Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

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  1. If you're looking to get started on your path to financial freedom I'd recommend reading the books below. I wouldn't have been able to get out of debt or make this video without them. Let me know any other great resources that have helped you…

    The Total Money Makeover:
    I Will Teach You to Be Rich:
    Money Master the Game:

  2. Gym membership $85???? It’s £12 where I live 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Where is Dave Ramsey? He would be yelling out of excitement

  4. Money can’t buy you happiness BUT
    I rather be unhappy with a lot of money than being broke and unhappy because let be honest how you gonna feel happy without money.

  5. Money is not importat but we still need it

  6. Damn i got an ad on this. Did that money go to youtube or Matt ?!?!?!

  7. i mean ideas the great 🙂

  8. 1. Don't lend your money to anybody
    2. Save, Save, Save…..This will avoid loans
    3. Think about other sources of money like private projects

  9. stopped watching this video when you recommended to save for retirement in money.

  10. Pls could you put ads on your videos, you loosing free money by not doing this

  11. You say it with 1.7 m subs

  12. some rich brat:"money can't buy happiness"
    me: then how about you give me the money.

  13. Things will all change when Central Banks implement negative interest rates. It is coming soon worldwide. Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Cash.

  14. You need the experience, everything else is air

  15. Money doesn’t buy your happiness, but it makes boner and boners are happy

    What the fk did I just comment…

  16. He's the rich dad for the middle class

  17. i be learning more on the internet, than in school

  18. Money CAN be used to get happiness

  19. Give me 5 Million Money and I will be more happy than I am now.

  20. Bro bro I've been telling my broke asfk friends about this video.

  21. Always pay your self first before anything else put that self pay in savings then follow all the other steps

  22. "please do not contribute to my patreon," I was thinking if this was reverse psychology until he said " this is not reverse psychology." lol

  23. Financial free what?
    Free Dom!
    How do you pronounce that werd?

  24. I’d say: Start fix your country. Most people from developed contries probably do not understand whatg you are speaking about. Make education and health care free of charge. Give people money when they are unemployed and you will free financial freedom.

  25. Compound interest calculator😂 how about paying attention in math

  26. sounds like David Ramsy, with the same points from his book!

  27. Money doesn't buy happiness, it buys crazy ass happiness

  28. I really needed this video 😩👍🏽

  29. Romanians own their houses. I bought my house when I got married. I have no debts and I am building a second house. But I am not rich. I don't work for a lot of money. Romanians work abroad and bring the cash home. The couples that rent pay in the big cities even a quarter of their salary. Students live like 4-5 ppl in a house. Financial Freedom in Romania is done by lying and stepping over other one. Honest is a weak stupid strategy. So is hard work :))) This video makes me laugh.

  30. Compound interest calculators aren’t great as they don’t factor in the inflation rate. Many pensions don’t have real returns. They just stop individuals from not saving for retirement

  31. Go an read The financial diet for more tips and articles!

  32. Step 1: NEVER get a loan

  33. The Sage does not hoard , the more he does for others the more he has. The more he thereby gives to others, the evermore he gets . Lao Tzu

  34. Take care of your stuff. Learn how to fix things rather than paying to have them fixed or replaced. Notice when there are problems with your possessions so you can avoid bigger issues. Always keep your valued possessions safe. Being aware of what you have is important to financial decision making.

  35. once i heard on the internet: if you cant afford to buy it twice, you cant afford it. or if it exceeds your monthly salary, you cant afford it.

  36. Just an overglorified regurgitation of Dave Ramsey

  37. money isn't everything when you've got it…

  38. 10% annual return on stocks? That’s pretty optimistic

  39. It is not a guaranteed stocks will keep going up. In fact the opposite is more likley

  40. 0:52 seconds hes typing a bunch of booshit.

  41. Step 1:
    Be born rich

  42. I used to spend 2£ on soda pop every week. That's 104£ per year on pop. The tiniest changes really make the biggest difference.

  43. Great advice and great video quality too

  44. Hmmm * puts 10 000 dollars for 20% interest for 50 years *
    50 years later
    Me: I'M R I C H Y O

  45. This summer I started saving away money and I noticed something peculiar. I saved away a couple hundred a month, which had me itching for the wallet a lot because I wanted to spend it – but then my tax returns came in this August and I got pushed past the $2,000 mark and just like that… I didn't want to spend it anymore. I have debts, pretty big ones that'll take years to pay off, but for the first time in a while I kinda felt like "y'know what, I'll survive". I still want to buy things but I just don't now because I feel like I've got so far into my savings now that it would hurt me more than it would benefit me to use it the savings for fun. So, now, I'm just watching it grow. And as it does I feel a little bit more safe if something bad would happen.

