Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace)

Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. We goym gentiles are not doing nothing cause 80% or more don't have a fk clue about what is really happening to the world right and that new generation ho my god so but so duped morons

  2. You guys in USA have absolutely fu..ked up food and generally the whole worldwide food industry is the biggest crime to humanity.. todays food is the main source responsible for all cancers and other health problems. Wake up and stop allowing brainwashing yourself .. Its all corrupted including deceiving organisation called WHO.

  3. I wonder why they don't use something more natural like oregano to feed to the chicken.. instead of antibiotics.

  4. Governments are the enemy. They are not here to protect consumers, they just regulate who will get rich ripping off customers

  5. Time to become a vegan

  6. Never buy groceries on first and third week of the month,all grocery retailers charge more against poor people

  7. Y’all don’t have a giant eagle market place over there ?

  8. I bought wild Alaskan salmon turns out it was just chicken

  9. God gave us green herb and seed for food. Genesis 1:29-30, this is what you get for disobeying God's health law. the world will always pay a price with disease for disobedience toward Bible dietary law.

  10. I don't want to visit a Doctor because of FOOD consumption! EVER!

  11. How do you like your bleached chicken America?

  12. The video stopped at 3:22 and I had to start all over again and see where it left off. This has happened twice today out of a few videos that I've watched. When Google bought YouTube it all went under. Sad.

  13. Never let a woman select meat for you. Just don't. That's a job that only a man can do.

  14. Food from the store just isn't safe anymore. That's all there is to it. Unless you have a meat market you trust, you have no way of knowing. So over-cook everything.

  15. Any good changes since 2013 since we are in mid 2019 now?

  16. Hey, farmed or wild salmon, it's still a salmon 🤔👌just like vegetarian, vegan or omnivore is still a human being doh 😒👌. Stop eating the damn fish 🐠 what a war in a tea 🍵 cup. The glory of it. It's a damn fish & it's supposed to be fishy 🐟👈😂👌

  17. Hmmmm! Misinformation in labeling practices? I see some enterprising consumer testing the validity of the product and bringing a case against all involved in this charade.
    $'$ for those with the time and a crafty attorney.
    Best for them to cease and desist manipulating product info.
    When it's no longer about reality and they profit, it's time to hit em in the stash of cash.
    Personally, I would rather pay a little more for truth in commerce, no matter what it is.
    Quality beats quantity every time.
    No one appreciates lies to milk our pocketbooks.
    Give it to us straight! Let the consumer decide!

    The preceding statement may not apply to those with no choice or lack of funds…. I apologize. Do the best you can.

  18. It's all poison. That's why you always pray before you eat

  19. Glad I'm allergic

  20. Justice for kenneka Jenkins

  21. Fish in New Zealand supermarkets is the worst. My dad worked in the fish industry and it could be in the freezer for months or even a year. When they take it out the freezer, defrost it and cut it up its classed as "fresh". I wouldn't want to pay $25/kg for year old fish.

  22. When I want to go on a strong solid diet I watch these videos ….does the job fantastic

  23. You worry about the actual meat, but have Catchup on the table?

  24. The most disturbing thing to me was the gold high heal boots and red pants that woman who shopped for them was wearing.

  25. I don't like raw steak so I only eat medium well steak

  26. lol well this is why I’m vegetarian

  27. In bet the US is even worse!

  28. It's here USA fda falt USA is the sickest contryy

  29. There is NOTHING healthy about eating dead animals/fish….

  30. I cook everything well done I usually only eat chicken

  31. And why is this showing up in my news feed.. In 2019?

  32. It’s happening with shrimp! Antibiotic resistant baby!

  33. has Canada met the pink slime they sell in the states?

  34. China banned meat from Canada…. now Canada will lower the cost of meat to us Canadians right???!!!

  35. All that glitters are not gold.

  36. Even no real fish any more.

  37. Just don't want to watch all this

  38. Best indicators for your food: Your own eyes, your own nose, your own touch, and gods forbid, hopefully you don't HEAR something, lol. If it passes and it still tastes off, don't eat it.

    I bought cooked frozen shrimp recently. I never buy frozen fish if I can help it, and I have to test it before I serve it, especially to guests.
    Can't tell much with frozen items, either. Took one out. It looked a little pale, no smell, even when thawed, but it felt a little foamy(?)
    Cooked it.…….It tasted like it was soaked in seltzer. There was no taste and it was "foamy" when chewed, and I spat it out….back to the grocer it went with the package. My guests had fresh caught shrimp instead. I had to shell and "devein" it. More expensive, but that's the way it is.

  39. Well I’m never eating any type of meat/fish again. Thanks.

  40. eating well-done beef is NOT worth living 🙁

  41. Myth at 7:27. Turns out time and temperature are responsible for killing germs, so if you cook your steak medium-rare and leave it at that temperature for just a couple of minutes, you will obtain the same reduction in bacteria that can be achieved at 160 degrees without turning your beef into sawdust.

  42. Health Canada's gonna flag y'all as spammers

  43. And so these people are actors

  44. I wonder if this happens in America as much as it does in Canada. It seems like we’d be worse off in the States, but we have the FDA.

  45. Here in America, we cooked your Canadian beef to 71 degrees and yet people still died. What are we doing wrong? Does the "C" next to it stand for "Canada"?

