Talking Tom and Friends – Daddy Ben (Season 1 Episode 36)

Talking Tom and Friends – Daddy Ben (Season 1 Episode 36)

Can we get this done quickly? It’s Songs ‘N Lasers Night
at the Rollerskate Pit. Oh, let’s dump everything in a
garbage bag and throw it outside. We’ll be done in five minutes. It’s not like we’re using this junk
anyway. I mean, what’s even in here? Receipts and sandwich wrappers? Actually, it’s all stuff from when
we first started working together. Hahaha! Look at how ridiculous
we looked! And by we I mean you coz’ I look totally cool in this picture. We were just two guys with
a dream, a garage and a mouse. Did we even have a business plan? Ha! Can you believe we used to
work on such primitive machines? Look how many centimeters thick
this is! Look, Modern Smartphone. It’s your ancestor. I feel bad for it, too. Didn’t you write your
first program on this thing? Yeah. I never could get it to
work, though. I wasn’t such an experienced programmer
back in those days. Oh, come on, I bet you could fix it now? Let’s see if this works. Okay, hold on, let me blow on it. Oh, yeah, that always works. He shoots! … And I immediately found the problem. Someone stuffed a marshmallow
into the back of the tablet. Oh wow, yeah! From our college
prank marshmallow war, remember?! I mean, I wonder who did that. This is why I don’t let you
touch my things anymore. Exit Sleepmode. Huh. Maybe my programming
wasn’t the problem after all. Initiating search for: Da-da-da-Daddy. Nah. The voice on this program
must still have a glitch. It just mispronounced the
word “Ben” as “daddy.” My daddy is… Ben. Um, Ben? What was this
program supposed to do? I don’t even remember. I think I
just made it because I was bored. My daddy… made me. My daddy
is Ben. Ben is my da-da-daddy. Daddy Ben made me. I love you, Daddy.
Daddy, daddy, daddy. Daddy – huh! I didn’t set out to make a computer
that feels love. Personally, I find the idea of love complicated and
icky. The only explanation is that the program I wrote has
accidentally developed the personality of a small child.
I guess I don’t really have to explain that. It’s just basic
computer science, right? Seen it, seen it, don’t wanna see
it. Ooh, a four-hour background image of a fish tank! I’ve been
meaning to check this out… Agh! Guys! We’re infested with robot rats!
Do we have any virtual cheese? This isn’t a robot rat, it’s a computer
that Ben brought to life – obviously. How cute! Oh, he’s got daddy’s eyes. Sorry. Boomerang was getting in the
way while I was cleaning, so I gave it wheels to move around
and entertain itself. Boomerang? I’m Boomerang! It likes to be called Boomerang. I don’t know, Ben. Computer kids
are a big responsibility. From what I’ve seen on TV, you have to talk
to your kids almost every day. And warn them about stranger danger. Well, I think of every program
that I write as my offspring. Boomerang is no different. Daddy! I’m stuck! It’s dusty and dark
under here! Help! Daddy! Help! Daddy! Dadada… I’ll sing you a lullaby. The
modem noise always calms him down. Uhm. So… like I was saying, this isn’t
gonna be a big deal at all. Cut it out, Boomerang. You can’t get me, Ginger. Everybody knock it off! Boomerang! Slow down! Ginger! Stop
riling up the toddler tablet. You can’t shoot me because I have
a force field that shoots back lasers so when you shot me
you actually hit yourself! No fair! No fair! Force fields are cheating! Oh, man. This room looks worse than
before. We’re never gonna make it to Songs ‘N Lasers Night at the
Rollerskate Pit at this rate. I am so disappointed. Yeah, there’s been an unexpected
development. Boomerang’s computer brain is growing quickly. Now
he’s already about Ginger’s age. Well, if you don’t think you can
go to Songs ‘N Lasers Night, I understand. I mean, you kind of
have a kid now. I can go with Hank. Yes! Of course I wanna go! It’s a night
with both songs and lasers! Never mind! We’ll just quickly clean up the
garage and be ready to go. Oh, man! I didn’t think that
would actually work! Ginger! Hu-hu. Let’s throw things at him
while he can’t move! Hu-hu, Hu-hu! Guys, I don’t know if I’m going
to be able to go out tonight. Don’t give up just yet. I’m gonna
make a call to someone who might just give us some help. She’s an expert. Guys, get a clue. Just because I’m
a girl it doesn’t mean I know how to babysit. Anyway, I charge by the
