Showtime: Saweetie Takes On Her Biggest Performance Yet – Part 2 | Hip Hop Awards ’19

Showtime: Saweetie Takes On Her Biggest Performance Yet – Part 2 | Hip Hop Awards ’19

Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, you know what stronger performer? I’m really trying to tap into this dance world these dancers be going off… …together put some respect on these dancers names because these moves is… …not easy real for real. Saweetie’s cousin Ray-Ray passed away recently. So she said she wanted to do a tribute to him. So I had an airbrusher take a picture that she sent me and airbrushed it And you know, this is her famous saying “Dat’s Right” What’s up, y’all! I’m Bryan Javar and I am Saweetie’s stylist and I am styling her… …for the BET Hip Hop Awards for the red carpet and her performance. We wanted something that was like sexy but not overly sexy but didn’t show … …necessarily too much skin So in my mind, I thought of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” video like the baseball theme and then like 90’s Fly Girls So we’re cycling on Lemon drama-free. I wouldn’t say I’m nervous. I’m excited. It’s like I rehearse too much to be nervous. We’ve rehearsed over maybe like 60 hours, but it’s…well at least I have. I started Rehearsals way before my dancers so it’s just like I feel like, you know,… …it’s natural to be nervous. But when you’re over prepared, you can’t be nervous. She got all of this from the ground up no handouts at all. So I just feel like it’s time for people to start giving her the respect… …that she deserves really work your behind off and to be prepared for this moment, and we… …know you’re prepared and you’re ready and you deserve it. You deserve some going to let CEO open up the bottle. Saweetie’s prepared like she’s a professional. She’s going to slay it. I’m going to bring all his energy on stage because he was so young and full of life about 10 minutes to this point. Hey girl. Thank you Grandma, I love you We are at the BET Awards guys hip-hop to be Sweetie is presenting where to help everyone that is on her teams for us… …to grow and keep pushing the envelope. Let her kill this red carpet that this be one of the moments that continue … …to push. Thank you Lord for this Glam team. Thank you Lord for management. And thank you Lord for this Union for us and continue to push together… …Thrive together in be one great team in Jesus name I pray Someone who’s definitely everybody’s type give it up for Saweetie

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  1. 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩

  2. I love saweetie, She's talented and beautiful!



  4. Love how her and her Team prayed before going on stage. So classy so pertty. So homble

  5. I demand a new CEO for bet…this one is 2 much of a feminist…honoring lil kim as an icon was a joke

  6. She pretty but that performance was bad

  7. 😩 what do people see in her …..

  8. It was the WEAKEST PERFORMANCE of the night

  9. love the energy ladies stay strong stay focus and stay beautiful

  10. Saweet baby jesus her performance was horrible

  11. What a cutie pie πŸ₯°

  12. I remember when she was selling money making mamies merch 😭 she can only grow

  13. her performance was trash

  14. No shade but the performance made me tired. Not enough singing/rapping a lot dancing. Practice makes perfect!!

  15. Proud of you Saweetie and thank you BET for showing who this young lady truly is a True Star that keeps rising and growing!She definitely will be a business Mogul also.πŸ’–

  16. This motivated me to push for my own dreams even though I don't aspire to sing

  17. Her performance sucked sorry but real!!!

  18. Lol its crazy if her n her man making money like that on hair should be on point n i think shes trash

  19. I LOVE Saweetie but that performance was not it. They should change up her style. That middle school dance recital was kinda lame. I still love her though, I just want her to win so badly.

  20. She went hard and I still saw nothing but negative comments on the main performance video.

  21. This girl is talented ! and will get better people stay hating, I’m rooting for her !

  22. She gonna be a big star for sure 😎

  23. That's why practice makes perfect…..

  24. Something is missing. I don’t know what but she has the looks, the style but something isn’t clicking. The vibe in her icy was soo cold but I don’t know what going wrong. I want her to do well regardless but she is very forgettable and just meh. With time hopefully she will grow

  25. She’s so pretty til she’s boring. No personality. Too busy tryna be β€œhood cute”

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