Spotlight: Cine+ on (Re)engineering a business plan

Spotlight: Cine+ on (Re)engineering a business plan

for buying cinema tickets in an easy way. We discovered that it’s
extremely difficult to buy cinema tickets in
platforms that already exist. So that’s why we wanted to
do something more simple. When I showed my family the
app, the first thing they did was scrolling down. So they never read anything,
but they only scrolled down. So we discovered that pictures,
images are really important. People want to see
movies by poster. They relate to the content by
the first image that they see. So that’s why we tried to drop
all text and wanted to make it a more visual experience. JOSE LUIS DUPINET:
The main obstacle for creating a
business plan for us was that we were only four
engineers that knew nothing about business plans
and how to make money. So it was very obvious to
us that if we build a great product for selling tickets,
movie theatres were going to throw money at us. And in our minds, it was
going to be very easy. At the end, it was not. It was nothing like that. So we started thinking
of other business plans when we finished
building the product. Because it was very difficult
to negotiate with the movie theaters. They didn’t see us as a help. They saw us as a
competitive app. So we needed to create
something of value that doesn’t involve
tickets in our app. So that made us think of other
alternatives for making money.

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