was a little scary. [Nico]: a LitTtLe ScArY – You did not hear my voice crack! [Stine]: Not at all… [Nico]: A little scary? [Stine]: Yeah, in a way. At first, it tasted like iced coffee, but then it got a new taste?
{It got a new taste?} [Nico]: I feel like this was exactly what you’d expect. This literally just tasted like
somebody had poured some Monster energy drink into an iced coffee. [Stine]: Yeah. [Nico]: Because iced coffee is sort
of thicker than energy drink in a way. And it was as if it gradually thinned
out as it came into my mouth. If that makes any sense? [Stine]: Yeah. It had the texture of
iced coffee with some extra… [Nico]: The taste in itself, did you like it? [Stine]: Yes? I could actually buy this again. [Nico]: I mean, I like iced coffee, but I
prefer a pretty regular iced coffee. And I don’t know, I can imagine… at least if you’re generally into
coffee, I can see you enjoying this, but there was something off with this flavor. I got kind of like a… As soon as it got into contact
with my tongue, but I don’t know. But that’s me. You liked it though? [Stine]: I liked it. [Nico]: Ok. And would you spend money on it? [Stine]: If it didn’t have lactose in it, then yes. [Nico]: I assume that you’ll get
even more energy from this than from regular coffee or regular iced tea. No, I meant regular energy drinks. Since it’s both things in one. [Stine]: It is a triple shot + some energy drink, to be fair. [Nico]: Yeah. So, if you want to have
a heart attack, do buy this one! [Stine]: No but like, if you’re a gamer
and you want to sit up all night, this would be perfect for you in my opinion. [Nico]: That makes sense I guess. We should try to actually finish drinking this before moving onto the next one. {Ratings:
Nico: 4/10
Stine: 8/10} But the next one is called… “Espresso Monster” as well. “Vanilla Espresso”. And it still has a triple shot. The difference is that the first one contained espresso and milk, while this one contained vanilla and espresso. It can’t be that that big a difference.
[Stine]: That one probably contains milk as well. So, the only difference is the vanilla. Maybe… [Nico]: Yeah, I guess so. So, basically exactly the same, but with a vanilla flavor? [Stine]: So, it could be that you’ll like it? [Nico]: It could be. Do you know what, this has been starting
to grow on me, as I drank more of it. Kind of. Like, I can in fact drink it. Although, I think I’d rather have a
regular iced coffee from Tine. But hey, taste and comfort. [Stine]: But I would strongly recommend it. Personally. [Nico]: See, this is what’s good about having
other people in these types of videos. Because I mean, I’m not some mighty
guru who’s right about all flavors either. So like, taste and comfort can variate a lot. [Stine]: Personally I’m one of those “coffee bitches”. So, I’m addicted to coffee. [Nico]: I do like coffee as well. But I’m kind
of picky with what type of coffee though. And I don’t like black coffee, I hate black coffee. [Stine]: For real? [Nico]: Yeah, that’s the worst thing ever. I mean, I can drink it, but I would
kind of have to force it down then. I am one of those “white girls”.
