Should I Learn InDesign or Illustrator?

Should I Learn InDesign or Illustrator?

Should I learn InDesign or Illustrator? Both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign can create
PDFs and single page flyers. Let’s say I want to get into desktop publishing
or newsletters. InDesign is great for multi-page projects.
Adobe Illustrator takes a lot of work to make multi-page designs. What else can I do with InDesign? And you can make templates with it, which
makes it perfect for formal document templates like company approved stationary or business
cards. What should I do if I don’t want to be known
for killer print business cards in a digital age? While the web is a major marketing force,
brochures, business cards and flyers are still in full effect. I would guess that from the number of flyers
left on my car window and front door. Adobe Illustrator is considered the best of
the Adobe tools if you need to make a logo. I’m not going to learn a software application
to make logos. Adobe Illustrator can link to other programs
without having to import their images and convert them to pixels. I suppose that’s useful if I’m linking
to other documents or websites. What about web design? Indesign is useless for web design unless
you create interactive PDFs. What about Illustrator? Learning either Adobe tool isn’t enough
to get into web design. You still need to know HTML, CSS and probably JavaScript. So Dreamweaver is what I’d use for web design
work. What would I use for image manipulation? InDesign has limited image manipulation capabilities.
Adobe Illustrator handles vector images seamlessly. InDesign can’t do much for illustration. Whereas Photoshop is the standard for making
funny photos. Photoshop does not do type oriented layouts.
And you spend a lot of time creating layers for each element. In summary, InDesign is not as useful as Illustrator.
You’d be better off learning Photoshop or Dreamwever in addition to Illustrator than

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  4. I still can't decide what program should i learn to create attractive web posts.

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