Sped up singing (THIS SOUNDS SO AWESOME!)

Sped up singing (THIS SOUNDS SO AWESOME!)

(original): You need a BAD girl to blow your mind! (sped up!): You need a BAD GIRL to blow your mind, your miiind! (bang bang, into the room!) I KNOW U WANT IT! (bang bang all over you!) EH… What’s up, my name is (R-R-R-RAMI) and today we’re gonna be experimenting with speeding up singing, rapping, and a bunch of other things! Recently I discovered nightcore remixes of songs- Actually I think that Nightcore remixes are TOO small of a word for Nightcore because ordinary remixes require little to no talent to make- But NIGHTCORE remixes takes so much talent and effort. Here’s a few examples examples of ACTUAL Nightcore remixes on YouTube “Do you know how Pewdie says goodbye? (Brofist!) Close your hand, let’s give this thing a try! (Brofist!)” “It’s everyday bro with that Disney Channel Flow, 5 mil on YouTube in 6 months, never done before” To make a nightcore remix you need not one, but two impressive skills: So, inspired by these amazing nightcore remixes, we’re gonna do something even more interesting in this video! We’re gonna combine sped up vocals with normal instruments. This will make the singing a lot easier, because when you record, it’s gonna be lower than the real song in pitch, and it’s also gonna be slower which means that we’re gonna be able to do fast raps and stuff really easily. Since this technique also pitches up really smoothly, I think I’ll be able to make a really, REALLY good impression of a girl singer as well! You know you love me! I KNOW YOU CARE… You know you love me, I know you care! Just shout whenever! and I’ll be theere. You are my love, you are my heart! And we will never ever ever be apart! And I was like, “BABY, BABY, BABY” OOOOHHHHHH RIGHT! Like, “BEBE, BEBE BEBE” NOOOOOOO Like, “BABY, BABY, BABY” NOOO! I thought you’d always be mine, mine” *cuts to next scene* Now, that actually turned out A LOT better than I was expecting. Next up is a very cringy sketch where they speed up the effect! Let’s go… (inaudible sounds of shame) Uh, sama lamaa duma lamaa you assuming I’m a human
What I gotta do to get it through to you I’m superhuman Uh, samalamaadumalamaayou assuminI’mahumanwhatIgottadoto getitthroughtoyouI’msuperhuman InnovativeandI’mmadeofrubbersothatanythingyousayingricochetingoffofmeandit’llgluetoyou I’m neverstatingmorethanneverdemonstratinghowtogive amotherfuckin’audienceafeeling likeit’slevitatingneverfading andIknowthatthehatersareforeverwaitingorthedaythattheycansayIfelloff,they’dbecelebrating CauseIknowthewaytoget’em motivatedImakeelevatingmusic, youmakeelevatormusic Take that Eminem, I can do the fastest part of rap God easily! You know, when it’s sped down quite a bit. And now for a quick news update: It looks like a few hundred ninjas are on their way to your house to assassinate you, but thankfully I am a certified ninja fighter See, if you just go ahead and click the subscribe button and the notification bell, I’ll come and save you I’ll use the vibrations from the notification bell to… uh locate your house, so click the notification button and the subscribe button right now to stay safe Okay so we’re gonna do more singing in a second but before we do that, I need to go see my friend Patrick He’s here visiting from Sweden. I’m gonna take him to an amusement park, and I’m taking you Guys with me. Let’s go Hey patrick, my Friend! Hello! Where are we? We’re in – what is it called? It’s like a theme park for kids right? Yep And we are here too And I promise I don’t have any Austin Jones-like tendencies, I Just seem to have a lot in common with kids We just realized that maybe this place is way more for kids than we expected The average age in here is like – I don’t know five? I really want Pringles right now. I think this is about pollution or something, but I just really want Pringles right now. Why did they the Pringles in there if they want us to be sad? This is like a magnifying glass, how small is that thing, do you think? That must be like, smaller than, like, my dick These fish are also like really small, like, what do you think they’re smaller than? I’m thinking my dick Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Patrick, can we see the Madagascar characters? Yas, yaaaas Ok so I’m all about going to animal parks and stuff, but as an adult you shouldn’t be inside – oh, hi patrick! Hello! Okay so just between you and me, this last one is my favorite out of all the sped up songs This video is part of a series called Singing Experiments and there’s already five other episodes if you want to check them out Shout-out to Zach for tweeting the last video, and if you want to be the next shout-out Go follow me on twitter @roomieofficial Okay let’s go! See, anybody could be good to you, you need a bad girl to blow your mind See, anybody could be good to you, you need a bad girl to blow your mind, your mind I know you want it You, you, you, you, you Wait a minute, let me take you there Ohhhh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Seat of my car, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ohhh Singing one syllable out of sync Hey I was doing just fine before I met you, I drink too much and that’s an iss- -ue, but I’m o Night, you just want atten- tion, you don’t want my

