Telemarketers: Tracking down the people who call you up (CBC Marketplace)

Telemarketers: Tracking down the people who call you up (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. How arrre you doing todeee? My name is Sean O'Hanrahan. I'm calling from Beacon Hill, Boston. How are you todeee?

  2. CRDC woman lies like HRC. At 17:00 When she shuts her eyes as she speaks it's all lies. Can't perform job…cut funding. Then you'll see a change.

  3. What do the callers achieve by not blocking the numbers that ask? It's not like they'll buy the product after being harassed more.

  4. I've got two words for these third world scum. "Package bomb".

  5. That CRTC bureaucrat should be ashamed of herself. A typical "Buck Passer". She says the police should handle this. I want to see the verifiable documentation that proves she has pursued this as a police matter. I'll bet she's never even called them. The Canadian tax payers should not give her another dime.

  6. How do you think the ppl that work at papa John’s feel

  7. A rotary phone? Get caller ID old man !!!

  8. I'm in the military. Whenever I get these calls, I use my best "official voice" and tell them they called a government line. They hang up REAL quick.

  9. A guy call me like 1am one time. I was awake. Apparently he was drunk, got into an accident and was calling my number a wrong number asking for some person I never heard of. I told him it was the wrong number and he kept calling me back. Eventually I told him "I bet you are paying a fee to call me from your cell?, I am going to leave my phone off the hook while we are connected until your credit runs out"… I listened carefully and he eventually hung up.

  10. I would PAY someone in INDIA a year salary to go to the Call Center and to do "Whatever it takes" to stop the madness!

  11. Just go to Amazon and buy any ATT phone Model that has SMART CALL BLOCKING technology and problem solved! You will not regret it! They will stop calling you forever! I am not getting paid for this endorsement, but I feel great by helping those desperate people who hate call spoofers!

  12. They call me almost 5 times a day

  13. now i know where to find steve Robinson and wendy

  14. It's not hard to get them, not all of them but they can be traced by the money

  15. If CRTC can't find them then there's no need for CRTC

  16. That's not just a oops or a small crime, it's terrorism from the telemaketers! If someone needs a reason for shutting down a whole land from the internet, it's india for these p… terrorists!

    All companies that buy orders and datas from these terrorists are getting accomplice to these terrorists and are not innocent anymore!

    If the terrorists are abroad? Call interpol to bust them down to prison for decades!

  17. I get voicemails from some pre-recorded Chinese thing that has weird elevator background music :3

  18. I mock how they talk then they will stop. Or repeat what they say…trust me they will

  19. All the more reason to cancel your home phone service and realize that your cellphone is all you will ever need. Unlimited call blocking.

  20. Where's the part 2 Please upload it.

  21. the computer program that dials the numbers probably gives up calling numbers that do not answer after a certain number of tries.
    Seems to me that disconnecting your answering machine so the calls do not get picked up, and only answering calls from numbers you recognize for a few days might cause the dialing program to drop your number from it's call list.
    might be worth a try!

  22. I screen all calls, with a recording my son made for me. Only Medicare termination threats and IRS threatening arrests messages continue to leave messages. If I do accidentally answer a scammer , I play Youtube talking goat videos so the caller can hear it. Surprisingly ,the scammer will continue talking. Smiles

  23. If I get a call from a number I don't know I let it go to voicemail. If they don't leave a message then their not important and then I add them to my block list which means if they call again,the call doesn't come through.

  24. I say everyone should forward there phone number to the the CEO of the CCRT and see how she likes it! And if she can't or will not help, then she should be let go of being the CEO or the company should be shut down!

  25. The C.R.T.C. worries about lyrics to music and doesn't bother actually protecting Canadians? Wonderful.

  26. Yet CRTC still gets millions in funding.

  27. CRTC seems pretty useless to me. Marketplace did more work then this usless organization.

  28. Very nice sweater David!

  29. I get up to 3 dozen calls/day, mostly health insurance. I cannot afford to let any calls go unanswered because I have a number of medical problems and about 10 specialists. Occasionally an office doesn’t use their official line, but an employee’s blocked out cell phone. Most numbers are spoofed, so blocking EVERY number just wastes my time. Because they use the “neighboring spoofed” numbers, they appear to be local and thus high risk for me to ignore.

  30. I don't have the house phone , I unplugged it a long time away and I can't seem to find the phone it self

  31. Just another reason to avoid a landline account.

  32. I bought my very first cell phone this year at age 40. I didnt even get a chance to give out my number yet adn TD bank started calling my new cell every damn day. Im not even a customer at TD bank. I would never answer the phone but one day I had enough and blasted her, asked her why is she calling me everyday when Im not a TD bank customer and if she called again she would be reported. Never got a call again.

  33. Where is part 2? It’s 2019 and these calls still happen like crazy.

  34. these telemarketers are cheap poor discusting people… these white people are actually giving them tons of importance by the way they act with them…. ask a (PROPER) pakistani or i guess an india on how to deal with them… which is that u don't deal with them because these people are not worth it…. the authorities responsible should be contacted to make changes to the system so such discusting cheap scum can't make such calls to honourable foreigners…!!

  35. in other words… just don't answer the damn phone…. u feed them by engaging with them

  36. is great for people in the States. Not sure if it works in Canada.

