See What’s New in NETGEAR Insight 5.7 | Business

NETGEAR continues to push the boundaries
of device and network remote management with our newest Insight update We have now added instant mesh Wi-Fi for select
access points to improve Wi-Fi performance and expansion. Mesh uses
tri-band technology to ensure adequate coverage of a large area without the use
of Ethernet cables We have added advance captive portal as
the newest service in insight. A captive portal is a login page that customers
use to access public Wi-Fi networks with the NETGEAR captive portal businesses
will be able to customize their portal and have access to marketing analytics.
With device bulk registration insight Pro allows users to add or register
multiple devices by uploading a CSV file to the cloud portal or scanning your
devices QR or barcode by using the insight mobile app. Now the insight admin
can schedule wireless SSID availability across multiple networks or locations
and is also able to turn each SSID on or off easily. Insight can run a speed test
on any of the insight managed networks to ensure that users are receiving the
speed their internet provider claims and also be able to determine any connection
issues like latency and packet loss We’ve continued adding the insight
management ability to more PoE plus smart managed pro switches these advanced
switches include many models such as the WAC540 and WAC564 With NETGEAR insight remote
management has never been more simple. No matter where you are where you go or
where you want to be Netgear will always have a solution best fitted for you.

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