hour. Oh and I’ll keep him away from the TV and you just tell
me when his bedtime is. Oh, you are a life saver, Angela. I
was starting to think we wouldn’t make it to the coolest laser-and-music-
and-roller-skate-themed night in town. Oh it’s fine, and also fine that
you weren’t gonna invite me to that fun thing. So, can I meet the little dude? Yeah, he’s around here
somewhere. Boomerang! Boomerang! Oh, his name is
Boomerang. Hey, little guy. ‘Sup. We’re going to have so much fun
while Ben and Tom go out, okay? Does that sound like a good
idea? Yes, it does, yes, it does. Uh, why is this old lady talking to
me like I’m some kind of kid? I’m not a kid, okay?
I’m like four hours old. Hey Boomerang! Did you forget we were just about to start
playing king pirate robot? Ugh. Pirates are so done. Oh. You take that back! I can’t even be around you anymore,
Boomerang! You’ve changed! Whatever. His programming must
have upgraded again. He now has the personality
of a surly preteen. Man, I hope he doesn’t fry his
circuits with all these upgrades. He’ll be fine. Now let’s get out of
here before Angela changes he mind. You know, I don’t really need a babysitter. Why don’t you just let me come with you? I don’t know, Boomerang.
I kind of need a break, okay? Come on, I have never been to a
party. I’d be great at a party. Check my moves. Look, I’m not taking you because
you’re just a program that I wrote and I need time to myself, okay?! Well, if you don’t want me around,
then I’ll just go! Just go, just go. Wait, Boomerang. I didn’t mean
that the way it sounded. You have to pull it to open it. I hate everyone and nobody
understands me! I want to listen to my music! Teen stuff,
blegh, blegh, blegh. Tom, it looks like I won’t be going
to the Rollerskate Pit after all. Boomerang, you’re right. I can’t just ignore you. What do
you say we go out and get a milkshake? Just the two of us. Well, I don’t have a mouth or any way
to consume food. But sure, whatever. So then I rewrote all your code,
and that’s how you were born. Gross. I did not need to hear that. It’s perfectly natural. Ew, Dad! Hey, do you think that air
conditioning unit is looking at me? Uh. Air conditioning? Well I’m
not sure how I would be able to tell that. Uhm. Maybe? It doesn’t matter. Someone with
that many amps wouldn’t have any use for a guy like me anyway. Hey. Never say that about yourself.
You are a great application, sweet Boomerang. And I am proud of you. Really? Oh… Oh, wow, Ben, you really missed out,
man. I mean, the Rollerskate Pit was a life-changing experience. I
mean I don’t think I’m ever gonna look at in-line footwear the same way again. I mean… oh, you guys made up. You know what? We have. This day
hasn’t gone the way I planned it, but maybe that’s okay. Because
I’ve got Boomerang now. And I’ve got you, Pop. Update
available “young adult” mode. Error. Not enough memory.
Error. Error. Circuit overload. – Shutting down.
– Boomerang? – Shutting down.
– Boomerang? – Shutting down.
– Boomerang! Did I break another computer thing? I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even
bring a marshmallow this time. No! Boomerang’s clunky old computer
body can’t contain his rapidly expanding mind! Argh, why
is old technology such junk?! Didn’t old-time people know that
they should just make good things? Bboommerraanngg… Wait… if it’s the old technology
that’s junk, maybe you can put Boomerang in your new phone! But that would connect Boomerang
to the Internet. Once he’s there, he’ll be out in the harsh world.
I won’t be able to protect him. Goodbye, Dad. Boomerang…out. You protected him for a quarter of
a day, Ben. It’s time to let him go into that harsh world on his own. Gah! Why does everyone say
being a parent is super easy?! Pretty sure no-one’s ever said that. Well, that makes sense then!
Because it’s not easy at all! There you go little guy. Woah. The Internet. Boomerang, promise me you’ll stay
out of trouble. Use numbers and letters in your passwords. Avoid spam
emails. And… don’t touch pop-up ads! Ugh, yeah, I know, Dad! I’m not
running on BASIC, duh. That’s my Boomerang.
Email home, okay? Okay, sure, you got it Dad, gotta go! They grow up so fast. Yeah. But hey, he’s moved on to
something really great. I mean, who knows what kind of amazing,
brilliant, mindblowing stuff that kid is up to right now? Paaaarty!

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