ShipCompliant MarketPlace : How to Sell Wine Through Marketers

ShipCompliant MarketPlace : How to Sell Wine Through Marketers

So, your direct sales are humming along
nicely . . . . . . but you want to expand your customer
base and attract more repeat sales. All these new online marketers look exciting, but you want to choose the right partner. You have so many questions like, how does
it all work and who is easiest to work with? How and when do I get paid? Can I control the retail price and
product placement? And what about credit card processing,
contracts, and fees? Most importantly, is this legal and is my license at risk? The questions keep piling up until you
get so frustrated that you say, “Enough! It’s not worth the hassle!” Well not so fast. Introducing ShipCompliant MarketPlace MarketPlace is a simple, compliant, and free
tool for wineries to help connect them with marketers. We ensure that each marketer establishes
a compliant workflow, so you can put your brand in front of a galaxy of new
customers without the worry. Use MarketPlace to learn about and
explore new opportunities. See all important details right up front,
and easily begin new relationships. To help spark the conversation, you can
set up a custom profile, visible only to marketers. This is your billboard to feature your
best-sellers and gab about recent awards. When you’re ready to begin a sale, simply
select a product to offer and include essential details. Share your product with one or more
marketers, so they can see your product in their own account. Last but not least, allocate inventory, define what
you would like each bottle to sell for, and how much you would like to make. They put your product’s details on their
website and Viola! Orders are checked for compliance against your own license and charged
sales tax according to your set preferences. Plus, you can approve or reject each order request
in your account or in a daily email. When the order ships, we safely and securely
capture and disburse funds on your behalf, so you get paid with all the control and none
of the hassle. Marketplace sales data seamlessly integrates
into your existing ShipCompliant account for easy reporting and no
process adjustments. Start using MarketPlace today to easily work
with online wine marketers. Before you know it, you’ll have tons of new repeat
customers begging for more! Ship Compliant MarketPlace
Compliantly Connecting Wine Supply With Demand

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  1. is the most elegant DTC solution. But, it's pretty exclusive and focusing just in Paso Robles…for now.

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