Scam or science? How not to get fooled (Marketplace)

Scam or science? How not to get fooled (Marketplace)

>>Asha: This is
your Marketplace. You first saw him
on Dragons’ Den.>>And I’ve developed a
technology to help people’s backs get better.>>Asha: Promoting a
product that blew them away.>>That was unbelievable.>>Asha: We put his
$80 clips to the test. Science or snake oil?>>I’m not really
feeling a whole lot.>>And restaurant secrets. Who’s getting your tips?>>It’s really not fair.>>I see it as wage theft.>>Undercover dining
on your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: There’s a new
treatment inside this chiropractic clinic. And if it works, it could
be revolutionary. But that’s a big if. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: And it all comment
down to some tiny clips. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: Mark Metus invented
them, calls them Neuro Connect.>>Asha: He says they can
help fix our Marketplace staffer’s hip.>>Asha: That metal plate he’s
using is just a bigger version of the clip. It gets the treatment going. The clips, he says,
can keep it going. [ ♪♪ ]>>Tonight, on Dragons’ Den.>>Asha: That’s right. The little wonders got their
national debut on the CBC.>>Next up, a duo from
Collingwood, Ontario.>>Asha: When Metus and his
sidekick pitched their product, they came looking for a
hundred thousand dragon dollars.>>Our product is Neuro Connect.>>Asha: And they came armed
with impressive claims.>>I’m a chiropractor and I
developed a technology to help people’s backs get
better and stay better. The devices I have developed are
with a team of physicists and they change the atomic structure
of the components of these devices to cause the nervous
system to respond when you’re wearing them. And as a result, the muscles
work better and the joints work better as well.>>Asha: To prove his
point, Metus experiments on the dragons.>>Reach up like you’re just
reaching up onto a shelf.>>Okay.>>Asha: You
gotta wonder, though, is this really
science or showmanship? He clips on his invention.>>And now, you’ll see
how much stronger you are.>>That’s crazy.>>Asha: Stronger and
supposedly more balanced. The clips can cost
40 to 120 bucks. That’s got the
dragons’ attention.>>If it works,
it’s a game changer.>>If this is real, and
I don’t deny that it is, why are you only looking for
the money you’re looking for? This could be worth a fortune.>>Seems too good to be true.>>Asha: Sceptical
but interested.>>It does. I get a lot of looks
when I test people.>>Asha: More than looks. We got lots of angry
emails from viewers. Like this… Bill Nuvo wrote, too,
he believes the dragons were scammed.>>Pick a card, any card.>>Asha: He should know. He happens to be a magician.>>This is what you do. This is absolute amazing,
don’t take your eyes off this. Here we go, using
the power of the mind. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: And knows how
sleight of hand can give the illusion of truth. [ Applause ]>>Asha: So this is where they
film Dragons’ Den. It’s not set up right now,
but you get the picture.>>Deceptive, eh?>>Asha: It’s very deceptive. TV magic.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.>>Asha: Why did you
email Marketplace?>>I was awestruck, and, like,
just, I was completely befuddled that– how the dragons were
fooled so easily. As magicians, we’re kind of
what’s called ‘honest liars’, we’re paid to lie to people. You know we’re deceiving you,
but what I saw was deception without people knowing that
they were being deceived.>>Asha: It could be a
common magician’s trick and it’s called misdirection.>>I don’t believe this.>>This seems way
too good to be true.>>Yeah.>>It’s actually
like a parlour trick. Way back in the day, snake
oil salesmen used to use these tricks to fool people into
believing that, you know, whatever pill that they were
being sold was giving them strength or, you know,
making them feel better. Put your arm up.
>>Asha: Yeah. Bill has his own explanation
of how the dragons could have been fooled.>>See how easy that–
that is to go down.>>Asha: Right.>>Then you did the thing
he posted, put the clip on.>>Asha: Yeah.>>You can see, like,
I’m putting a lot more pressure on you.
