Sexy Magician Tries to Kiss Mel B Using His Tricks!

Sexy Magician Tries to Kiss Mel B Using His Tricks!

to my entire life so far well good luck enjoy yourself thank you Mel B would you come up on join me on stage is that cool come on you can join me hi hi we’re gonna try something right we’re gonna use cards okay playing cards I’m just gonna show you a card right this is your card Ace of Hearts and you guys can all see I have a pen I just want you to sign your name across the face of the card now hold it for you so you have a surface to write on it’s a big signature right across that yep excellent I thought come on so it’s good so we’re gonna take this card from here that you just signed and I’m gonna fold it up into quarters and I’ll be I’m asking to do something kind of strange with this card okay but I need you to trust it you’re gonna take this card don’t worry I’m not gonna buy yarn and you’re just gonna take this card you’re gonna write down like this and your teeth you just leave it there okay somebody thought just keep it that perfect I’m gonna take a card for space gonna take the fourth spits I’m gonna do the same thing with the fourth I’m gonna take the pen and I’m gonna sign my name on the fort and I’ll show you guys once I’m done they didn’t cap that for me you guys can all see the card yeah doesn’t come out yep oculus i’ma do the same thing they’ll be I’m gonna take the four speeds and I’m gonna fold it up and I’m gonna bite down on it in my mouth yeah [Music] hopefully if I did this right one card the Cardinal [Applause] now would you say that that was like almost our first kiss would you say like we almost kissed that I came pretty close I want you to think about your first kiss I want you to picture their initials and you’re just it’s okay I want you to imagine I’m your first kiss I’m that person you’re gonna take your fist since you don’t like that person and you’re gonna punch me right now hurt right you’re gonna give me a good punch right to the chest yeah squared and punch me how’d you Kim left an indelible mark on you that first kiss right and it wasn’t that good you just left an indelible mark on me when you just punched me I did and you were thinking about this person right yeah I want you to save their initials okay might be a little bit [Applause] [Music] really good about this performance I really enjoyed it thank you I mean so many people here I’m television shaken you were very nervous right I mean I’m on America’s Got Talent I’m in front of all of America but it’s what I love to do so yeah Howard I think that was a really excellent trip we’ve never seen anything like that before on the show and I’ve been here a couple of years now thank you really good trick really good I loved it I think it was the highest excellence as far as magic goes and your personality you’ve got a lot of humility and you’re humble and likeable and people want to like you thank you well I was standing right there and I didn’t see any switcheroo of anything I mean that blew my mind a little bit yes thank you hi yes yes I want to see you will get [Music] [Applause] [Music] feels like a dream like this is everything to me and all I have been doing this since I was a little kid this is all I’ve ever wanted to do and it just feels like a dream I love it while your dreams are coming true [Applause] it’s just like a dream like I’ve literally jumped about this this moment you know and now it’s happening it’s like I I just put it in my mind and I went I did it and that came true [Music]

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  1. 1:40 and 2:22 his signatures are different, right?

  2. That’s why it’s SM beacause it’s

  3. It’s good to be Eddie Murphy

  4. Does this remind anyone of that one move where the two dogs kiss eating the same spaghetti noodle?

    Just me? ok.


