Solar Power Update | Dealing with Loneliness

Solar Power Update | Dealing with Loneliness

(instrumental country music) – So, I think what I’ll do is
burn these two or one by sixes and fasten them down just
like I did on the cabin roof. That’ll keep them from rotting quickly. They will probably last,
I don’t know, 10 years. This is probably too low a slope to do that kind of style on. But it’s just a wood shed, so I’m not too concerned about it. Because it’s low slope and I decided not to go metal it will hold snow. So I will have to rake it
off as well fairly regularly. But it’s more fitting
just to keep using wood here instead of bringing in metal. Don’t mind the look of it, and like I said it’ll last long enough. It’s cheap, and it’s something
I can replace any time. I’m starting to rip my own boards now too, so I can cut down significantly on costs, and I’ve got plenty of resources here. So, that’s the plan, I’ll probably do that sometime next week when it’s
a little bit calmer out, burn those boards and fasten ’em down. Just wanted to show you
the solar setup again quickly now that it’s mid-October. So the sun is much lower on the horizon and what’s happening is it’s behind these trees for probably the entire day. I might get some sun coming through in the afternoon here, the issue is that with monocrystalline panels it actually needs the entire panel in direct sunshine, direct sunlight in order to produce power. That’s contrary to a thin film panel that really thin stuff that comes in sheets that you can laminate to surfaces like the top of a trailer or a boat or even shingles
and stuff like that. That’s much less efficient
but it actually produces power with indirect sunlight as well. So even just daylight or cloudy days it’ll still generate, these don’t. These are much much
more efficient however. So these 200 watts of panels when I had direct sunlight later in the summer and the panels were fully lit up, I was generating about 100,
what, 140 to 160 watts. So that would charge this 3000 watt power bank fairly quickly. Now the issue at this time of year is that it takes like three or four days of fairly direct sunlight
with this low sun angle to generate enough power
to charge this thing fully. So this is not a great
system for permanent use. Like it’s not going to replace your home electricity system for example. But it’s perfect for mobile setups like in a trailer or a
boat, even in a vehicle. Or here at a cabin like this where I don’t have a lot of power need. And also because the cabin’s in shade it’s not like I can
just set these panels up or more panels on the roof and
generate power all the time. I have to move these around the site. So this system works perfectly for me. If I was really building this place into something that required more energy, more electricity, then what I would do is clear some of these trees out, mount panels on that roof that generate more electricity so it
charges the system quicker. So not ideal for permanent
setup like I said but absolutely ideal for a mobile system. So I’m happy with this so far. The only thing I’m
using the power bank for is charging my laptop,
my cameras and my phone. And iPad and this little miscellaneous, well that little fridge
that I’m running in there. But I’m mostly using that as an icebox. If I was to plug that fridge
in and leave it running all the time plugged into this power bank, it would drain the bank within three days. Roughly from what, from
my experience so far. So what I prefer to do is just use it sort of as a freezer,
freeze blocks of ice, and then use it, the fridge
as more of an icebox. So that’s the plan with that. And then I’ve got the
icebox in the floor as well and I’ll be building a
cellar in the future. So I don’t think I’ll ever need to expand my refrigeration
or freezer setup. So that’s putting out, now
it’s getting more sunshine, a little break in the trees, it’s now generating 30 watts of power. Yeah it went up to 33 so as the sun kinda breaks through these trees here it’s going to continue, it’ll get up to like I said 140 to 160 watts. So not bad for this time of year. Now I do have a backup gas generator that I bought recetnly,
I haven’t used it yet. But it sounds like it
would take like 30 hours of running that to charge
this power bank to full power. I guess during that
period what I’d be doing is cooling down the freezer, plugging into the generator as well
and charging other devices so that it, so that I have less of a need to plug directly
into the power bank. The Go Zero Yeti 3000 in order
to make that last longer. So it’s just a matter of
managing my electricity systems. It’s like everything here on the property. Just getting used to managing things like waste and water
and power in this case. It’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it
and I get the hang of it. So I have this device
called a solar pathfinder. And what it is, I’ll
show it in another video. It’s a little dome, it’s not mechanical. It’s just a dome and you literally take a piece of paper and sketch on it. And what it does is shows the path of the sun at all times of the year and where the obstructions are that are going to impede
or block the sunlight. So trees for example or if you’re in an urban environment it’ll show you when the buildings shade the panels and then tells you what the efficiency, or how much power you can expect to generate with the system size. You can always still get that in app form for Android and iPhone, that’s what I actually use quite often as well. So you just take your iPhone in my case, move it around so you have direct south and then press a couple buttons and it’ll actually lay out the path of the sun any time of the year. And therefore show you where
the best location is to locate. Not only your solar panels but even things like vegetable gardens. So it’ll show you daylight hours you have. Or sunshine hours you have
directly on the garden. Great, very useful, I’ll provide a couple of links I
