Seth MacFarlane performs his Family Guy voices | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Seth MacFarlane performs his Family Guy voices | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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  1. He is so talented

  2. it's not seth, it's bryan

  3. Azzerz wants to know ur location

  4. Came from the "This Plane's Going To Miami" video lol ❤ love Seth and the voices

  5. We have to protect this man!

  6. I can see why tom believes in Scientology

  7. Do me 😂😂😂

  8. It's just Brian bragging again

  9. Seth MacFarlane is a God damn national treasure

  10. Omg why does he sound so much like Brian?!

  11. I cannot hear this without thinkin of brian😭!!

  12. Charlize Theron Giggity awh right

  13. Tom Cruise's Donald Duck interpretation sounded more like Gollum sneezing

  14. how on earth people find family guy funny I’ll never fucking know worst tv show ever made

  15. Sandy Hook is a hoax…..change my mind

  16. Seth has a face you just want to punch

  17. Seth should do more voice acting in other shows, his voice acting is fantastic.

  18. I have one question for Seth, where does Quagmire buy his furniture?

  19. He doesn't just sound like Brian, his personality is literally Brian.

  20. This was really funny. The interactions between them all is just hilarious.

  21. 5:15 “I don’t know what that means, Graham..”

  22. He’s like a human crow

  23. I can do a Stewie impression, not perfectly like Seth but in the same rhythm and near tone. And I can do a creepy pirate impression for the 'Taken' film phone call (tried doing a Batman impression but couldn't get there).😄

  24. Seth makes the rest of those people look like amateurs

  25. What a shame,,,I used to really like him until he got TDS

  26. I love Graham’s reactions when Seth does an impression especially stewie. He looks like a giddy child it’s adorable

  27. His real speaking voice sounds like Brian 😂

  28. I honestly didn't know until just now how many voices Seth did for the shows.

  29. Seth is a god 👊👍

  30. I wonder what Tom cruise think of tiny Tom cruise 😂

  31. Who's better Seth Mcfarlane or Mark Hamill

  32. Tom cruise :
    Like- a horrible self-indulged moron in a mid-life crisis who forced 3 wives to do things they didn’t want to do

    Reply – made one bad decision and is stuck with a crazy religion , nice guy and constantly puts himself in danger for the the art he loves

  33. Am i the only one who felt like seth looked annoyed or sad after he does his voices? I imagine they would be annoying to do all the time. Btw He's adorable 😁❤

  34. Seth MacFarlane is my Jesus

  35. The red background is nauseating.

  36. I remember this 😉

  37. Hahaha what a segment I love this show! 😂😂

  38. 4:30 perfect time for Seth to say Giggity… My Disappointment Is Immeasurable

  39. Seth studders alot at the start

  40. It's Brian doing Seth MacFarlane what else is new?

  41. Tom seems to be genuinely impressed by Seth. He should totally watch Family Guy S14E02.

  42. Emily Blunt is so sexy!

  43. I think quagmire is the happiest person of Family guy 🙂

  44. Weird boy Tommy Tomboy is at it again

  45. Seth MacFarlane is a genius!

  46. Still working on the novel….mmmmm?

  47. Is this the GREATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO?!

  48. He´s a talent. For sure.

  49. This is like the one of the most charming couches I've seen and there's been a couple on Graham Norton

  50. So his regular voice is Brian’s voice

  51. It's a shame that a great comedy mind like Seth's has such a filthy mouth to communicate with.

  52. The Wiesel face probably related to jimmy Kimmel and fallon… croked eyes family

  53. I wonder if Tom Cruise is even aware of his Family Guy scenes….

  54. Cant even get my eyes off Charlize… woman doesnt age…

  55. I mean Seth was great but then Tom did the Donald Duck voice !!!

  56. Just made my day 😁😂
    'Cool whip '

  57. This guy is amazing and so talented he is doing so many voices without getting confuse he is great

  58. He normally sounds like Brian griffin lol

  59. Was there someone else than Charlize Theron in this clip?

  60. Tom Cruise slurped every part of his shit interview.

  61. He’s just brian

  62. imagined kidnapper sounds like Kermit the frog, you can't possibly take him seriously..still funny as hell. Good job SM.

  63. Tom cruise is having the time of his fucking life

  64. 😂😂 I freaking love Seth

  65. In real life he sounds more like Brian

  66. Seth's not drinking water

  67. I can do some of the characters voices aswell

  68. My favourite character is quagmire (as u can see by my username)

  69. Seth MacFarlane is just destined to be famous with his skill set. Hats off

  70. He sounds the most like Brian Griffin.

  71. Poor John Krasinski

  72. This man is a genius!

  73. Oh God, I love Seth.

  74. Oh my god you guys!!! I was just watch one of the tiny tom cruise family guy clips where brain traps him in a box…and this next video in watching I realise he's sitting on the sofa…no one escapes from tiny tom cruise!!

  75. Tom and seth on the same couch…it's like a dream…and l don't mean that in a gay way. But it's really cool.

  76. The presentor is a idiot,and gay

  77. I cant keep my eyes off of Charlize theron

  78. He does stewie peter and carter and other kinds and i think he does dr hartmen

  79. I would totally beat Liam Neeson.

  80. his real voice sounds more like brian

  81. I don’t care about what people say… I love “Family Guy”!!

  82. Anyone else notice Tom cruise ?

  83. There's the most famous guy and then there's the most talented one.

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