  6. I didnt see where he tried to kiss her. I must've blinked or something

  7. what an amazing magic show

  8. six pack under there 😅 Ah these woman 😁

  9. Kisi ko sikhni h ye trick????😎😎😎

  10. He’s not that hot tbh 😂😏

  11. That's my inishals

  12. ang harot ni Mhel B

  13. the signiture of the guy its different when its on melbie's mouth

  14. He is sooooooo Handsome……yummy….

  15. Why he so handsome 😐😐😐 my god! 😅

  16. WOW!! U have to use the word SEXY!! When u see the word u know something is going to happen

  17. What is his name

  18. Cool one please more

  19. There's nothing about kissing

  20. The card trick is so easy to explain. But the "SM" initial can anyone get the trick?

  21. Did anybody else go to the comment section to see if he actually tried to kiss her ?


  23. Big man crying 😭

  24. He should of kissed her with the tounge


  26. Nothing tricky here. The guy had these cards already with these signs, and he simply switched them

  27. He should have picked heidi instead of mel b

  28. Este tipo es hermoso!😍😍

  29. Nice trick🔥👏
    Greeting from Indonesia Youtuber😋

  30. He's liable to catch something off the skank.

  31. 👍👍👍👌

  32. How. What..
    Jajajaja. Hahhah..

  33. Boy, that was a very good act. Nothing too spectacular, but you made it very funny with the whole "almost a kiss" bit.
    Now as far as the trick goes, that was the classic card swap trick, there are many ways to do it, and let's just say you had to pick one… but instead you picked two. I'm talking a bit in code here I hope I'm not giving anything away.
    But now the real question: how did the initials appear on your chest! Now, we do have a guess, and that is that while Mel B was obviously not a stooge, you didn't just pick a person at random from the audience for a reason… that reason being that she's a vip. So you basically could have done prior research and known what her answer was going to be. That sounds risky, since she could have said something random, but still, that's our guess. So is that right, or did you fool us?

  34. same trick with shin lim in AGT Champions

  35. She didn't hit him on the initials spot even though he pointed her to.

  36. Simon expression said it all… Hilarious!!!

  37. If you want, i can explain it

  38. Tên nghiệp dư

  39. Man i think he is built

  40. I think the sm.she thought of was! sexy magician .who esle think that?

  41. Who would want to kiss mel??????

  42. This is magic that u can’t question

  43. 🚣🚤🚼🛅🛃🐐🐗🐏🐗🐏🐗🔊🎵🎸🕭🎧🎸🎧🎷🎤📯

  44. 1:40 2:22 chutiya banate hai ye log.
    Dono timing mai sign alag alag hai.
    Six paks wala sexy aadmi..

  45. 3:23 OMG Shawn Mendes lol

  46. Why would the caption that he tried to kiss her and he didn’t

  47. Ooh! Wow sm.. Super magician

  48. They should be a couple

  49. This is not scripted guys

  50. 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏😘😘

  51. My brother done this trick

  52. Meh all scripted

  53. Now it's time to read comments after watching this humble video

  54. Interesting how society works these days , Mel B grabs his muscles touches his abs and explains has has a 6 pack, every one thinks its hilarious and cute and exceptable, however imagine him going , wow your hot and then grabbing her stomach etc , he would be done for sexual harassment, chauvinism the lot, so much for equality in the world

  55. I wanna get married with that handsome man ..oh i love you my husband

  56. V.Nice🌷🌹🙏🙏🌹🌷

  57. Supposed to be a secret

  58. 2:00 She wanted a kiss.

  59. He'$ a detective..
    Or a $talker

  60. This was such an easy Trick like, were you really surprised?

  61. Mel b literally harrassed by touching

  62. so this is what captain america is doing after the avengers split up

  63. I’ve never seen such a buff man cry before 🤯


  65. these are just tricks…

  66. That young man is SUPERMAN to me.

  67. Yep, staged performance, que the emotional music, cry actor. Yeah…

  68. i love it how he says punch me in the heart and he punches the right side of his chest like come on its on the left side lmao 😂😂😂😂

  69. I so know how this was done. Being into magic not much gets past me.

  70. I think am in love

  71. Fake ass B S by a wanna be YouTuber !! Get a real job Bitch !

  72. He obviously switched the card when he turned it over and put it on top of the deck.

  73. At the starting, the top card was another 4 of spades signed by him, followed by Ace of hearts and another 4 of spades which he signed during the performance and he did some double lifts

  74. You are very good boy.. Why you cry ??

  75. Mel B would have kissed him regardless.

  76. Mel B punched him at a lower level than where the initials were.

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