Hi, I ‘m Rose with ZappBug, and today we
will be demonstrating step 3 in our 8-step approach to get rid of bed bugs, dealing with
large upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture is the most difficult
to treat because bed bugs can easily get deep into the cushions or body of the furniture
where it is really hard to reach them. But don’t worry, they can be treated. We have seen a lot of people recommend steam
cleaning upholstered furniture, but we find that not to be very effective. Unless you are experience professional it
is really difficult to get the steam to penetrate deep enough to ensure bed bugs are killed. So we don’t recommend this as a DYI approach. Heat treatment can get upholstered hot enough
to kill bed bugs, but in this video we are going to present you with another alternative
that you can use. And that is DDVP pest strips. DDVP stands for Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate
an Organophosphate that has been used as a pesticide for decades. It works by blocking neurotransmitters in
the insects leading to paralysis and eventual death. DDVP pest strips are designed to be used in
enclosed spaces. And for that reason our methods requires sealing
pest strips into a large bag with your upholster furniture. It is very important to keep in mind that
DDVP is a pesticide and can absolutely be dangerous to human health. For this reason it is crucial that you read
all the instructions that comes with your pest strips and carefully follow all guidelines. If you have pets or small children please
consult your vet your pediatrician to make sure you are correctly following all procedures
necessary to ensure their health. If for any reason you don’t feel safe using
pesticides in your home, we highly recommend heat treatment as a safe non-toxic alternative. If heat treatment isn’t an option for you,
it might be best to simply dispose of the furniture. Each Hot Shot No-Pest Strips is designed to
be used in a space up to 1,200 cubic feet, so you should never use more than one strip. Do not use these strips in your kitchen or
anywhere where food can come in contact with them. They are highly toxic when ingested. For the purpose of this video we are using
a leather chair as an example of upholster furniture. But this will work just as well for couches
or any other large items. The first thing we are going to do is put
the chair into a large furniture bag. We have purchase Wrap Brothers Coverall furniture
bags from Amazon. But most hardware stores should have something
similar. Remember to carefully measure your furniture
before you purchase the bags. We bought these for use on a couch and found,
while they were big enough, there wasn’t any room to close the bag. So make sure you have something that is a
little more than whatever you are treating. If the furniture you are treating is in a
room where you will be spending any significant amount of time, you should also make absolutely
sure that the bag is completely sealed and doesn’t have any rips. These strips specify that you don’t want
to spend more than about 4 hours a day in a room where they are used. So it is really important that we do everything
we can to limit our exposer. I am going to put two bags over this chair
just be absolutely certain. Now that the furniture is bagged. I am going to put on my gloves and proceed
to carefully read over the Hot Shot No-Pest strips application directions. Now I am just going to take this strip, put
it in the bag and seal everything close with a zip tie. Now that the strip is in here, I am just going
to leave this bag sealed for 1 week to make sure all the bugs are dead. In a week I am going to remove the bags, dispose
of the pest strip and leave the chair in a room with all the windows open for several
hours while I am not there. So that any remaining DDVP can safely dissipate.

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  1. hi there there were flea eggs in my living room and I spread de bihind my tv around electrical wires, is this safe pls get back to me

  2. I read on the package that they are good for up to 4 months so in theory, could you use the same strip for multiple treatments?

  3. Heat treat any item in the trunk of your car on a 90-degree day

  4. I read you can freeze bedbugs.

  5. Geez. The things you have to do to get rid of bed bugs. Lol and then there are more steps to follow. Bed bugs are a money wasting problem.

  6. One way to slow the infestations is to close the southern border, that goes for diseases too .White America eradicated diseases from the USA decades ago only for border jumpers to track it all back in.

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