guess in the description to show you what I’m talkin’ about. So if you have any
questions just comment below and I’ll try to answer as much as I can about this system and I’ll continue to give you updates throughout the winter and again next year on how
this is performing for me. I don’t know if you can see that ’cause it was reflecting off the screen but that hit 118 or 119 watts
of output, so generation. When the panels were at this angle leaning up against the door,
so that’s like 75 degrees. Yeah probably 70, 75 degrees angle. And the sun is, maybe
it’s pretty close to that. So I’m gonna try a couple of tilts when the sun clears this cloud here. When the cloud gets past the sun I’m gonna show you a
couple of different angles and what it does to the output. So that’s how important
it is but it dropped down to what, 18, 13 watts of… 13 watts of panel out put right now. So when it’s shady
that’s what I was talking about with the monocrystalline panels or polycrystalline panels,
you need full sun on them. Thin film would probably, I don’t know what it would be for that, first of all 200 watts would be twice the size of that. But the output would probably be two or three times the output that I’m getting with
these with partial shade or full shade right now, so that’s how solar panels work and why for me it’s important that I can move them around and take advantage of the different sun. Now that is time consuming, ideally it’d be nicer if I could have one spot. Get them set up permanently, and I think in the summer I will be able to do that at the path on the
way in where I’m clearing that spot for the garden and the workshop. Come here, you.
(dog toy squeaks) (liquid bubbling) So I finally found a way to make this, these little chairs work for me especially if I’m trying
to work at the desk here. And that’s to use these big great pillows that my wife bought that were on that big chair that I built that’s now up at the fire ’cause it ended up being a little bit too big for the cabin. But these two cushions
although they’re down so the sink quite a bit I’ll actually probably need a third
one so I can work here. Anyway I’m sitting here getting a really slow start this morning ’cause it’s cold and I just was tired from lifting all those logs and cutting all that firewood yesterday. So I am getting a late
start but I was lookin’ at my journals from the first time I built the cabin when I was 21. And when I first moved
up there to the property, I was sleeping in a tent as
I was building the cabin. And looking at the journals I see there was a lot of times that I did get a late start and I sat there reading in the morning and just taking my time. And I think part of it
was just taking advantage of the fact that I was
not on anybody’s schedule. So I wasn’t working, I was intent on building this cabin and
living a wilderness lifestyle. And it was just an opportunity to set my own pace and take advantage like I said of the opportunity just to be in the wilderness not being on anybody’s schedule except nature’s and dealing, being more
impacted by the weather and daylight when the sun rises, when the sun sets for example. So doing the same today and I happen to be reading again One Man’s
Wilderness by Sam Keith. But it’s from the journals
of Dick Proenneke. And also this follow up book to that which is a publication of the rest of his journals or a lot of his journals from what is it, 1974 or something to ’80 looks like, yeah 1980. And it made me think about how alone living a complete wilderness
like a hermit lifestyle is. He lived there for 30 years but he had a lot of contact
with the outside world. I think for the first few years he spent the winters
back at his home in Iowa and then the last few years spent it in various places with family or friends. And he had regular visits of course as his food was flown in
every couple of weeks. I’m thinking back to,
I think maybe more so to back when I was younger
when I started that cabin and I moved there, now
I only ended up there for three months before I had to come out of the bush and get a
job to pay the mortgage, small mortgage on that property. I don’t know what I was thinking, why I thought I could get away with not paying it for a while or getting a local odd job, just to cover the small amount of mortgage and the property taxes and
food that I needed to pay for. I think back to all the
comments I’ve received on my website and also in the forums that I belonged to when I first started posting stuff online, they were mostly canoeing forums. And a lot of questions from people asking about going on solo trips and how do you deal with the loneliness and the fear factor being
outside in the wilderness. Especially at night, sleeping alone and having no outside contact. And I think it’s different for everybody. For me I’ve never been one to first of all be afraid of the wilderness,
afraid of the outdoors. And secondly I’ve never shied away from loneliness or being alone. I think there’s a big difference from loneliness and being alone. I guess it’s one of the
points I wanna make. I think from when I was young I used to go off into the forest
near my parents’ house north of Toronto and I would just wander. And if nobody was available to join me like my sisters or
friends I did it anyway. And it ended up getting to the point where I preferred it, I liked spending that time one on one with nature. I got to listen to the sounds and see the animals and the birds and really become fully immersed in the environment. Without the distraction of another person or even a dog, I found that since Callie came into our lives again I’d been a few years without a dog and I was able to really fit into or be accepted into natural environments so more animals I would be able to see and
more silence, more solitude. And so it was a bit of a sacrifice to bring Callie back, or to have any dog back in our lives,
it’s just different. That’s not a complaint by any means. But one of the things it made me realize is that a lot of people
