Simon Cowell ALL Golden Buzzers – 2017

Simon Cowell ALL Golden Buzzers – 2017

Get back oh [it’s] yummy Get me don’t forget the South lawn [himself] Guys [girls], I don’t know who you are. [I] literally said if we could find stormtroopers who can [dog] Seriously, [I] said that this show is going to go through differently my Dream has come true. Thank you I’m so glad that you were allowed to come onto the show and find it start over I know existing [for] [us] because you were brilliant. You’ve [shown] some light in for this day Well done [Vicki]. [I] just love the fact that tyler with me. I got the [soldiery] is very refreshing and Really happy for you well done no surprise that the real-life darth vader poses for his truth It was brilliant, but I do worry that Simon cowell may have lost his mind [I] Don’t care you know what the dark side taken over See you in the final guys Okay like a small boat on the Ocean and in River And some [low] shine like healthy Can make [a] heart oh? I might only have one I can make an explosion And all those things I didn’t say wrecking Balls [9]. Oh boy house Criminal of tonight can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song take back my eyes my God I’ll play And I’m sorry care nominee like a small boat on the Ocean and bigger into motion like [helping] [to] make hard. Oh, I only have one But I can make an explosion you you know You have gone through an obstacle far greater than anybody much older than you could even imagine Going through and then you come to this point And you make choices and you made the choice of singing that song and [that’s] your fight song yeah And it was so heartfelt and so inspirational. [I] just want to say thank you. Thank you so much It was amazing your tone Duluth the way that you fell off the [note] was just on Point couldn’t have gone any better for you. I don’t think You have a beautiful voice, and I can’t believe that you’re only 16 years old. I mean, it’s Incredible well done. Thank you I love everything about you so much you Just you know what I? Just had this feeling when you walked I can’t explain it just your spirit the choice of song your voice I Think you’re really special I’ve just got this really incredible feeling about you. Thank you. I really do that means so much coming here a Lot coming from fire. I think everyone in this room felt there, and I think that look you were nervous. I could hear that But you know get past this stage. I predict great things are going to happen for you. There’s something about you Sorry, I’ve got to do this and [well] okay to go by 30 here with No, baby. Go to stuff that separately you’ve got Bill even ethical truly start okay Yeah oh Wow, ah oh? Wow oh oh oh ah oh Yeah, oh oh ah he is go Oh, wow [look] Somebody said you’ve got a new friend. Does she love you better than I can? This is a big black sky over my town. I know where you at, I bet she’s around. Stilettos and broken bottles. I’m spinning around in circles. And I’m in the corner watching you kiss her And I’m right over here. Why can’t you see me? I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home. I keep dancing on my own. So far away, but still so near the life come on music dies But you don’t see me [again] here, I just came to say goodbye I’m in the corner watching you kiss I Get home I keep dancing on my own Far away Still live the life whom the music dies But you don’t see me standing in oh I oh Callum you can see [lee] [sucks] [us] all in it was so special and after what happened with your sisters I’m so happy for your family well done Simon fantastic choice and congratulations from You do have the most extraordinary voice you sound like you’re already there You know I cut I can’t see how it could be any better And I know it was tricky because your sister Didn’t get through and brilliantly is right by your side and sharing in [my] own time And you know this is your moment. You absolutely shawn thank you. It was the other one. Thank you so much Oh great. You know I’m no excellent thinking, but you know in someone’s taking you on an emotional journey You’ve got a real talent for interpreting lyrics and I think you’ve got a real recording voice as well. Thank you so much Silence I never ever in all the years. I’ve done this show heard a guy with the talent you’ve got and the version was Sensational and that shows to me that [is] you’re more than a thinner you’re an asset. Yeah, and that’s why you’ve got I think happened right after the real thing sir Unbelievable voice oh No, you were young Please help me. Yeah, I feel so alone. I’m just a kid. How can I think it a? Person when you see here right in this home. You wanna fit in Madhu I’ve been wrong I wake up every day Don’t want to leave a hole my mother then give me scrap always alone to get the sake Get the harlem a womanís to swell where my power I’m just looking at what one looks when one of the bed while I still mess the nature call me They go real bad. I want to tell my [mom] if you haven’t worked with my dad I feel so threatened. So what’s inside? You want to fire one avoid so pleases the pony don’t what a grungy you know ahead. Look dad. I’m leaving oh Yes, I am hopeful for two days. It’s new [please] [oh] And he’ll make away [I] know But that’s [ok] Jimmy. Well I? Didn’t say yes before but never has to pray [I] ain’t got no money you take our head when they give it to you a suit or a bag of people skating [and] you Shout me down you pick me punch me throw me to the ground when I acted yo, whatever then you hit me again I make one of my mom Yes, I am hopeful for today sixes you sing it out But it make you look like a bee wolf oh, oh And he’ll make away. [I] know where they need paper That’s [ok] [goofy]. [oh], Halloween oh, I Live in Quebec. Yo, Mr.. Cooley. Help me swing Doing me [oh] Yes, I helped for two days They give music and you see or they take you away every hope for Cool, and he’ll make him wait. I know I ain’t easy, but that’s okay oh [ah] Thank you, everyone’s day long Seems I we hardly need to Critique you [enter] well, but [let’s] have summer comment, [Amanda] I’m just so happy for you your voice is beautiful We always exist The minute you slide that first they actually saw tears my iron It was really really move it [new] show ever look you [only] rap and [rock] yes. I don’t [know] what all that To young kids like you stuff to come out and I’m saying about something that really affects you do it in a star That’s completely yours is a really rare thing That’s why you’ve got that Golden buzzer today Well, you know what I’ve heard the sermon monstrous songs today And I just was literally losing the will to live [you] [know] what I? Listen to Every Word This stuff happened in your life. [I] got bullied with when I was young notable. Yes, no solo No, yes, I think that brat could be here. I really do I really really like Oh, show me a dog

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