Steam Business Update / GDC 2019

Steam Business Update / GDC 2019

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  1. Already love the upcoming new UI

  2. I am really interested in how Valve is going to resolve cheating issue and hidden pool of cheaters in CS GO. I am legit player stuck with nothing but cheaters for past 2 years since VACnet went live. System works very good, expect cases when you are false flagged and your account is DONE!
    I sent like 20+ emails with match links with comments, with players using X cheat, etc and did not get single reply. Great customer support.


  4. Awesome! Love STEAM!

  5. Great moves keep it up

  6. Give us HL3 ALREADY!!!

  7. where do i sign to beta test those ui changes and stuff? eagerly awaiting.

  8. Review bomb changes suck. People should be able to look at a game negatively because it's developers do something stupid.

  9. The review bomb changes aren't winning me over. I go to reviews to see what is wrong with a game. You have already piqued my interest with the game with ads, trailers and screenshots. Now I have to filter for only negative reviews to find out why people are unhappy with their products.

  10. Cool 😀 i love it n.n

  11. Great talk, I'm feeling more positive about the future of pc gaming, very excited about the UI update and how the events analytics might improve game development in the years to come.
    Good job Valve!


  13. You listen to this great talk and then wonder how some people complain that they take 30%.

  14. That library UI looks so unnecessarily busy. The current UI shows events already and why have the friends list on the game page when you can already have your friend list open.

  15. Tradingcard series 2 when?

  16. Crazy how people under estimate the Valve Steamworks Network. Very well done Valve.

  17. When he says developers, he means AAA developers, doesn't he? I mean indie developers are just ignored.

  18. Remove your toxic regional pricing nonsense and I'll be a happy customer.

  19. When you don't understand the majority of your player-base and its needs, you're ought to learn the hard way. I wonder why Valve didn't understood stuff in the first place, is it because they became too ignorant out of touch and didn't seemed to care about what the majority of the audience liked and wanted ? probably.

  20. New library better have a simplified mode. I don't need a damn Windows 10 Start menu on Steam. I mean really, who asked for that?

  21. I hoped for some vacnet news :8

    Really good stuff tho. You guys are amazing. Also, i cant wait for the index 😀 I waited out till now on the whole VR thing because it wasnt up there and yours with the knuckles look like to be all i wanted. Fuck Palmer Fuck Facebook and Fuck HTC. They all threated you badly.

  22. Still waiting for the braininterfacung stuff

  23. In regards to the review bomb topic, who gets to decide if it's off topic? What if a dev does something that is anti-consumer? What do we, the players, have as a way for our voices to be heard in regards to the devs/pubs? A perfect example of this is Metro Exodus using Steam to scoop up buyers and customers and then giving Steam the finger. Review bombing the other games is not off topic, it's the only place we players have for our voice to be heard. But from what I've heard, Steam considers this off topic.

    Additionally, what is Steam doing about Epic's blatant shitting on Steam? The new features coming are cool and all, but won't mean shit if Steam doesn't do something to stop devs/pubs from using Steam to get players and then bail on Steam because Epic sucks the CEO off.

  24. I think it would be good to turn the new UI off, because the current UI shows almost all the same info in a smaller, more efficient, less in-your-face space

  25. Valve's overarching principle seems to be: "add new features but then never support them over time." Steam in-home streaming has been a bug ridden mess for years and there seems to be zero effort in fixing it.

  26. Only few things to iron out and Steam will be perfect.
    For example, why is it for europeans 1EUR = 1USD? Thats pretty unfair, is USA really that poor they need a discount? I am from EU, but we do not pay with EUR here, why cant i choose to pay in USD instead?
    Also the steam overlay web browser is broken for years, mind to take a look at it already?

  27. Loving the events beta!

  28. Get fucked Steam, when are you gonna stop banning games for no good reason? You should only do it when said game is non-functional, not games your woke ass doesn't like. You're hurting every single devs for doing this shit and you're still allowing your users to buy games that doesn't even launch because you're too busy being the moral police.
    Fix this shit, and fuck you.

  29. All I care is my game visibility on store, before a year ago I was
    getting x10 more visibility than now, Steam changed its algorithm and
    small indie games doesn't show as it used to be, right now only popular
    games get recommended and shown on my library, Steam used to show
    various indie games before but now wherever I go I see PUBG
    recommendation. I mean why you need to force people to play PUBG all the
    time? Even other AAA games isn't getting much visibility anymore that's
    why they went with epic, Because they have nothing to lose. I've never
    seen steam recommend for me any AAA games like The Division or Assassins
    creed. It become the next google player store, only showing the top 10
    games for the past 2 years, why? because its popular. so people are
    stuck with playing same genera over and over again as its the only
    genera they are seeing all the time. Even though steam is number 1 till
    no and epic have no chance to compete with it but Steam is dying whether
    you believe it or not, thats why they started accepting adult content
    as a desperate move.

  30. yeah. If not epic, this talk would not happens

  31. Thanks for translate)))

  32. 30:37 artifact flashbacks xDD

  33. I cannot thank Valve and Steam enough for the chance to live my dreams 🙂

  34. This is great, Valve shows once again it's pro-consumer as well as pro-developer… unlike that one one-sided store that should not be named 😛

  35. Excellent talk!! Thanks for sharing

  36. Anyone know if epic had a retort to this?

  37. А что насчет модерации игр никого качества? Сколько они вам принёсся? И нравиться вам это репутация?

  38. Great! Cool example about Japan, as well.

  39. two failed got jokes ;(

  40. The Steam Direct fee is too low, and the very poor quality of daily launches is reducing customer trust in the store and interest in new games not backed by large publicity campaigns. Increase the Steam Direct fee to $2,000 and give trading cards and achievements back as standard game features. Your algorithm will function better with fewer launches and higher default quality.

  41. Steam is currently the maturest gaming platform, and it is being better!

  42. Well, I have only one thing to say: Good Luck Epic.

  43. cyka blyat look at all those russians

  44. I love Steam. I will make a game just to use Steamworks.
    Kep the good job and fuck Epic!

  45. Valve has no engine worth using (their own employees would rather use unreal or unity), and their store is deprecated. All the engineers at Valve are nothing compared to 1 Tim Sweeney. You guys are so fucked.

  46. Now I know where all the russians came from, they were a non-factor a couple of years ago now you can't get in a single game without one.

  47. I really needed this on 1.25x speed. So tedious to watch without it.

  48. They really VALVE-U your games and business

  49. Timestamps
    Intro 0:00
    – What makes a good platform? 1:01
    – Steam growth timeline 3:04
    – Steam Link 5:19

    Tools – What's Next 7:12
    – Steam Events 8:13
    – Steam Library 12:54

    Recent Updates 16:50
    – Control over game visibility 17:48
    – Show potential players the game experience 20:16
    – Review bombs 21:28

    – Valve Infrastructure 23:28
    – Online Games 25:21
    – Steamworks Network API 27:50

    Emerging Markets 32:52
    – Payment Methods 36:59
    – PC Cafes/Commercial Packages 40:38
    – Customer Support 41:56
    – Regional Revenue 43:11

    Closing Thoughts 44:23

  50. Linux +valve+vulkan …future of gaming

  51. and still some devs and publishers complain about the split and choose epic … i stick with steam and gog

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