SOUTH OF FRANCE 🇫🇷 // Morning Routine + VLOG 🍒

SOUTH OF FRANCE 🇫🇷 // Morning Routine + VLOG 🍒

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  1. Hi friends! For complete FRENCH subtitles cliquer sur l'icon cc 🙂 thanks for watching <3

  2. I live in Anglet which is between Biarritz and Bayonne. Such a pity I didn't see you.

  3. you guys are such a hot couple and this video brings me so much joy and fomo i need to travel more

  4. Now I miss summer so much. You're really good at bringing vibes to othe people. Love you

  5. 6:28 no!!! you're supposed to wait 30 minutes!!!

  6. I love this so much, ty for this !!!

  7. Can you believe there are people out there this in love? This video was a blessing from start to finish

  8. I've never seen the ocean in person, I would love to one day! This video makes me want to plan a trip lol

  9. What camera do you use, the footage is amazing

  10. a dream. literally a dream.

  11. les images sont superbes

  12. what a slice of heaven this video is, so many warm feelings :’)

  13. I’ll be in France 2 more days❤️❤️So excited!!!!

  14. Id like to go to the South of France one day! And Paris! Excellent video! ❤

  15. you make me really happy

  16. Le suuuddd!!! Moi j'habite a Toulouse 💖 j'ai kiffé cette video franchement c'est magnifique comment tu fait ca !

  17. Ahh it was so lovely to hear some (Sandy) Alex G in your video, absolutely love him! Were you in Occitanie for your vacation ?

  18. This video let me feel so relaxed!! Like a little holiday,😍🌈

  19. this makes me want to film these kind of videos for when i'm older, absolutely loved it!

  20. this video was amazing!!

  21. this was so beautiful and wholesome. i’m happy you both had a fun lil trip! 🌊💕

  22. I love these videos. They’re so dreamy and relaxing 😌🤧❤️❤️❤️

  23. Always love your videos, they give me peace, inspiration, and a sense of home 🙂

  24. nice atmospheric atmosphere and warm light all along.

    I even feell nostalgic with no reason =) you both look so happy =)

    got (almost) the same story with the emigration and marriage like yours. worlds apart and still found each other awesome )

    sparkly greetings from foreigner in Germany ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

  25. 🖤☄ What a good breakfast 😉👍 nice video 😘👋☄🖤 😉👍

  26. now i wanna go camping on a beach in southern france

  27. Your videos feel like such a dream and I love it ❤️

  28. Aww this was such a relaxing vlog to watch, thank you!!
    I hope you had fun this summer and that the year to come is kind to you 🙂
    I have a question for you guys:
    Est ce que vous vous parlez en anglais, en français, ou un mélange des deux lorsque vous êtes juste à deux?
    I’m just really curious about that 🙈
    Merci encore pour cette superbe vidéo!!
    Lots of love 💜

  29. This video reminds me of when I was in Europe to visit family and all that open space and nature it's such a calming and beautiful thing. I feel so close to home again watching this

  30. This was awesome!!!

  31. Cette vidéo est tellement pleine de magie… c'est devenue ma préférée de ta chaine !

  32. I didn't know you like Alex g. Youre my new favorite person <3

  33. looks so magical💫

  34. I loved every second of this video! It's so dreamy and cinematic. I felt like I had just finished watching a movie by the end!

  35. I really enjoy your videos there so relaxing and I feel at peace with my self, keep creating because your content is great! <3

  36. I was crying while Alex G was at the end of the video. Makes me so nostalgic. I love It, thank you so muuuch! <3

  37. I went to the South of France couple of weeks ago, had the best time ever. It was calming, hot, great. I love the being surrounded by water.

  38. Vachement drôle! And I love the switching back and forth between languages.

  39. This felt like a beautiful, romance indie, film

  40. your and alex's love is so pure
    makes me hopeful for the future

  41. Music was especially 🔥

  42. This is near st Jean de luz? Really nice vlog.

  43. How do you transform something as ordinary as my vacations in my family into something artsy and worthy an pleasing to watch 😂

  44. I would sooooo much prefer this rather than nonstop unnecessary talks during a summer holiday vlog. This video made me felt that calmness and peace you seemed to have without you talking for half an hour talking about everythinggg. So thanks please keep enjoying first and keep doing you! 🙂

  45. Loved everything about this video 😍❤️❤️❤️🌺

  46. your videos always make me feel so inspired and happy :)💖 but I feel so stuck : like I could never experience something as magical. I'm still in school and I have no job.. I feel like I'm wasting so much time doing nothing I want to do. but thank you, for making videos that make me feel hopeful, even if its just for a bit 🙂

  47. As close to nature as I’ve been in a few years 😂 thank you both 🌻🌻🌻

  48. beautiful video ✨🙏🏼 South of France is such an amazing place!

