Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH of the Black Spire Outpost Marketplace. – Show #25

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH of the Black Spire Outpost Marketplace. – Show #25

welcome to things I love, I am your Parks
Pastor Mark Edington and I am finally here at the entrance to galaxy’s edge as
you know if you check out my Facebook or Twitter or Instagram yesterday that we
were here yesterday just kind of checking it out and kind of getting a
feel for the land but today I’m gonna take you in there and we’re gonna walk
around and just have a good time I found all the spots I want to take you to and
I’ve got a Joydeep Hill reservation and I’ve got a reservation for sabi workshop
and so I’m super excited to get in there let’s go right now this right at the entrance to the left
is where rise and resistance is going to be i wouldn’t ask them yesterday about
it and they gave me this great long story about how the first order if they
don’t find them then they’ll be here within about three months and it was fun
they they really stay in character here and but yeah this but this is the
infamous to rise of the resistance you’ve heard a lot about it and we’ll
give that covering that later here we go I love these vendors they have we are on
the resistance side right now so everything’s kind of fitting that
theme I’ve already spotted a few things that I
want to get later oh there it is so sweet again just like yesterday you know it’s
not very crowded here I mean it’s very very manageable and that might be
because of the hurricane even though it’s past I might have just scared it
away anyway it’s very manageable right now this is the entrance to the marketplace
just beautiful how they architected it and I’m assuming that this is the exit
to rise of the resistance here alright let’s head into the marketplace another thing I wanted to show you here
Oh perfect timing see him up there one of the cast members messing with a
kid I think you might have scared him a little bit about this area right here where they’ve
just got some wood carvings kinda wish you could buy these wood carvings but
all the tools if you go up I mean see got to have a pork Oh your restaurant you ready left when you
enter I’m not gonna take in there but it’s pretty sweet
I’m not gonna lie love little details here like the
entrance shops Empire Strikes Back Oh this was kind of strange same thing over here is it real of the speeders here or are they podracers this is one of my favorite shops I made
stuffed animals and creatures star wars but they’re very unique of the
you walk there ahsoka in Orlando and these are really cool over here all these wooden and metal toys you know
we are on planet about to so these would be toys that they’ve created and they’ve
built love the sandcrawler here you open that up there’s a couple of Jawas inside
of it but just like crafts of familiar Star Wars creatures and
characters you know I’ll be up there another thing I attempted to get
Mississippi charred corn but of course instrument from the clicker and down in
the middle notes now they’re not in the cantina but you know let’s shout out
little follow right there actually plays music I heard a kid doing it yesterday
which means I do not want to put my mouth on that alright somebody out there tell me what
in the Star Wars canon is this put down the comments below I lost on that one
Yoda Watto approached people yeah this is one of my favorite stores
there’s no shops moving on you got your Jedi gear here really great stuff just
like straight out of the movies but so very 80 bucks
raise up it ROK’s hold Jedi robes or Joseph from
your lovely Easter pageant $24.99 sift rubs easy to do that right no you
go Brown I’m black good anything well these belt packs to again
well good what you know just seems wrong about
that but that is this to powersport really cool love it nay I’m offending in this just amazing this market is just all about geeking
out you can dude I gotta say I love it I love it
Boba Fett’s my favorite did you see the vote Boba Fett’s in there yeah okay you
sold me you sold me look good that’s reflects fire outpost gear and when it gets hot about you you have
the fans terrible today yeah and I’m almost drawn in by the
theming the products your black spire outpost gear glasses
that’s this is your traditional souvenir shop
even your black spire outpost throat but again steaming here love this why depends I haven’t had it yet but this is where
you get your good suckers kettle fuck one like them to have that deceptive
name so you can you can buy the mouse droid
as well so as TSA worked out everything on these okay thank you what was your name
awesome I’m mark nice to meet you and this is Ron tow Roasters at the end
of the market I had myself a Ron tow wrap yesterday thinking about getting
the Toronto breakfast wrap for lunch today I have a little lunch you know
that’s how we do hearing things I love Godse living in New York I am a big
brunch fan you got the Droid turning the spit there
and the big Padres racing engine hooking everything but I mean look I was here yesterday and
this line was shorter than it is now and it’s pretty much nobody now so as you
can see there’s people around here but just very minimal so thanks for an easy
easy day and Kelly – bitch then we are at the end of the line here just a
great market so there you have it that is the market at galaxy’s edge just a
great time lots of cool things you can find in there and food and just just a
lot of good stuff so if you are new to things I love make sure you get that
subscribe button down below hit that like we can give us a big thumbs up and
share this video with all your friends will be back in our next video with some
more good galaxies edge stuff I’ve got a reservation to get to for Savi’s
Workshop so I got to get out of here but this has been Mark Edington, your Parks
Pastor, just a bit about me to help you be more you!

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