Who likes frappuccinos and stuff. [Stine]: You’re just like “Starbucks
pumpkin spice latte” … [Nico]: I have actually bought that before. [Stine]: Really? [Nico]: Yes. [Stine]: How did it taste? [Nico]: Not like pumpkin. [Stine]: If you don’t like your coffee too sweet, this one would be perfect for you. [Nico]: I thought it was a little too sweet. [Stine]: It was a little sweet, But not as sweet as the coffee we had earlier. [Nico]: No. We went to Wayne’s earlier. Wayne’s Coffee. Ok, next flavor. This one is called “Vanilla espresso”. Still triple shot. I don’t– You were supposed to–
{The camera shut off again…} open it up. [Stine]: Oh, yeah. Yes. [Nico]: Because you’ve got nails and I don’t. Wait, do you have nails? [Stine]: I do have nails, but not on
these fingers, because they just break. [Nico]: You probably have more than I do at least. AH, YEAH. [Stine]: Like this? [Nico]: Yes. [Stine]: This one actually smells completely different. [Nico]: Did it actually? [Stine]: It smells a lot sweeter. [Nico]: I can’t smell a thing. Ok. But it does smell sweeter, so I
assume that there’s more sugar in it? Or maybe the vanilla makes it sweeter. Ok, let’s do the mighty clink. *CLINK* [Stine]: Yey. [Nico]: Dude, this tastes exactly like… I don’t know what brand it is or what it’s called, but those iced coffees that comes with the green straws. Do you know what I mean? In the stores. It is a little bit like Starbucks. [Stine]: Yeah, but Starbucks do
sell the ones with the green straws. [Nico]: In the stores? [Both]: Yes. [Nico]: Yeah, that one. I didn’t know that it was from Starbucks. [Stine]: You can’t call yourself a
“white girl” and not know that. [Nico]: But I feel like it tastes exactly like that one. [Stine]: Yeah, it did taste kind of similar, but it had a different aftertaste
that regular coffee doesn’t have. [Nico]: Ok, but I did like it though. It was a little thinner in a way. If that makes any sense. But I would say that I liked this
one better than the previous one. So, I would’ve gone for the vanilla flavor. [Stine]: Same. The other one was
good, but this one was better. [Nico]: This one had more of a fresh taste in a way… I’m just using fancy words, I don’t
even know what they mean… No, but I don’t know. I did like this one at least. It just slides so easily down my throat. [Stine]: That’s good. [Nico]: I keep on saying these appropriate sentences… When I do these videos. [Stine]: And both of their textures are pretty… What you’d expect when you drink iced coffee. [Nico]: Yeah. I would say that this is more
of an iced coffee than an energy drink. [Stine]: Yes. [Nico]: Like, I wouldn’t know that
this contained any energy drinks if I didn’t read it on the can. [Stine]: No. I would’ve just noticed some
other unrecognizable flavors in it but an energy drink would not be
my first guess to put it simply. [Nico]: I think it’s more of a promotional thing. Like: “Oh, cool. Monster AND
iced coffee combined” you know? It is probably for the sake of
selling more, I would assume. I’m going to have some more actually. It tasted good. Do you want some more? [Stine]: No thank you. [Nico]: So, we objectively agree that
the vanilla flavored one was the best? [Stine]: Yeah, so if you’re going to try this, maybe try the vanilla flavored one at first. [Nico]: I would’ve gone with the vanilla flavored one. {Ratings:
Nico: 7/10
Stine 9/10} Because you might like the other one as well, but given that we both agree that
the vanilla flavored one was the best it would statistically be the safest option. At least if you don’t want to waste your
money on more flavors than you need to. [Stine]: Yes.
[Nico]: Yes. [Nico]: So, I guess that’s all. Which one had the best design in your
opinion? Although it’s very similar. [Stine]: They are very similar, but I feel like the one with espresso and milk had the best overall design with its patterns and essence around it. I liked the red one better than the blue one. It just looks more natural. [Nico]: Yeah, kind of. But I feel like they go very well together though. You can definitely see that they’re 2 types of the same brand. If you’re one of those who likes to post
pictures of your drinks on Instagram together with friends, these 2 would be a great pick. [Nico]: I feel like these cans have
got a lot of inspo potential. But I guess that’s it. Check out Stine’s channel. Norweeegianprincess. Link in the description.
{Norweeegianprincess} And if you’re watching this on Instagram TV…
(I’m most likely going to post this to Instragram as well) If you hold your hands up like this, I’ll edit in one of those rad tag thingies. Hold up… { @Norweeegianprincess } If you look down in the description,
you’ll find both her Instagram, and her YouTube channel.
And everything else Stine has. So, yeah… Do you have anything more to say? [Stine]: Yes. Thank you for inviting me on
your channel and letting me try out iced
coffee mixed with energy drink. [Nico]: Thanks you for inviting me on your channel. We filmed a video for Stine’s channel earlier as well. She does her videos in english,
so we speak english in that one. But yeah, check out her channel. We did “The Whisper Challenge”. Because we struggled to come
up with any better ideas… I thought that video turned out
pretty entertaining, to be honest. Thanks for watching. Click Subscribe
and join the Winther Army today, if you haven’t done that already, And then I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. Bye!
[Stine]: Bye! (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]

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