Secure Your Business Data with Google Vault | The G Suite Show

Secure Your Business Data with Google Vault | The G Suite Show

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  1. sure wish I had admin privs..

  2. Missed the line about Carol drinking the fish… it was too quiet 🙁

  3. if the cookies represent data being kept from Jimmy inside vault, does him eating them all at the end represent a data hack?

  4. is that correct that the "restore" of the files for Drive, is doing a conversion? and not just restoring the datas on the same place (or better with the option to restore somewhere else) ???

  5. Must say i'm looking forward for these videos. First to learn more about the G suite but also the videos themselves are entertaining.

  6. When an employee leaves the company we delete the mailbox (not suspend) so we won't pay extra for a not used mailbox. in that case, will Google Vault still keep all his mails etc?

  7. G-Suite Kalender Funktionalität leidet extrem dank von Google neu 2017 erzwingen Design!!!
    Google ist böse und hat keinen Kunden-Support !!!

    G-Suite Calendar functionality suffers greatly thanks to Google re-enforcing 2017 design !!!
    Google is evil and have no customer Support !!!

  8. 🌹🌹🌹🌹!!! Welcome$! Thanks for the prerecorded which is raised . The concourse lends you the G suite supply for you & your party #GSuiteGoogleEmailHosting

  9. I don't understand, earlier it said that emails were in vault even if employee deletes, but then at the end it says that searching flags the live data, so if employee deletes an email, is it still searchable? Is it live data? Or is it copied into vault?

  10. Anyone else think Jimmy was told to put that jumper on because his shirt was too similar to Kevins?

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