Superstars who debuted at Survivor Series: WWE Playlist

Superstars who debuted at Survivor Series: WWE Playlist

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  1. I Love ❤❤❤❤RVD❤❤❤❤ and you

  2. Kurt Angle's TNA debut>>>>Kurt Angle's WWE debut
    Believe me, it's one of the best debut in pro wrestling. The energetic crowd made it look perfect.

  3. It still hurts when I think about Sting. WWE screwed up big time with his time there. All the reasons why Sting didn't go to WWE in the 1st place came true.

  4. Were was the greatest superstar of all time not in the list… wheres Gobbledy Gooker?

  5. Only undertaker thumbnail brought me here he gave two hall of famers ride to tombstone city

  6. Where is Cm Punk ??

  7. Scott Steiner debut??

  8. When is survivor series?

  9. So wwe just uploaded cm punk vs brock lesnar and deleted it 😂

  10. They uploaded CM Punk Video and removed now?

  11. nice of wwe to tease cm punk for us in a video but then deleting it straight after lol

  12. Why won't you put the Kings of Wrestling back together? GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!

  13. They just upload Cm punk vs Brock lesner and now why they removed it? 🙄

  14. What happened to the CM Punk vs Brock video?

  15. I think Undertaker completes his 30th year career in WWE and then retires for good.

  16. ok flash funk was not a good debut haha wwe you are drunk

  17. Undertaker debut is awesome

  18. Whose debut was Better?🤗
    Like: The Rock 💕
    Comment: Undertaker 💀


  20. Dad man the Undartaker

  21. The Undertaker 💥🤟😆😈👑

  22. Forgot great khali

  23. Just A Reminder
    Under Taker Will Complete 30 Years In WWE In 2020
    1990-2020 🔥❤💔

  24. undertaker comes out

    Jim ross:"by gawd thats mean mark callous from WCW. Whats he doing here???"

  25. So WWE legit deleted the CM Punk video👀

  26. You Can't Kill The Indead Legend Like The Undertaker

  27. Flash funk and the funkettes are the original brodus clay and funkadactyles lol

  28. Had totally forgotten that Kenny Rogers had introduced Taker.

  29. UNDERTAKER looking sooo cute

  30. Anyone notice that MJF kinda looks like 1990’s undertaker

  31. Without further ado… 'The Undertaker' 🔥

  32. That undertaker debut was absolutely perfect

  33. Brothers of Destruction are the greatest tag team in WWE history

  34. Undertaker’s will always be more memorable

  35. 12:28 Jon moxley WOW 🤯🤭

  36. I wonder what was seth rollins hit with that he stayed out for so long because he sure does get up from big moves

  37. Surprised they included Jon Moxely

  38. My personal favorite debut is The Shield

  39. I have a feeling because of this if nxt has a survivor series team it will be Austin theory

  40. Cornette was having a fit, pissed that Vince changed his name from 2 Cold Scorpio to Flash Funk.

  41. Surprised the top comment isn’t whining about the Punk/Brock video that got taken down immediately. Did we grow up or something?

  42. Undertaker had know gave 30 years of his life to the WWE,1990-2020!

  43. Damnnn surprised that they included The Shield… 🤔

  44. 1990
    Will ALWAYS be a memorial debuted of The UnderTaker….
    He showed NO emotion and was going through team Dusty Rhodes like nothing; me and my best friend were talking all night about his debute and if he would've made it to the final Survivor Series Match…he would've took it to The Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan

  45. Wouldn't say Steiner debut at Survivor Series since he was tag teaming with his brother in the WWF before the name changing.

  46. Watched a video of the Rock talking about his first match. If you watch, you'll see him looking the wrong direction, he thought the camera was on the other side.

  47. "I give you the UNDERTAKER"
    The million dollar man didn't know that he introduced one of the greatest in the wrestling history.

  48. At least they didn’t cut out moxley again

  49. that wasnt the debut of sting ,he just reappeared that year

  50. I tell you guys… CM PUNK is coming this survivor series

  51. 7:36 it's weird that we don't hear YOU SUCK chants.

  52. Sting's and Undertaker's debuts were the best

  53. If undertaker face the fiend in next wrestlemania and lose ,its going to be the 30 years from undertaker debut,and it's going to be a great way to pass the torch

  54. Listening to kurt angle's music without the " you suck " chants … dude it was reverberating in my ears.

  55. Imagine winning with an Flying Crossbody and Shoulder Breaker in 2019 💀

  56. Even though there were other favourites like rock, kurt but i specially came to see undertaker and sting's debut. The two man who never wrestled each other

  57. Cornette having an aneurysm over Flash Funk.

  58. I will never forgive wwe for ruined sting

  59. I came because I knew Undertaker and The Rock were in this

  60. So who is Debuting? Liv Morgan?????

  61. You forgot the greatest debut…

    The Gobbledy Gooker

  62. Sab chutiya he sab fix kar dete he 6.50 pe wo pahle hi gir gya wah yar

  63. just came to see if they'll show Ambrose

  64. The Undertaker Is One of The Greatest In Wrestling and WWE History A Legend❣❣

  65. Undertaker, who would have thought he'll be one of the greatest wrestler of all time.

  66. I thought he debuted in '91 but it's all good.

  67. The Greatest Ever " THE UNDERTAKER"

  68. 14:03 till 18:03 (4 full minutes) the two wrestlers are motionless !!
    And they are professional wrestlers, not like one of us. Somebody call an Ambulance !!!!! 😃😃😃😃

  69. Somebody is gonna debut at Survivor Series.

  70. wwe sucks real bad it's only a kids show

  71. Sting and Undertaker debut are iconic. But Sting debut is the most memorable moments of my Survival series experience, right moment with right storyline. I remember jumping up and down shouting forgotten it's midnight already… Wish I can have one last Sting moment in the ring.

  72. I'm surprised the WWE didn't pixelate Dean (Moxley) face in this video.

  73. Who is the woman on commentary during The Rock's debut?

  74. maybe this is a spoiler that a superstar will debut or return at survivor series

  75. Can we give undertaker on final wwe title run and can he fued with aj styles i just want him to rip with a title and a great fued

  76. BIG POPP A BONER, great sign.

  77. I love how Renee Young was on commentary during The Rocks first match

  78. 7:40 the birth of the you suck chant lol i can still hear it my head

  79. 10:30 the really called himself booty daddy lmaoo

  80. 3:33 Uh-oh. Big mistake.

    4:44 What the heck?! What is this?! What. Is. This?!

    12:23 Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta. (At the time, I only knew Seth.)

  81. 14:14 I would love to see someone do this HHH at this year's Survivor Series should HHH try to help Team NXT.

  82. believe in the shield

  83. The Shield's debut was the greatest

  84. I was here for sting.

  85. 1990: we are the best wrestling entertainment in the world
    2019: we're losing are progress

  86. Why was the WWE keep the lie about The Undertaker debuting at the 1990 Survior Series going to this day?

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