actually are lonely. And they don’t choose to be alone they just don’t have other people in their lives that they can connect with. So I think it’s really unhealthy for us to be truly alone with no contact or no deeper contact or deeper
relationships in our lives. I know for myself I’m
okay with being alone and I never do feel lonely but others can feel lonely even
with people around them. And I think it takes some effort and I think it’s worth putting some effort into making deeper connections with people so that you don’t feel that loneliness. I don’t think it’s healthy
to envision this life where you’re living in a log cabin in the wilderness with no outside contact and that you would be happier that way. I don’t think that’s true for most people. I think for the majority of us, we need that I think for everybody
we need some outside contact. I just don’t think it’s healthy to withdraw from society and withdraw from people and try to
live completely alone. I think it’s not fulfilling. The solitude and the
serenity is peaceful at first but I think for most
people they would find that it becomes, they first of all they start to lose contact or the ability to even interact with people. I think we generally do have a society and communities that are
worth being a part of. Worth participating in and at the end of our lives we look
back and we’ll remember those relationships and those good times we had with people more than we will remember the times that we had that were completely alone and I think it’s so personal and so
different for everybody. I think some people feel lost and alone if they’re, if they have no
contact with anybody for a day. For other people that’s
weeks or other people like Dick Proenneke could
pass months possibly or at least several weeks
without any outside contact. I do think it’s worth
spending some time alone. I think everybody should try to find a place, a time and a place that they can get away and not just an hour or a little, any time
I think is beneficial to spend days or even possibly
weeks alone, truly alone. And really getting immersed in some kind of environment that brings you peace. I know it allows me to kinda slow down. And it does take a few days to learn that or to be able to slow down. First day or two you’re still feeling an urgency like we do in our regular lives to get things done or to get to that next place or talk to that next person. So it takes two, three, four days to really slow down and fit into the pace of nature, the natural rhythms. And I think if everyone is able to do that once in a while I think it’s a great opportunity to recharge and reset your priorities in life. You might find that that’s something you want to make more time for. And that you want to create a life that allows you to spend more time alone or spend more time at least in the natural environment maybe with a loved one. You may find the opposite, you may find that you don’t like being alone and that you need to find a career or a job that allows you to interact with more people to be
more service oriented. But either way I believe
that that time spent alone is going to contribute to your happiness, contribute to your outlook on life. And allow you to see
what your true nature is. I think the longest time I’ve
ever spent completely alone without outside contact
is about three weeks. And for me I still didn’t feely lonely. I felt like that was
actually natural for me, that I could do that and I could
do that for longer periods. But I think becoming too
alone and becoming too much of an introvert, whether that’s because of social anxiety or some other thing that makes you withdraw, maybe you’ve been hurt by people in the past and you want to withdraw from all people. I think it becomes a dangerous mindset. I don’t think it’s healthy to continue to pull away because once you do, once you get too used to that solitude or that loneliness or being alone, the less likely, the more difficult it is for you to get back into society and form deeper relationships. And I have to be honest there’s lots of things that I do out
here that I feel like I want to share and it
adds a lot more meaning to the event and if I didn’t have anybody to share that with, I feel almost like if a tree falls in the
forest and nobody hears it does it actually make a sound? And that’s how I feel about
some events of my life. If I’m not able to share those, did they truly have any meaning? So if you’re truly feeling lonely, whether you are actually alone or whether you just feel lonely in the community or in the environment that you’re living in, I encourage you to put some effort into changing that situation and reach out to people. You know, contact a support
group or join a club. There’s any interests that you’d like to pursue then find a club,
whether it’s photography or for me lately mushroom
foraging things like that. There’s lots of groups that you can join that can get you out there and explore new hobbies and possible future passions. And just try to add more meaning to your life rather than what’s wrong and pulling away and
finding that you don’t have anything to live for, so I have to thank my friends and
family for continuing to support me and my lifestyle. And all of you guys for watching and continuing to follow along. And sharing your stories and allowing me to interact with you, that’s I guess part of the reason why I don’t feel
lonely when I’m here alone. So I’m gonna wrap this video up right now. I’m gonna stop reading, get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. It’s supposed to be raining this morning but the sun is actually shining. It’s cold, it’s perfect
working conditions. I have a lot of heavy work to do today. I’m bringing all the logs
up and I’m peeling them and hewing them straighter
and getting them prepared for the log cabin
that I’m about to start. So thanks for watching this video, I really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing you at the cabin
next time, take care. (instrumental country music) (footsteps)
(bird calling)

