Seneversity Training πŸŽ“ Unit 4: How to Save Money on Business Supplies (SeneGence Business)

Seneversity Training πŸŽ“ Unit 4: How to Save Money on Business Supplies (SeneGence Business)

hello to my fellow boss babes welcome to
my channel I want to share with you how I save money on business supplies
because you all know how expensive it can start to get as you have your own
business you’re running your own network marketing company and the expenses can
keep piling up right and so if we can save some money that’s what I’m gonna
teach you today so keep on watching the video so you can see more so hello
welcome to my channel if you’re new here welcome my name is Senna Saleh and I am
a citizens distributor and I have a huge passion for helping women succeed in
their businesses and I love to share my little tips and tricks and trainings on
how I became successful in my business so if you’re new here be sure to click
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a new video because I have a ton of trainings coming up especially if you’re
a sin agents distributor you don’t want to miss them ok so for starters this
video is obviously going to be catered towards sin against distributors and
women that are selling lip scents and sin engines products make sense all that
kind of stuff so I’m speaking from my own experience and this is basically how
what I have done from the very beginning of my business to help save a lot of
money so when I talk about business expenses I’m talking about like business
supplies and thank you cards and instruction cards and tips and tricks’
cards bubble mailers mascara wands disposable applicators like basically
anything that you need for your business like kind of up front all those little
kind of supplies and things that can add up this is what I do to save money on
those items ok so step number one you need to download the app called Ebates
EBA tes ok you can also just go on your laptop and go on your computer or even
just in your browser in your phone and just type in Ebates CA or Ebates com if
you’re in the States I’m in Canada so I’m gonna be speaking towards the
Canadian version of it so basically what you’re gonna do is you’re going to sign
up and all they ask for is your email your
first and last name I think your date of birth and your contact information and
you make a password and that is it that is how you start making money there’s no
like they don’t take any credit card information from you nothing basically
what this website is is it’s a cashback website so I have been signed up for oh
gosh it’s been a number of years since I have
been signed up you can save money on there for so many different companies I
never shop online unless I go through Ebates now so basically what it is is
it’s a special app or a browser that you need to click on first and then you go
through Ebates to go on to the website that you want to purchase something so
they have everything they have like Expedia they have Old Navy they have
Sephora they have what I like to use a lot is Amazon and Vistaprint for my
businesses they have you know flight hub and the bay and literally like any
website that you shop online for it’s probably going to be already on eBay so
it fluctuates every single day each company it kind of offers a
different cashback so you need to kind of keep your eye out for like the best
cashback deals but like around Boxing Day and Black Friday they have huge cash
back rewards sometimes it’s like 3% 1% sometimes like 8% or 10% it’s insane so
basically the way that it works is you shop through Ebates and then after three
months they count all of your transactions so like let’s say you go on
vistaprint and you purchase X amount of business cards and business supplies or
even on Amazon if you purchase bubble mailers or disposable ones or whatever
and let’s say your total comes to $100 and their cash back was you know 1% you
would get 1% cash back on the on the $100 that you spent or if the cash back
is 3% you’ll get 3% cash back on the $100 that
you spend so over the 3 months it just adds up the total and they literally
send you a check in the mail there is like it’s a hundred percent legitimate
guys I have been doing it for many years and I went in my app and I can even show
you I’ll pull it up right here I shows that I’ve had $1,000 cash back for
the lifetime ever since I have been signed up so this is like totally legit
if you can save any dollar then seriously go for it
so use it every single time you order please don’t shop on any of the business
websites unless you go through Ebates you can save so much money and the neat
thing about Ebates and I’m going to show you kind of like a clip of me going
through the app right now the cool thing about it is it tells you current promo
codes as well so if you’re going on Vistaprint and you are ordering business
cards it’ll tell you what promo codes are active right now and Vistaprint like
pretty much all year round they always have some kind of promo codes sometimes
it’s on just business cards sometimes it’s a marketing material sometimes it’s
like save 20% 30% whatever and it’ll tell you which coupon codes are
available and you know coupon codes that you can apply towards your order so I
absolutely love Ebates I can totally vouch for it being a huge
part in me saving some money when I and ordering business supplies like I always
go through it when I’m printing things through staples I always go through it
when I’m purchasing you know bubble mailers or envelopes or padded envelopes
or organza bags and lip applicators and mascara wands and like little prizes
that I buy or brush sets anything like anything to do with your business you
can do it through Ebates and the neat thing about it is if you use my referral
code and I will put it below then obviously it’ll make me really happy I
mean like hopefully this video helps you out right so hopefully you use my
referral code but if you going forward that referral code to a teammate or to a
friend or whoever once you refer to people you get $35
back in cash like straight up on your cheque it’s so cool so if I can help any
of you save some money that makes me happy even if you don’t use my referral
code that’s totally okay we’ll still be friends I promise so there you go there
you have it that’s how I save some money on my business supplies if you found
this video helpful share it with your teammates share it with your friends
share it with your fellow Sinister’s and go and sign up let me know how much
money you save and when you start getting your big fat checks that’s
actually what they call it they say your big fat check would
you get in the mail so yeah I hope you found this video helpful be sure to
subscribe and stay tuned for more training videos

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