TEDxBeirut – Hala Fadel – God is an entrepreneur

TEDxBeirut – Hala Fadel – God is an entrepreneur

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  1. Gah, too bad she's married…

  2. God certainly was an entreprenuer, an innovator and the creator of all

  3. NO I ain't working like a slave.
    You made it cos you were rich enough to go to MIT.

  4. kind of contradicts the fact that she worked like a slave, no?

  5. god is your mind imploding

  6. choke. cough…. have a nice day.

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  8. pyrosardukar: I went to MIT on a Siebel Scholarship and MIT admission is not based on income. So no, I was not "reach enough to go to MIT" as you say, I worked like hell to get there.

  9. This is an excellent example for our youngsters . I wish you more successes .

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