  46. wilf fish eat plastic out in the ocean.. I happily will get mine from farmed thx

  47. This warehouse I worked in told me if I had heart I should not work here.

  48. This fish fraud is not right they
    Should be sued for selling the
    Wrong thing miss guiding us
    With wrong labels

  49. They should seriously specify Celcius given the consequences of a mix up.

  50. haddock is more than Cod

  51. Give me a break come on

  52. This will leave a VERY bad taste in your mouth. The corruption and deceit of food conglomerates has no limits. Wake up people, we are being deceived and ripped off. Food FRAUD.

  53. LIES, LIES and MORE lies.

  54. May I ask a question ? if sandbar shark is the threatened species, that mean their meat is expensive than normal shark meat,right ? Then why they sell sandbar meat under normal shark meat's name when they know they will make less profit? ( sorry for my bad english…)

  55. That’s so scary

  56. Let's eat nuts, tree fruit, and vegetables that's it

  57. The university of Gwelf?

  58. The number of times my jaw dropped watching this. Sigh. Very sad.

  59. you decide to be a good person and eat healthy. You decide to give up red meat. But when you switch to chicken, you realise that it’s pumped full of antibiotics, so you can’t eat it. You then decide to eat fish, but all the fish now comes from a country whose food safety standards are, well, fishy. So you can’t eat that. You give up on meat altogether. And you opt for fruits. Until you realise that they’re artificially ripened using calcium carbide. So you can’t eat those. So you decide that the safest choice is vegetables. Until you see the sewers in which they are grown. So you can’t eat those. The only thing to do, then, is drink milk. But you find out that that’s been adulterated with hydrogen peroxide and formalin (and you’re not yet a dead body). So you can’t drink that. Man (and woman) can live by water alone, so that becomes your choice. But you cannot drink tap water. So you settle on bottled water. Until you realise that it’s simply tap water. And you can’t drink that.

    Good luck staying alive (or just well-nourished) in this day and age.

  60. Tip: take a cooler with ice or ice packs to the store with you when shopping. Storing meat and perishables this way before getting home could ease mind regarding spoilage. Safe meat and fresh foods will allow for better shopping trip. 2 hours and it spoils?

  61. Labels should be legible and with ingredient label unobstructed. When a customer asks for an item a certain way there is a reason, perhaps allergies? Please ensure they get item as ordered not the way someone else decides. This can lose a store a customer. Be patient and listen provide items as ordered and help them to their car if required. $15/hour not yielding a better service. I am now literally running out of grocery stores because of lousy and rude service!

  62. 🤔I became vegetarian from such news 🙄.nothing is 100% even salt looks like sugar.

  63. Wakenya waliofika hapa baada ya Red Alert Na Wakaribisha

  64. This video had me sick i washed my hands over 10 times.

  65. In USA fecal matter is replaced with meat 16% by weight that is the law

  66. I like medium rare

  67. For those who don't have trust in marketplace why don't you raise your own domestic chicken and animals it's the best

  68. Buy from your local farmers guys

  69. Think I'll be eating more meat that my husband kills such as venison.

  70. No food from ocean no food from trees no food from the store Fukushima is doing is work, with radiation they is no life,don't forget the weather,y are u thinking now we need to buy water,if trees r sick n dieing wat about the food, Fukushima is in the water(ocean) from the rain in the Earth n in the scy,u no wat I mean,tank u retire people for the Future of children tank u for all God creation I no u don't care but I swear u going to.

  71. This is why I only eat Ramen for 90 cents a pack. At least I know what I'm eating.

  72. Tusky’s and Naivas supermarkets in Kenya are selling poisoned foods, they are all owned by relatives 🤔

  73. Why do I keep getting Canadian videos when I search!

  74. Put some uv gel up your anus and see where it ends up at the end of the day ???? The real truth about bacteria is the less bacteria there are the more likely u will proliferate deadly bacteria

  75. Serves you right for buying you core food at supermarket.

    You are VOTING for them to screw you every time you buy.

  76. This guys are after money not caring for people.very sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭




  80. She put her cold cuts onto raw meat. Wow. Never touch ready eat food with raw meat. Dumb canadia women. How would you not know that.

  81. Thanks God for showing a way to a plant based diet. Yesss!!..I made it out of hell

  82. CBC should be shut down! My tax dollars shouldn't be funding this anymore

  83. Not to mention salmon is actually grey until dyed pink sooo

  84. Yet another advertisement for home "pressure canning"..Most of your grocery stores are built on a more consumer friendly format of "convenience".. Yes the big box stores have the largest variety and in general better pricing.. but as the video shows .. its no guarantee for freshness..That is why I butcher my meats from a restaurant supply stores that sells its products in bulk packaging from the suppliers site.. You know the "bagged" and "heat sealed" .. And you know its a lot easier than most anticipate.. and the "knowledge " of the quality of the item is reassuring..If I can't repackage and freeze.. it gets pressure canned…..

  85. This is why I’m vegetarian 😂😂😂

  86. 0:23
    “This is what was living inside me, wanna see him😏?”

  87. At least the fish is still fish even if it's not what they wanted to buy. Or

  88. Wow the head of infectious disease didn't know how to protect him self.

  89. never eat chinese fish sux

  90. they bleach fish then frezze it thensell it

  91. fish in florida is discusting . i was in the fish business 33 years

  92. If possible grow ur own

  93. Nothing at this time are healthy.. it is so crazy bc is no like you havr your own chiken or u own thing to grow healthy …

  94. That supermarket music in the beginning is superb.

  95. Youngboy think you slick in the beginning they had to cut the camera

  96. You don’t think the meat sitting in those bags inside of an ice cooler can make more bacteria grow? Just clarifying!

  97. Wow this is eye opening and very sad as well!!

  98. This what happens when the FDA is in bed with industry we get a f*** up product. Thank God for YouTube

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