  49. your videos are really relaxing! and you are such an inspiration!!

  50. thank you so much for this, i can t even explain how happy this video made me feel

  51. Hi! I'm sorry to bother you, but I binge-watched your videos in one night (lol) and noticed that you are from Paris! I know that you may not give a damn about this, but im going to study there from january to june 2020, and im desperetly looking for a room, an apartment to share, a chambre de bonne, anything basically haha and I was wondering if you know someone who can help me, or if you have some advices for me to find something cheap (I have a really low budget for the standards of the city, between 350 and 500€)
    Thank you in advance for your time, really hope you read this comment!

  52. i love this so much 🥺🥺

  53. those waves looked terrifying!!! lol

  54. the music is so good w this vid like

  55. You are magic as always my dear Shayna, looking all your simplicity and your happiness, i travel <3 Thanks for share your wonderful world <3

  56. that is such a delicious video!! iam living for this. nature is all what i need to be thankful <3 i can't wait for the summer

  57. Ta vidéo est incroyable et nostalgique😄

  58. This is my favorite video from this channel, I actually cried at the end

  59. C'est tellement beau! Tu me donnes envie d'aller à la plage

  60. this is so lovely 🥺🥺 I can't wait until I live in France!!

  61. so many beautiful shots in this! i love the way you filmed and put everything together, felt like a movie~

  62. This filled me with so much joy

  63. This video is a masterpiece , i felt really nostalgic while watching it and almost cried thannnnnnnk youu

  64. I absolutely loved this video. It felt so vivid to me. Thank you for sharing with us <3 I was also wondering if you have a Spotify? I love the music you included in your video.

  65. C'est chez moi !! Cette vidéo fait encore plus de bien depuis le train qui m'éloigne de ma maison, merci pour la douceur <3

  66. Hi there, just a comment passing through to say that your vids are incredible. You depict France really good, your vids has always something special, something very pleasent. You make thing become aestethics

    Des bises from France (northern unfortunately)

  67. You know what?!!🙋‍♀️For me your channel is awesome!!!🌸🌷

  68. Alex = washboard abs & Shayna = buns of steel 😝

  69. your videos never fail me!! theyre so lovely and inspiring, thank you for sharing a piece of ur creativity on the internet i feel like ive struck gold whenever i watch new content <3

  70. This video made me feel so calm and I love your aesthetic filming 🙂

  71. this video made me so so happy. thank you for this GORGEOUS, completely authentic content!!! sending love.

  72. J'adore ce genre de vidéo ♥

  73. So calming and lovely

  74. Salut comment tu vas ? Je te souhaite pleins de bonne énergie 😇🤜🏾 dit j’avais une question qui me turlupine ton petit ami est français ou américaine de langue

  75. 🥺🥺🥺 so wholesome. I want this life

  76. your videos are like mini movies that i could watch all day and i love them 🙂

  77. Omg this is so beautiful<3 I’m actually crying

  78. je suis dans un moment de doute parce que j'ai décidé de faire une année sabbatique pour préparer les concours des écoles d'art (je prie pour l'ENSAPC ! ), du coup je pioche des idées dans tes vidéos pour rester dans un bon mood (se balader dans la nature, s'allonger sur l'herbe, aller à la mer etc) bref, merci beaucoup pour l'inspiration que tu me donnes 🙂

  79. 3 words that describe you:

  80. Thank you for taking us on your vacation, one of the most wholesome videos I’ve seen in a while

  81. woooow it's so beautiful! I love ur vlogging style its very wes Anderson-esque

  82. Ooooo chillies! really charming

  83. Where is your swimsuit from it’s so beautiful 😍?

  84. Oh I recognized these places immediately!! I’m happy you came where I live 🥰

  85. Tes vidéos sont tellement inspirantes je t’aime !! Tu m’aides à améliorer mon anglais en plus !!

  86. 7:26 this pig made my day

  87. you are an actual angel : ' )

  88. Aesthetic video ))

  89. Glad you liked the Basque Country😄

  90. Home is where the heart is ❤️

  91. Love the basque…. ahhh 🌊🌊🌊

  92. eating cereal on the beach sounds lovely but I can’t stop thinking about the idea of sand blowing into the milk lol

  93. Wow im so glad this came up in my recommended!! This whole video felt like a beautiful dream. thanks soo much, you probably had to edit a lot lol

  94. I would love a video about your journals! How it has helped you and how to do the manifestation part you talk about!

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