Send Out Cards | How to Grow your Business with Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards | How to Grow your Business with Send Out Cards

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  1. Share some love for my wife and LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE as this is her first training video : )

  2. Sure does!! Sign me up!! 😉 Great vid!!

  3. Thank you for the comment Heather…

  4. Thanks KoN – we both appreciate YOU!

  5. I love SendOutCards- thanks for a great video.

  6. I've been a retail customer since 2007…and they SUCK!! Here's my problem with using Send Out Cards…they may or may not get sent out! I have been a customer of theirs since 2007 and I can't tell you the number of times I've had issues with them sending out double cards or not including the gift I paid for OR…charging me for mailing a card but it wasn't mailed (separately)…it was put inside the gift and mailed! So…why was I charged for every single card if it got sent along with the gift that I've paid the for stamp to mail it?!? That's not good business so I rarely use them anymore because I'm just too tired of dealing with their horrid shipping and handling department! I've had to have money refunded because cards I've ordered were never received and what not. I hate using this company! I'd rather mail out my own cards and gifts because 1.) I know it will be mailed correctly 2.) I won't get over charged for gifts! I can't tell you how angry I am over the fact that SOC'ds charge practically 3 X's what those gifts would normally cost! For example, I wanted to send a Happy Birthday Musical Candle and Cookies. The card and candle arrived….but the cookies did not! Also, when I priced out those cookies and candles?!? I almost choked! That musical candle was $21 (but only $2.99-$6) on Ebay? And those 3 damned cake shaped cookies were around $33?!? I was beyond LIVID when I saw the inflated retail price they were charging! It was freaking unbelievable! That's the price you pay for being lazy and not wanting to do the work yourself and paying someone else! No thanks!

  7. Thank you for your excellent SOC video presentation. I am a SOC distributor for over 5 years and their product, service, support & people are excellent. Please make an updated video using the same format as you did with this one.

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