SECRID Wallet Review | Miniwallet Crisple Black ‘RFID Wallet’

SECRID Wallet Review | Miniwallet Crisple Black ‘RFID Wallet’

In this video the Secrid miniwallet I’ve got the Secrid mini wallet in Crisple black for you to take a look at This was sent to me from the guys at Slim Wallet Junkie in return for an honest review In the Box are instructions to register your Secrid wallet online for a third year of warranty and a certificate of authenticity Secrid wallet’s are made in Holland – they feature RFID protection and a space-efficient design The external part here is a corrected grain European leather It’s resistant to staining and scratching and designed to last The Secrid collection offer a wide range of style and black is likely appealing to most people making it a great gift choice if you’re buying for someone else The core part of your Secrid wallet is the aluminium cardprotector which holds up to four embossed cards or six flat cards in the Centre part preventing your contactless payment cards from being scanned by somebody trying to steal your cards data It’s also where you’ll find your unique serial code hidden just behind my thumb here for your online Registration after which you immediately receive your certificate of authenticity At the bottom you have a push lever. The patented mechanism allows a simple and fast way to access your cards A genuine Secrid product will have a really slick well engineered action to the mechanism. Your cards are ejected in a fan like fashion allowing for any of them to be selected immediately Secrid’s aluminium card protector keeps your cards protected even during u,se. You only eject a portion of the card reducing sensitivity of the radio signal but sufficient for contactless payment over short distances The outer case allows for storage of additional cards, business cards, receipts or anything else that fits here Here we see each pocket already occupied with a paper throwaway card. I’m going to push an additional card in each pocket to make up four Those fit quite well with room for cash – and the wallet can still be closed I prefer no more than a total of two cards in each external pocket to prevent stretching Remember that Bank cards are better in the aluminium RFID card protector, which acts as your mini firewall If you’ve watched my video review at the very similar Secrid Slimwallet You may notice that the difference is that the Secrid miniwallet like this one has the addition of a press to close button I prefer the Secrid miniwallet design much more as I’m certain my cash is safe when the case is closed. You Have a dedicated cash compartment that will take bigger UK notes as well as European and US smaller sized notes The quantity of cash you can fit becomes a compromise between the number of cards you have in the outer case It’s empty weight is 72 grams The Secrid mini wallet measures 65 millimeters across the width, by 102 for its height including the lever, by 21 millimeters thick The clever design of multiple cards in the centre section leaves space for much more in the outer storage This means you can carry all of the stuff You normally did in a much compacted wallet. A secure modern replacement for your old shabby bifold wallet Remember to source a genuine product I’ve put a link in the description to help you. If you click the link and buy a wallet I earn a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to yourself that helps support the channel so I can make more new content. As always thanks for watching. Please subscribe if you enjoyed the video for more tech and gadgets

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  1. Nice. Do you think US bills will fit without folding the end?

  2. How many cards can it hold?

  3. Sound, thanks for the reply mate

  4. I was reading review articles and one says the slim (w/out button) is slightly bigger than the mini?

  5. ► BUY Secrid Miniwallet here
    ► WATCH Similar (no button) SECRID Slim Wallet Review

  6. I have the SECRID wallet (navy blue leather) and it is indeed one awesome wallet – very hard to beat 👌🏼😎

  7. Does coloured aluminium scratch easily?Can't decide between brown and silver-I prefer brown leather but it has brown alu part.Black leather I can buy has silver alu card holder.Any experience?

  8. Dont the cards fall out if you keep it upside down? Like maybe would happen in your pocket?

  9. Would a contactless card work by approaching the wallet to the terminal if you put the card in the back holder?

  10. How many cards can fit in the inside leather pockets? Two + two or three + three? Is the Crisple leather to the touch rough or soft?

  11. Thinking about getting one of these. Is it better to get with the snap or without? plus or minuses of either?

  12. Does the ejection mechanism scratch the cards overtime? Like the cards rubbing each other?

  13. Won’t the cards fall out if you flash it?

  14. Is the cardholder removable? So I can use it both as a card holder or a wallet

  15. I have one and been using it for almost 2 years now and still good as new.

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