Starting a Business : Making a Green Business

Starting a Business : Making a Green Business

Recycled paper products and other recycled
materials in your business are becoming more and more important with our limited resources.
This is Clayton Christopher, founder and CEO of Sweet Leaf Tea Company, on using recycled
paper and products in your company. It has become more and more important. There is so
much out on the news today about trying to get our companies more green, being a good
corporate citizen so not only does it help you market your company better but it is also
just the right thing to do especially given the crazy increase in energy and fuel expenses
that we have had. Here at Sweet Leaf Tea we don’t look at it just as in a vacuum we look
at it really across the entire spectrum of our business in terms of how we can leave
a small carbon foot print on this planet, everything from using, this is my printing
machine, using the back side of paper. We print on the back side of a lot of our paper
unless it is a report that is going external. Anything internal within our business that
just our employees are going to see we always reuse our paper and print on the back of it.
All of our paper that we use is 100% recycled. You can buy it at any office supply store
these days. All of our business cards and paper systems, letters, those are all recycled
and then from there it is just a continual process. It is not like you can get to the
top of the mountain on being more green and reducing your carbon foot print. It is a continual
process. We now talk to our manufacturers, the plants that bottle our tea and we are
working with them to use halogen lights that use a lot less energy. We are working with
them on putting solar panels in the plant so there is, it is just a continual process.
You can’t really think o’kay I’m going to do this, this, and this and then I’m green.
It really has to be a continual evolution. It is a continual climb to the top of the
mountain so it is a fun process too. It helps to retain employees, it creates a better culture
on your company so not only does it reduce the carbon foot print but it has a far reaching
effect. And then don’t be scared to talk about that. This is Clayton Christopher with Sweet
Leaf Tea Company.

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  1. Clayton, you did a great job presenting the green-way on this vid. Thanks for your deep commitment to green as well as thanks for this vid. We need to instruct others! I am a green artist/painter. I use recycled canvas, fabrics, paper, mats, frames, paints etc. You have given me an idea how I can present my green-self and my art on a video….I thank you for that. Blessings to you, your crew and your biz! I will request your tea wherever I drink or shop!

  2. Very, very, good! You are a good example to follow 🙂

  3. yes CO2 is a natural gas.Theres only 0.04% of it in the atmosphere. The problem with CO2 is that it absorbs IR radiation from the Earth, which should go into space, so by having more and more CO2 in the atmosphere then there will be more and more trapped IR radiation and the Earth will get warmer. Also CO2 is going in the ocean killing fish.Giving plants more and more CO2 doesn't help them. It would kill them, they can only take in so much. Like humans can get killed from having too much oxygen

  4. I don't understand why so much anger about this whole issue. lets go out from the stand point where we don't know if global warming is real or not.
    it still makes sense from a responsible point of view to recycle. why waste something when you don't need to?
    travel the world aliitle bit and open your eyes. everywhere in the world people reuse everything over and over. we are just begining to grasp that thing in the US, and I believe its beautifull. by the way, please check out FreeCycle near u

  5. Do you reuse your fuel ?

  6. If I had enough money I'd buy a water fushion runned engine. but unfortunally I'm not quite wealthy yet.
    As far as reusing fuel, I own a business that uses grease for deep fry and I donate my oil to a person that runs his vehicle solely on grease, so I guess the answer is yes. And its also one step at a time. If I can't reuse one thing doesn't meen I can't reuse other things. I hope you get to see more unfortunate people than you that have nothing and would be happy to use what you throw out

  7. I never said that C02 was the main greenhouse gas…greenhouse gases are good. Without them we wouldn't exist, the Earth should be heating up, that's a fact. The problem is that with us burning and consuming so much it means that the Earth is heating up too fast and therefore all the eco-systems are getting destroyed. That's the problem with Global Warming.

  8. Yeah you are right there

  9. if you want a website for free new businesses email me.

  10. Wonderful video and a very well timed video considering the number of people wanting to start their own business. Having an idea where to place their investment is very vital.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to being friends with people like you whom i share same ideas.

  11. @shimikahn exactly. I am one of those who is skeptical about the "over reaction". I simply find a lot of pretention in some activities related to the supposedly love for the environment. But like you I agree that the substance is to incorporate certain things in our everyday life which make sense. anything else is simply unsupported by evidence and there is no reason for anyone of us to pick sides.

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