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    My brother loves watching your videos. He will forward videos to me that really “click” with him. I can understand how you like your solitude. We all need that. I’m curious, how much time do you and your wife and daughter spend together throughout the year? I can understand when you were dating, being ok apart for periods of time, but what about now? Is your wife and daughter really happy with this type of relationship now? Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts!

  51. Hello. How do you get Internet in there?

  52. I love being alone! Left the big TO for country living. Went from being highly social to hermit-like, but it's a very positive experience for me. Haven't experienced any negative effects of being alone so much and it's been 4 yrs. Feel quite positive in what little interactions I do have. It's only an issue when I need man help! Plus I have 3 cats and 2 dogs… it's all good.

  53. I have watched almost all of your videos. On occasion, I will leave a positive comment. They are all really good. I look forward to them. This review of the "alone vs lonely" was as good as it gets. I am like you, fortunate with the ability to be alone without being lonely. Your comments and advice are so important. You keep getting better and better. Congrats on a very unique approach. The heartfelt calm truth is more of what we need in the turbulent life we are facing today in the USA. Thank you. For what its worth. you may be this generation's story of the value and opportunity we all have if we just calm down and stop looking for ways to pull others down others. Our new Base Ball Hat might say Walk a mile in their shoes. WMTS. With Appreciation.

  54. My most favorite book! I have read it many many many times!

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  56. You are so right, loneliness or feeling lonely is not a matter of being surrounded by other humans constantly. It is something that has to do how we could connect within ourselves and how we relate with the outer world. Also we humans are social beings and we need to find that balance on how we relate to/with others.
    Good for you as it seems you have gotten to understand yourself well 😁

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  58. I am amazed by you. Sure boredom turns into work . My gosh you worked hard. You are a craftsman. A higher skill . I’m a engineer and I am amazed with the nothing. You had ..sure you got some town stuff but most of all you cut and crafted it. So amazed by you. You are amazing. I so loved what you have done. Blessing my man. You the beast in the forest. Keep posting the good life. Its not about what you build but your mindset in why. Change the way we think. You are a cool dude . Not many like you. Keep sucking air my friend

  59. Type A personalities who declare they crave interaction with many others because they love people are full of it. They crave preying upon others and the feeling they get from somehow getting the better of them. They are also the sorest of losers.

  60. What a beautiful lady you have to keep you company. She reminds me of my best buddy (golden retriever) that lived with me through thick and thin for 17 years. Funny how they know how you are feeling and what you need at any given time. Take good care of her and she will take care of you.

  61. Solitude is very addicting especially these days with how crazy technology and money has affected people.

  62. Really appreciate you sharing your experience … You are very inspirational … What is the app you use to help identify the sun path (to aid in solar panel location) ???

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  64. I appreciate your thoughts on loneliness.

  65. mount on a pole at tree level, never cut a tree. think a new panel every year there are control systems used by counties that rotate with the sun for maximum exposure. automate were feasible.

  66. The dog is fabulous company.

  67. Cali: "Oh dear, he's talking to no one again. I better lick him back to reality."

  68. Small mirrors with the lamps or candle lite will lighten a room up a lot that is what You need it will have a different way of use for shaving or cutting the hair or tick remove!!

  69. I’ve never liked the outdoors. I was brought up that it was not “lady like”. You have brought such interest and respect to the beautiful outdoors. Thank you.

  70. Upper Minnesota is a green zone, glaciers moved rocks with gold, mostly capillary gold and grain gold. Our rocks that feel heavier than they should have hair thick veins of gold running through them a rock that should weigh 14 pounds that weighs 26 have gold but often the outside signs are gone. I stack rocks with gold on to of my wood stove to hold the heat when the fire burns out. Disabled in Minnesota on a small lake after being kicked out of Texas, the FBI said I was too highly classified. I wish I could walk the woods. The gray wolves have moved into the area so does with twin fawns hang close thinking I'm wolf repellent. I caught a ground hog in a live trap, drown it in the lake. Can't go out in the boat but the meat catch's fish. A fresh fawn kill on the road to town was a great opportunity I drove by having ground hog for bait.