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  1. Is it a requirement that all your friends be good looking? I'm depressed lol

  2. My nAmE is RaMen

  3. 0:13
    He's still bummed out about that

  4. 2:30 lol I was watching this on the toilet

  5. Why did they put the progress in there if they want us to be sad????

  6. 3:47 I did it!
    I am safe haha

  7. it sounds like mitchie from penatonix and im hear for it

  8. just put songs to 2x speed and boom u have nightcore

  9. how r u gonna come to mah house all the way in indonesia lol wait the ninjas are her aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. No one beats Eminem

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  12. I didn't sub cause of the ninjas, I subbed because roomie will come to my house

  13. And here I am faning over the NON sped up part of Bang Bang.

  14. Rookie has committed a sin when he sang baby

  15. I was really hoping he didn't pitch the vocals up

  16. *Dumb subscriber listens to 3: 48
    Dumb subscriber: already subbed to roomie
    Dumb subscriber:clicks the sub button
    10 minutes later: *knock *knock
    Dumb subscriber: opens his door
    Ninja clan comes running in slicing the subscriber to pieces
    Roomie: Duuuuuuuuddddeeee! U unsubbed… so… I didn’t save u

  17. The rap God still wasn't that good

  18. YouTube wants to know your location

  19. Sure.. Come to my house… 😹😹😹

  20. You sound terrible

  21. Roomie: I use the vibrations from the notification bell to locate your house

    Me: Well this is creepy

  22. if u want good nightcore go to syrex

  23. Am I high or he looks like rami malek & elon musk combined??

  24. Rap slow speed it up
    Take it a pitch down
    Then take it back up

  25. His sarcasm is so good🤣

  26. I dont care if its simple and stupid I love nightcore x D

  27. Roomie, romie, ramie, RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. You went to chessington. Wow that is my favourite theme park as a kid

  29. I was happy when he shamed nightcore

  30. I like the sped up

  31. Is that sarcasm right there

  32. I still like Nightcore🤷😂

  33. Otakus assemble, Nightcore!!!

  34. Ok ik his video is old but omg I laughed so much at the begining cause of the ROMEY

  35. That’s chesington

  36. I live near there

  37. Went to it loads as a kid

  38. I do rap God faster

  39. But… I actually really like nightcore. It's great for gaming my guy 🙁

  40. Who stayed safe and
    Subbed w notification

  41. You better save me Ramie

  42. Hopefully he doesn't get confused by the other 4.9 million bell vibrations

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  44. Been here since 2 mil almost 5 mil like if you’re an OG Roomie

  45. This sounds fucking awesome..

  46. When he sang baby the cashier looked like stoik from How To Train Your Dragon

  47. Hey look it's rami

  48. um what is he watching in the bathroom?

  49. yeah im not safe if your at my house

  50. Play rap god at 2x speed. You can thank me later.

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  57. Could've just changed the pitch

  58. all i hear is females-

  59. What is sped in the title is that a typo?

  60. I love Nightcore lol look at my photo

  61. This is lowkey awesome

  62. 3:12 play it on 2X xD

  63. Too much talent for the world

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  65. The sarcasm is strong with this one

  66. Once when I was like 8 I was forced to do cheerleading to that last song. Then I was kicked out because I was tired lol

  67. Rommie:hi Patrick
    Me:Hi SpongeBob

  68. Wow you sound like king Julian from Madagascar at 4:11

  69. 5:34 love the IT appearance 😂

  70. Patrick is just a skinny Jonas 😂😂😂

  71. Nightcore is awesome 😎

  72. Rare real life footage of Alvin from the chimpmunks

  73. can you do bang bang as a full song

  74. We got em bois

    rami the chipmunk

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  77. you spelled speed wrong you spelled it like sped little bitch

  78. You sound like a sheep

  79. Normal remixer's, "im gonna spend hous and hous studying musical theory and a bunch of stuff and be more professional"
    NightCore Remixer's, (Retard voice)"AADHAND IM GONNA PITCH UP THE SOUND AND SPEED UP HADUHADHADuh IM RETARDED" and makes 1 million views

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