  46. Water heater breaks?? an emergency? LOL. I dont even have one

  47. 1:02 mhmmmmmmmmmm……Norway…. but the weather and all that darkness in winter 🙁

  48. Funciona mal los subtítulos en español

  49. i thought this was common sense

  50. I have a feeling "Dave Ramsey"is going to be knocking on your door any day now looking for his check.

  51. I would add that passive income is something to persue if possible!

  52. These solutions apply to a very limited number of people. If you pay child support, have a student loan and the school was closed and your degree is useless and you still have 100k debt to pay back without said degree with a low paying job because the 8 years you wasted on what you thought would be a smart move just ended all of these options. People aren't realistic with these goals or plans. Its easy if you are single or had the time to get established correctly to follow these rules. But in real life its just a waste of time for many of us. None of these will work and you will work till the day you die. Just a slight rant of reality.

  53. Compound interest is only good if the interest rates are better than inflation. Which at the moment…….???

  54. Investment can fuck you up hard. Really. Fucking. Hard. Do a shit load of research and either invest on your own or with a massive and well known investment corporation. If you invest with a smaller company and they fuck up, your money is pretty much gone


  56. "And now… How to play the clarinet?
    Basically, you blow there and you move your fingers up and down. See? Easy!"

  57. You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club?


  58. If you made $12 you put 7 away and live off the 5 and never ever fuck with your safe

  59. I took loan from the bank for house. 40 000$ – 2.1% – for 25 years. I could give back load right now, but I am sure infliation will be close, what I will overpay for my loan, So I am 50/50% to give it back or not, becouse I can use these money right now. Whats your opinion. (ps. I am from 3rd world country and 40k = 200k in US).

  60. 🤔Hmmmmm, I thought this was a re-cap of how Casey Neistat described Money😩🤦🏻‍♂️

  61. My parents would save up euros or some other currency they couldn't exchange in a matter of minutes. That way, they couldn't waste it on unnecessary stuff.

  62. Kanie West is a sell out, he sold his soul, he will live under the globalist agenda until the end of his days, he is puppet… sad life!!!

  63. Money isn't everything, but everything costs money.

  64. just put ads on the vids its that easy

  65. haha I do not have a car and I take a shower with no shower, I just heat my water in a bucket, so .. joke's on you , emergency fund. Greetings form Mexico,

  66. Like I don't get it, how can u say money doesn't buy happiness???? This phrase comes from the poor people, yes those who barely can't afford anything. With money you do what you want, you go on vacation, you can create new things, you can marry, you can buy the car you love, you can buy and do more stuff..that you love. This brings freedom to you, you don't have to depend on anyone. And many more things… in this shitty world, money is everything. Stop spreading those things "blah blah money doesn't buy happiness..blah". GOD

  67. But I thought that whoever said money can’t solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve ‘em

  68. You also need financial confidence, cause if you are not confident on your finances, then you can kiss the freedom bye bye.

  69. 0:51 how i design my financial planning 📈
    look on the screen what hes tapping

  70. $500 – $700 a month mortgage? Yes please. Where are we moving?

  71. if i tell you the minimum annual salary of a person from Portugal cant pay your "student loan 1" you won't believe it…

  72. this is why i chose not to have kids. . . F*** this bulls*** world !!! How the F*** did we get hoodwinked into buying into the illusion of "money" ?!?

  73. Below steps really helped me to become financially stable.
    1. Eliminate Depts.
    2. Pay yourself first.
    3. Set savings goals.
    4. Try to buy gold coins(especially if you live in India) .
    5. Avoid plastic money use real money .
    6. Go shopping with a list.
    7. Create an emergency fund.

  74. Ukraine & Bulgaria: 183 days rule combined with geo-arbitrage.



  75. Not having money makes you more obsessed with money because you need to pay bills or else. Once you have money you no longer have to obsess over it and can live your life without all of the stress and pain. You will have the time to focus on the family and things that you care about. Money is freedom. That is my life in a nutshell. Yes money is not everything, But man it sure is easier to live a good life with it.

  76. Saving money or set a fund is what the Poor think.

  77. Thank you so much for your videos, simples things that I have never thought about… amazing channel…

  78. plz tell me in which bank you can put 10000 dollars and receive an extra 10 % a year

  79. Thanks for sharing this.

  80. I’ve made approximately $765,000 off my $87,000 Investment within 3months i started investing with Marilyn Su Thuyen.

  81. WTF hapen with americans and his student debts, in spain university cost like 1k a year and i have a work now in a big company.

  82. Fuck that shit. I'd rather have good health than money.

  83. Did you mean index funds? Mutual funds are actively managed and have terrible fees.

  84. 115 dollar phone bill. WTF is this normal in america?

  85. The very first thing to do is to put a gold coin in that frame …

  86. money is so stressful im constantly thinking about it

  87. Decent content, but the title is misleading. Financial independence is the status of having enough income to pay one's living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to be employed or dependant on others. I don't believe you will achieve that with these strategies. There are good ways however to sort and prioritize your finances.

  88. Can you get a join button here on youtube? Maybe you can't have both for legal reasons, im not sure

  89. My biggest fear is that capitalism will be eliminated and we’ll work for time only.

  90. So happy I don't have any debt

  91. How to live without any debt?

    Don't buy things you don't have money for yet.
    Wait until you have the money and then buy them.

  92. Money doesn't make you happy, the way you spend it does

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