Square Gift Cards

Square Gift Cards

Help boost sales and give customers
more ways to shop in-store and online with Square Gift Cards. Customers spend
an average 16% more when they pay with a Square Gift Card. Plus you get your money
up front, and bring new customers into your business. It’s a win-win. Easily add
e-gift cards to your website for free, or stock your counter with reloadable
plastic gift cards. You can sell digital gift cards from your in-store
point-of-sale too. Square Gift Cards also help you show off your brand. Customize
plastic or e-gift cards with an existing design, or upload your own logo to fit
your brand. Track your in-person and online sales all in one place. And if you
want, offer refunds for merchandise returns on gift cards to keep the money
in your store. You can even save a gift card to a customer’s profile so they can
come in and keep shopping – no physical card required. No matter how your
customers want to shop – whether it’s online, or in person, Square Gift Cards
are a full gifting solution for your store. Visit
to learn more.

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  1. Send Square Invoices Online
    Request payment for goods or services with Square Invoices from your online Square Dashboard, from the Square Invoices app or from the Square Point of Sale app using a supported mobile device. You can create and send invoices, create a recurring invoice series, create and send estimates and schedule invoice deliveries.

    Note: Make sure to follow best practices for Square Invoices.

  2. Just a question, why plastic gift cards, when you have paper gift cards, come on Square…. here in IKEA in Portugal our gift cards are all made of paper.

  3. How about the woman who lost 14k from using you terminals, i want to know if she’s getting compensated for it

  4. Scam. They'll take your money. It's in the news

  5. Fucc square. They are thieves. Assholes. I wanna swipe a card through the crack of their asses

  6. I am boycotting square because of the woman using the Cuban coffee beans. Sadly I will be deleting my account.

  7. I added an item on my square site as a button to purchase a plastic gift card. How do I transfer that payment to the gift card itself? Does that online sale only work for ecards?

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