Session 1, Part 1: Introduction and Overview of Business Plans

Session 1, Part 1: Introduction and Overview of Business Plans

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  5. Great formula H=R/E. I never thought of the formula that way before.

  6. 0:00 Intro & Background
    5:25 Actual content starts

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  8. 10:40 — What does the prof mean here? Won't mention company names to "protect" the companies?

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  10. Attention:

    My name is Smith Peters, I work as a business/financial consultant here in London. am connecting with a private investor/direct lenders from Africa trying to expand international portfolio globally, and they are available to lend/fund a reliable project after receiving and studying business plan of that project.

    My investors would be happy to work with any person, entity with a reputable company or any organization with a project and very eloquent about his project. These projects may either be oil and gas, Aviation, real estate, mining, farming, resort and transport. This also include funds and organization. etc

    My investor can fund your organization or finance your project 100% and this can be inform of contribution in cash or according to your wishes for your project anywhere in the world, especially in, Turkey, U.A.E. Saudi Arabia Germany, India, US, Australia, Canada, China, India. etc.

    In case my investor may want to be shareholder or partner in the whole project, but he will finance the project to or funding your organization 100% completion, so you would be mandated to monitor and manage the entire project.

    My investor has the capacity that can support any size of project. Having gone through you profile, your website and your post I will be willing to introduce any one of them to you but I still want you to tell me more about what other things that your company does and what you have on the ground at the moment. Reply To This Email :[email protected]


    Smith Peters

  11. This is 1940's-level teaching.

  12. This guy is fire teaching this course !

  13. Great content, thanks guys. please continue this, i cant wait to have the full course

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  15. Thank you for making this course available online, greetings from Port Said, Egypt.

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