I’m Mason noise I’m 22 and I’m from
Birmingham what I did in the first performance a lot of people had never
seen that before I proved myself and I’ve set a precedent when it comes to
this performance I’m gonna do it yet again and I bring something known as sin
before this is made some noise this is a Mason Lewis concert to show the world
that this is what’s coming rather than to please the judges as long as I do
what I do then is gonna blow people’s minds six chair challenge nothing
couldn’t be more ready for it I’m very well thank you and can you
introduce yourselves please my name is Mason noise so I need you to
make some noise Thank You Mason how did you think your first audition went
that’s Rita oh you’re feeling it I’m Mason what are you gonna perform for us
now because as you can see six yeah full chairs there so how have you come
prepared for this you’ll see okay good listen oh yeah Oh sugar you sexy we do
to baby with the beat back total write-off that’s time to say I was going to say
you know what I invite you all to film this I put up your phones being an afro
5000 people are now listen may search Mason just one second
what gives you the right to say that listen I know you’re talking to me not
them okay I’ll go for a straight with the first audition I watched on Saturday
people had ten minute sluts and I went to 47 seconds may Sabino are you are
five seconds away from getting thrown off this stage a problem then just go I
got a problem criticize these guys listen um Mason you
should have been doing I’m doing this for you I’m good mr. entertainment there
I’m doing this for art and say you are big she’s real don’t tell me how long you should have
on this show Salem longer should have a Michonne I’m bringing up why don’t you
shut down it’s not invasive why did she say my back bro
this is like I’m bringing Emma Taylor shut it go why don’t you first of all apologize to
these guys over there who spent hours editing your tape and come on and insult
my show and install these producers oh why should I let it go a wasted life all of the same was they took my first
performance – 47 seconds my quest before while the best for
losers I might be disappointed they gave because I think he’s talented he would
have had a chat we would have had a chat hello hello Simon
hi what’s your name Sean Armenta okay how would you show him I turned 50 okay
I want something you gonna do my own song called candy girl how the girls
that you might meet in your local bar anywhere else that is really
good-looking then they’re you’re sweet can your over here let me watch yummy buns
walking left right you’re a bad girl it right Thank You Austin short I’m gonna be old
because you put a lot of effort into this but you’re like a mouse trying to
be an elephant I know do your odds doing it it’s got
nothing to do with your a or maybe it has but it’s just it’s just wrong no you
know I worked way too friggin hard for this and I’m ever really I’m not a bad
singer I know I’m not because I’ve been writing songs for too long and too many
people copying them a lot of people work really really hard for their dreams but
it’s not meant for everybody that’s why you use autotune and I don’t I’ve made
sure that I’ve warmed up my body I’ve done quite a bit of meditation who can
handle a lot of different styles and pull them off when I walked in the room
I’m going to go in there and own the space
I absolutely believe that I can make it as a professional performer and as night
falls to find out Ariel can impress the judges
you two are routines extraordinary good luck hi let’s sort this out I am NOT a
number I’m a human being that’s okay my name is Ariel I’m a holistic vocal
coach I’m a generalist not specialist a generalist but most there’s a lot of
things so I was a little bit confused as to what sinkage little something all
right right okay you’re not a number you’re a
person you’re a tell me what you are again a holistic vocal coach what does
that mean I’m a vocal coach I work holistically give me an example I take
into account people’s body he pulls emotions yeah people’s thoughts
and people’s energy and who he taught who’s been successful well Matt took
from Bullet For My Valentine right and I obviously believe that you think you can
win this yeah of course yeah could you send on the X please interview is there
a problem with that no there’s not a problem with that but can I get a listen
you please yes I mean area you do whatever you want John sat on Florida highs or if you
wanna found the flower I got the super sexy sweet thing that you just can’t
know huh you want to hear some you’ll want to hear me ha that was a complete and utter nightmare the idea behind it was that you get to
understand that every line is a different style okay all right if you
want me to sing you something else I’ve I don’t you know if I came to you for
holistic vocally I don’t be scared of you you’re actually really quite scary
by the way you walked over to me I thought we were gonna have a scrap
you’ve obviously never been a rock singer love
no no errantly was a nightmare I don’t care what you were trying to do it was
just horrific the song was atrocious everything even even the hair so the
piece that I have just performed to you it wasn’t a piece is an academic
construction it is not a song no it wasn’t it is something to show you what
my voice can do we didn’t like it if you didn’t I wasn’t something to be liked it
was something to be understood from an academic perspective were they obviously
you’re not an academic no and you’re not a very good singer yeah we are proud
what I shall say goodbye to you good by – lets cut before advise you that you might want to anyway yes one that the x-factor because
I sing right produce and play I started singing in elementary school
and then I was classically trained on piano and progressed to synthesizer
programing me now but yeah and win this competition I’m willing to
do other tapes hi Wow
what is your name geo godly Geo I take it you love to sing yeah yeah I’m
classically trained piano and stuff and then started writing in my 20s
hi Gio what are you gonna say to him that I wrote and it’s just a feel-good
song I’ll best of luck thank you missus I must plug with the button and I’m
gonna pick you up such a hunk come on too much is just enough how I get around
the town not a dud I don’t ask for much we can do Bill
Clinton stuff lil dude don’t be a prude Oh in the boat on the street all the people
led to me it’s never too soon to be a bug of others are not I’m stunned uh-oh looks like I’m in
trouble where is Paula going that’s it keep going to the right what the bloody hell was that I got I’ve
got slow songs to gentle fellas but you know cheer I came here and I put five
million dollars on the line here and and in fact appears I don’t know what you’re
thinking genuine me I have other songs too but okay okay so listen that was offensive
disgusting distasteful upsetting get him out of the building
dude ya GOI Mohammed eyes I’m gonna have to say no geo the same nose so that’s
the last we’re gonna save you I think

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