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  72. Until they come up with affordable batteries or something to store solar power for night time and cloudy or rainy days, it will never be truly efficient, or cost effective. Getting closer hopefully.

  73. I love your channel, I grew up in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. I loved to ice fish and snowmobile and make cool forts out of tree limbs and snow caves. Just have one question, how did you develop your skill of building, carpentry? I would love to do what you are doing, although, the isolation would be tough to handle, do you get a chance to see other people in your are? I really enjoy your channel, stay safe and enjoy the quiet.

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  76. I absolutely love watching you. It reminds me of my family building our home in Canada up in the mountains..

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  80. Shawn, I really wish I could have helped U, during your waterproofing. Before you put on those metal sheeting. Watching struggling, during doing the top area, before getting into your fireplace stack. I'm like oh man I'll give U a hand, be there in a couple of hrs. LoL…

    I think the storm would have to beat me to the punch though.

    I'm a roofer located in Crystal Beach just west of Toronto. And I'm an Independent one-man roofing machine, so I know-how hard it was installing that peel and stick material from one area to the other alone. [U must have thought that during the installation, wow wish I had some help, lol.] But buddy U did it. If I were there I'd give you a pat on the back.

    I wish to one day in the next 10-yrs meet U. Before I head up to the area of KirkLake.

    Care Always..


  81. A question….how does your wife handle the loneliness of not having a husband 24/7? To reach out and hug at the end of a hard day and sleep next to at night?

  82. Did you build this home with the idea for your wife to join you permanently one day?

  83. Luv what i just watched i relate 100% in 2009 i took my mountain bike and camping gear for a ride 30 miles in the mountains away from people. It took me 1 week to adjust to my new surroundings i found a stream that was full of rain bow trout. i spent 3 months in the mountains by my self . Needed a break from all the hustle and bustle of Vancouver and it was the best medicine to get a clear mind and get my priorities straight ..

  84. Loneliness is a state of mind. Coming closer to nature in a setting of peaceful solitude, on the other hand, is a treasure. Beside, how could one ever feel lonely when there is so much work to be done in the company of a precious and fun-loving being like Cali!

  85. Make yourself a simple stool for the corner desk. I have some simple, handmade ones with a curved rectangle seat that are comfortable.

  86. Very candid and honest discussion of his thought on wilderness living. I do it through your videos…thanks Shawn.

  87. I was tortured by the elite in their despicable mind control. I know they also torture animals brutally. That hip dysplasia is caused by in inbreeding from the memory I regained. These creatures who had to redefine the universal laws with rape and torture have already been proven to be nothing more than hardened satanists.

  88. When im off grid in winter i run two sets of 400w panels, both with there own set of 12v batteries and charge controller. So think of it as an A or B system.
    I find that left alone , the bank charges much more efficiently when its not being used.

    If bank A drops below the limit i set ( voltage ) , then i go plugin system B to the inverter. I can go 2 days on bank B , by which time bank A is fully recharged, even in winter grey days.

    I guess doubling up on everything is kinda expensive, but if you live off grid and need electric, its worth investing in !

    In the summer i still use the A and B and using a washing machine on one system while i have the house on the other.

  89. Have you tried Hydro or Wind for Power?

  90. What a beautiful place you have now and the smell of all that wood would be awesome, I envy you 😍

  91. How about a Magnetic Generator? Power 24/7

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  93. Hi Shawn… Did you consider wind power instead of solar?

  94. If you have a stream close hydro power dont require much for a small setup. I used a propane fridge years ago that was very efficient, tha flame was so small I think it would run on a candle . I never get lonesome cause im a great listener and always agree with myself Cl;-(p)

  95. You are living the life of my dreams. Watching you is like being there. Thank you for sharing.

  96. how far are ya from humans ? remember a house in the woods of maine on rapid river rangely lakes where a book had ben written we took to the woods if i remember south arm was a 17 mile dirt road and then a 5 mile paddel to the dam & headwatters of rapid river

  97. Extrovert for work…lol and I love my own space. After a divorce, yes I felt lonely, but as time has gone by, I love my life. I do not feel alone at all. Its a true blessing. Nature has always been inside me. City life is not my choice. As I've gotten older, peace is much more than gold!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Need to work on wind mill or wind turbines to generate energy possibly??? Also a greenhouse system for year round fruit, vegetable and herb growing. Work on animal enclosures for raising livestock. Figure out running water system… possibly a water reservoir/storage system.

  99. Loving these videos, great content. This is what the TV networks should do instead of the scripted 'life below zero' type shows which have morphed into soap operas

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