  37. Buy a Fox 50 whistle and blow it in their ears as soon as you know it's a telemarketer.

  38. #powerhomeremodelinggroup

  39. Just pick up the phone and put it on the table then continue watching tv, cause they will mark the number as waste of time if they lose time/money

  40. Pick up the phone and say prophet muhammed is a rapist, a pedo, a lier, allah is a pig/black non working dog/crossdressing female. No muslims want to hear anyone insult their prophet/god/islam so they will guarantee mark it as bad person dont call

  41. Not so easy to take ppl who work from another country with diff laws, but if they use the same company to clean then you know its that company that are behind the calls, but if this pakistani calling company just get customers say a price then hire a cheap cleaning company so the pakistani company earn the diff then its realy hard to get them

  42. The link in the description will take you to part 2. Isn’t anywhere on YouTube. Hope someone finds this helpful!

  43. Originally broadcast in 2013 and these guys are still going strong.

  44. Yet a normal human being would just call their phone service provider and ask them timo block the number. I guess calling the police and the CRTC who won't do anything about it takes priority over common sense.

  45. Why don't we clamp down on Blackhawk Network Security? They are the cards that the con artist have people buy. You would think they would have records of which countries the money is going to. These cards are available at WalMart, Target, Best Buy, and other department stores.

  46. What you should try is saying "I'll go get the home owner for you" and then leave them hanging, Presuming they pay a phone bill they'll eventually get the message.

  47. An angry Canadian is funny

  48. This is silly. What do they want the CRTC to do.. parachute off of a helicopter in Karachi Pakistan and engage in urban combat to neutralize the call center?

  49. How does this make money. Who cleans the ducts? Lol
    I have so many questions.
    Why not just call a local duct cleaner?

  50. work from the service workers backward, they are utilizing the call center to get business. start by closing them down.

  51. I turn off the ringer.

  52. The answer is to keep them on the phone forever asking the dumbest questions and giving false answers to their questions – like when they ask what address they should clean the ducts for, give them 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 and tell them to ask for Justin. I'm American and I found this information in less than two minutes. If Prime Minister Trudeau suddenly had 200 Duct cleaners asking for him, I bet something would be done, pronto.

  53. Why not change your phone numbers?

  54. When I had a home phone line, they would call but my house had hot water radiators. They still called after. Now with a Cell Phone I have a Blocker, Mr Number, this stops telemarketers and surveys and scammers.

  55. You can and will be found you idiots…..I only answere numbers I know BAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA.

  56. omg does that dude really have a rotary phone?  it's 2019 the last thing he should be worried about is air duct cleaning services lol

  57. I feel for these people but im just here to collect my six figure salary thank you

  58. Get an air horn. They’ll stop.

  59. wait…. home phones still exist?

  60. I’m a Detailer in the US and every time they call me I get the air hose and let it go off and put the phone right on it lol so they hang up really fast..

  61. I answer the phone but I dont say anything. I just breathe into the phone like a creep lol. As a special needs adult these type of calls really bug me. I made the mistake of doing one of those "you won a 1,000 Amazon card from Facebook things once. I was gullible. I didnt know any better. I thought I really won. The next day I recieved dozens of calls to purchase car insurance, medical prescription savings cards, magazines, and more. The calls lasted for months, I kept telling them to put me on their don't call list.

  62. If I accidentally pick-up a telemarketer call I just walk away leaving the phone line open. They can talk to thin air for as long as they want.

  63. they can clean my pipe for 99 dollar.

  64. I was getting a lot of duct cleaning calls. They always ask how many bedrooms I have. I tell them 13 or 15. They say my house is too big for them to clean and they hang up. I don't get the calls anymore.

  65. Dumb video and a waste of time.

  66. I just don’t answer. I don’t see why people get so worked up.

  67. Waste their time. When they ask for "the owner" or "John" or "Mrs. Smith" – I say, "Just a minute," and then put the phone aside. I check in every minute or two to make sure that they're still holding, "S/He'll be with you in a second, please wait". Waste enough of their time and they eventually stop calling.

    Or get "TrueCaller"

  68. “Air duct cleaning service to the carriers.” Close enough.

  69. Simple solution…. prevent all incoming calls coming from Pakistan. If Pakistani's need to contact family out of the country, they can send a telegram asking family to call them.

    Another possibility is to schedule a cleaning and sue the company that responds. That company will soon learn not to use a call center for phone solicitations.

  70. Rumor has it the guy they sent to the call centers to get a job has never left and continues to call Canadians to this day

  71. I’m on the please call list unlike most people who are on the do not call list and I think that’s their problem I like to talk on the phone for hours to anyone and turns out they don’t like to call me anymore now that I’ve been placed on the please call list

  72. Dammit I paid for the service because I thought they said they were duck cleaners not duct cleaners , my duck had got in a bunch or mud and needed to be cleaned

  73. Do these people really have landlines still?

  74. Why do the Canadians keep paying the people in their CRTC?

  75. I just fk with these people and waste there time 😂😂 I just talk so much sht to them

  76. Andrew. What's up.

  77. Whoever figures out how to STOP them , they will get rich n famous.

  78. We can charge them for our time.

  79. They have the same ringtone because they don't want to expose the brands of the phone

  80. 3:47 they change the sounds!

  81. In the Netherlands whe have the same problem!!! I only pick up the phone if I know the number, and it work's!!!!

  82. I don't even live in Canada but i can't stop watching market place i wish they can do research in America

  83. before the internet, there was never these calls!

  84. there's a new gig in town—be ready—-communications-a little scary bec they have your vital statistics-age, phone no. etc

  85. If it's a VOIP phone in your house some providers offer's options. Where the only people that can call you has to have their number on a approved list. If someone calls that's not on that list they get a message about that.

  86. Along with being scammers, they are also very rude!

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