Tag Team Champions face off: WWE Top 10, Aug. 31, 2019

Tag Team Champions face off: WWE Top 10, Aug. 31, 2019

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  1. Mvp and Matt Hardy

  2. 3:06 See this is what wwe is missing… Bray wyat just does not do it for me, sure the mask is ALRIGHT but I mean when it comes to athleticism and making a point, nope..

  3. Had U forgot the shield triple threat match ha..

  4. Eddie return confirmed

  5. Number two should be number one. They were the main event of WrestleMania for god sake

  6. The last one is the Great One

  7. I'm at 4:15 RN in the vid and HOW THE HELL WAS CENA VS HBK NUMBER 2?!?!?!? All I'm saying #1 better be amazing

    Edit: Ok Rey vs Eddie being #1 made me happy 😁😁

  8. WWE uploaded a video with Owen Hart in it I thought they was allowed to do that because his family didn't want them making money by using his likeness?

  9. 0:33 when u pass the exam without studying 😂😂😂

  10. So the sheild weren't a thing are they

  11. They’re mentioning Owen in a lot more videos that’s pretty cool

  12. I can tell that this is based on Seth Rollins vs Braun strowman

  13. kane can jump over the top rope?

  14. That means
    Braun vs seth is coming soon

  15. The best 2000’s era frenemies shown on the thumbnail

  16. where were the members of shield?

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  19. I think Kane is the most frequent superstar in WWE top 10 videos.

  20. Rey and eddie had a great rivalry, it was a shame eddie passed away they could've been rivals for a longer time in the ring and it would've been amazing

  21. Wwe should bring back john Morrison
    Who agree

  22. Rip Eddie 💔😢🙏

  23. Eddie putting over Rey at mania ❤

  24. Brian Kendrick and Paul London should’ve never lost their tag titles to Deuce and Domino.

  25. hey man what about THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. We miss Eddie Guerrero Owen Hart British Bulldog

  27. Upcoming Braun Strowman vs Seth Rollins

  28. Wheres cris pen wha vs Kurt angle?

  29. Eddie vs Rey Wrestlemania 21 was a very good match

  30. No hardyz
    No triple h
    No kane vs undertaker
    No shield ????

  31. 3:00 bring back our old KANE

  32. Sting vs. The Giant, but wasn’t it nWo Hollywood vs nWo Wolfpac? They were enemies during the time if I’m not mistaken

  33. It's simple…I saw Eddie in clickbait and I here

  34. Kane in his prime was a big red WRECKING machine who would viciously take down his opponents.

  35. London & Kendrick forever my favourite tag team of all time!

  36. Top 4,What the hell Kane take steel step hit mankind?! Oh my goodness! Top 2 also,what the hell Shawn Michaels slap John Cena chest but he jumping over John Cena under the announce table

  37. I would've put in Rey Mysterio Vs Billy Kidman from Spring Stampede 99 when they were going at it for the cruiserweight title

  38. I bet Eddie wouldn't have a better last match at wrestlemania than Rey mysterio

  39. 2:35 el mariachi loco

  40. seriously guys you could not included The Hardy Boyz?

  41. This storyline is older than dinosaurs

  42. So are we going to ignore Rey Mysterio doing the Salida Del Sol before Kalisto at 4:47?

  43. A video with owen hart? Do my eyes trick me?

  44. RIP Chris Candido, The British Bulldog, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero

  45. Um … Ax and Smash at '89 Rumble?

  46. When were micheals and stone cold

  47. What about Carlito and Primo

  48. Tommaso ciampa and jonny gargano helloooo?

  49. I love how a whole arena shouts for a prefixed match

  50. These tag team champs encounters are fantastic!

  51. Of course rey vs eddie are first because that match was amazing and they were the first tag champs who had a single match a mania one against the other

  52. Came here for the thumbnail R.i.p Eddie

  53. Sheamus and cesaro???

  54. So nobody gon talk about the new age outlaws dancing on eachother

  55. You forgot the ganstas

  56. Did anyone notice the new age outlaws jersey number

  57. Where is Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy???

  58. Where is The Hardy Boyz?

  59. You forgot Gargano vs ciampa at cwc

  60. Ese rey misterio se era cool

  61. Soon Seth & Braun will be added to this list😌

  62. The first vid is a botch lol

  63. None of any 10 videos shows the result of the match.😠 Why's that?????

  64. As soon as they announced Strowman and Rollins, first people that came to my mind were Guerrero and Mysterio so I’m glad they put them as #1.

  65. Shield match at pay back is not mentioned it was awesome

  66. Miz and Morrison is the tag team reunion we need today

  67. who see in september?
    only me?

  68. Okay!so are you guys just making us forgetting the shield coz AMBROSE (Jon Moxley ) left your company and doing way better in ECW..SHIELD SHOULD BE IN THIS LIST….


  69. eddie was the cm punk of the early 2000's

  70. Where is Roman reigns Vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins

  71. You forgot to add seth Rollins and braun strowmam….they had a match….

  72. Respect too the fact that they didn't show anyone winning


  74. 👎👎👎وووووووو

  75. กุหลงๆๆๆๆ

  76. To wwe
    Man I think that you could have made this video after Rollins and Strowman match

  77. Make this happen next wrestlemania, Undertaker vs Brock vs Roman Reigns in a triple threat match. Then Undertaker wins, then retire.

  78. Goldberg vs Brock vs undertaker triple trp fight fixed krwao yaar koi😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  79. Rey Mysterio and Eddie ♥️🇲🇽 much love.

  80. Benoit and angle*** the first ever wwe tag champs

  81. RIP

    – Mojo JoJo


  83. Sting????

    Thought that's kane

  84. Eddie & Rey Was The Best Mexican Tag Team In Wwe History ! Im Watching They Matches On Wwe Network As Im Typing Lbs

  85. E C dub! E C dub! E C dub!

  86. Why does every one who's good to Rey Mysterio is fight him

  87. Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero were the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time.

  88. Should of had Demolition on this list when they went in 1&2 in the 1989 royal rumble.

  89. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio will always be my favorite Tag Team Champion of all time…

  90. What about batista vs cena

  91. R.I.P
    Sir Eddie, Mr.British, Mr.Owen

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