Sigma Technical discuss growing a business in Exeter

My name’s Mike Badley, I’m an engineer I run Sigma Technical and Luminous Show Technology. My background is in movie special effects. I’ve spent the last 15 years working on blockbuster movies. So, we got in touch with SETsquared and were introduced to Joe Pearce. We met with Joe for a coffee and he ran us through all the services that we can access. SETsquared introduced us to Spacetech. Sigma Technical went in with open eyes hoping to learn something from Spacetech. We came away with a great plan and a lot more confidence in what we are doing. Through Spacetech we got £5,000 of grant funding to evolve our concept and our product and following on from that we were able to access £250,000 worth of grant funding from Innovate UK. The robotics project we’ve been working on is designed to measure athletic performance. We’ve also been awarded a seal of excellence from Horizon 2020. We have a mentor called Stephen Moore, he’s an experienced entrepreneur. It’s really useful to have somebody with that kind of level of experience that you can access. Following the grant funding, we were able to take on a couple of employees and since then we’ve developed Luminous which is now doing very well and we’re now up to seven employees. We’re located at the Exeter Science Park, it’s a great facility to have access to it’s got meeting rooms, all sorts of different sizes of offices, so your company can grow without having to move. Whilst Sigma Technical has been developing its robotics hardware several opportunities have come along for us to exploit which SETsqaured have been instrumental in helping us with. We’ve created a spin-out company called Luminous. Luminous now sells special effects hardware worldwide.

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