Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management Program

Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management Program

The dream was always be in this big band and tour all over the world. There was another way for me to be in that world and that was through entertainment management. I am hoping to join a dance company and then hopefully open my own dance studio. I wanted to learn how to become a sports manager in order to assist my son who is currently preparing for the NBA. The Sport, Arts and Entertainment Management program is a unique program because it’s one of the only ones in the country to focus on sports, arts and entertainment management in an undergraduate setting. One of the distinguishing features of our program is that it is housed in the School of Business. So you are going to graduate with the same business acumen as any other student. It looks really, really glamorous on the outside when you’re looking at it, but what you find out when you come here is that there’s a lot of hard work that’s involved with it. I really like the sturdy business degree. You had your accounting classes, you had your finance classes, your management classes, but you also had the specific sport, art and entertainment classes that kind of tied everything in together. One of the core requirements of professors in our program is that you have to be an industry, working professional. I was a concert promoter for about thirty-five years. I bring twenty-five years experience in fundraising and arts management. My professors who know a lot of people in the art world definitely helped me land my shadowing experience and now my internship. Really how you get a job in our business it’s is all about who you know. So we really start from freshman year with a shadowing program, which then turns into internships. Going to Point Park and being immersed in a downtown campus you are surrounded by industry professionals. You’re just right into the real world right away but you’re still walking to math or English class at the same time. There are very few campuses in this country that you can literally roll out of your dorm room bed and hit a theater, hit the Pirates, hit a live entertainment venue. So we really encourage our students to take advantage of Pittsburgh. Well the beauty of the Sport, Arts and Entertainment Management program is that you get a broad background in that you may come in thinking that you want to go into sports or into entertainment, but you may discover that there’s something else that you actually really like more. I was interested in, you know, working in live music. So I wanted to be in that field and where I fit in that field was with ticketing. Obviously this is a sports venue, but it still revolves around my primary interest which is that ticketing field. We have had wonderful placement with our students. We’ve got students working throughout Pittsburgh, as well as working across the country in different programs, working for different sports teams, working for performing arts centers, theater companies, dance companies, television. Locally Rachel Kernic is with Phipps ConservatoryÉ Megan who is now working at Heinz Field. Nationally we have Mallory who is in DetroitÉ David Jacobs is out in LA working for a talent agencyÉ We have Morgan who is working for the Boston CelticsÉ Erin Cappiccie has secured a terrific job working for Tough Mudder. Ultimately our goal is we want to give students the tools to succeed and the skills to be marketable when they leave here and go on and build into a successful career on their own.

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