>>Asha: Right.>>And sometimes when you
do it the second time, you’re resisting a lot more. But if I do it– switch the
angle to towards your body or more specifically
towards your foot.>>Asha: I can resist more.>>You can resist,
and I can even–>>Asha: Yeah.>>It’s something as
simple as that.>>Asha: So you say he was
playing tricks on the dragons.>>I do. I do. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: Was it a magic trick
or is there any science to it? Check out his website. There’s an illusion of science. But there’s no credible,
proper studies of his clips to be found. In fact, no studies at all. Just a long list
of testimonials. Belief that’s hard to dispute. Oh, and there’s his
arm test again. But the kicker here?>>And we don’t know
absolutely how it works, we just know that it works.>>Asha: Metus doesn’t
even know how it works. So we go searching
for experts who might. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: Is there any chance
these clips could be more than parlour tricks? Hey, Eric.
>>How’s it going?>>Asha: Good.
So you’re gonna clip me up?>>Clipping you up.>>Asha: Alright. Professor Kei Masani
specializes in brain function and rehabilitation. The perfect guy
for our experiment. We’re gonna test Neuro Connect
against name tag clips, and no clips at all. I have no idea
which one I’m wearing, neither does Kei. [ ♪♪ ]>>Put your arms like this. And stare in the mark. Try not to move head like this.>>Asha: Okay.
>>Arm like this. Just stand there for
two more minutes.>>Asha: Kei says these
tests are more scientific, more controlled
than Metus’ arm test. Can I sing?>>No.
No use for that.>>Asha: All in all… Kei tests ten of us for
improved balance and maintaining strength.>>Do this as much as you can.>>Asha: As much force as I can?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Asha: Can the subtle waves
of energy actually optimize it?>>Right. 15.7.>>Asha: Is that the
strongest you’ve ever seen?>>Well, not… [ Laughter ]>>Asha: Hardly. I’m pulling almost 16 kilograms. This guy?>>54.7.>>Asha: Almost 55. While Kei works his magic,
we ask chemical engineer Christopher Yip for help, too. He tested Q-Ray for us
years ago for ionization. Found it was nonsense. Could he now test for
quantum entanglement?>>I need evidence to prove
that this is a true effect, we run the right controls and do
the statistics and really prove the cause and effect.>>Asha: In other
words, not really. In fact, Einstein called
quantum entanglement spooky. It’s complex. Not well understood.>>Even within physics,
people are trying to understand this process. I think you can do a lot
more on your own to improve your balance.>>Asha: So you don’t think
that these clips do any of that?>>It would be highly sceptical.>>Asha: Is he right? We spent the day testing
these $80 Neuro Connect clips, these generic
name tag type clips.>>Yeah, we did.>>Asha: And no clips at all.>>So we found there’s
no statistical difference among the three conditions.>>Asha: Nothing?>>No clear difference.>>Asha: Wow. So were Metus’ clips just
money clips to the dragons?>>Hey, you guys, we bought some
paperclips and some spray for a hundred thousand dollars,
I don’t know what we just did there.>>Asha: We take our
results to the dragons. Viewers e-mailed us.>>Yep.>>Asha: They thought the
clips were kind of scammy.>>Scammy? Ooh, that’s a bad word.>>Asha: And the inventor.>>I’m not going to give up
just because you say I have to have science. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: How not to get
fooled on your Marketplace.>>Walk forward on to one leg
and reach up like you’re just reaching up onto a shelf.>>Asha: We’re putting this
chiropractor’s invention to the test.>>Developed a technology to
help people’s backs get better and stay better.>>Asha: A magical clip that
could have the dragons tricked. They’re impressed with Mark
Metus’ claims and his award from the PGA.>>We won the pinnacle award,
the best new invention in golf.>>Asha: It’s what helped land
Metus on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.>>Let’s see it, I can’t wait.>>The best new
invention in golf.>>Asha: He experiments
on Joe Mimran.>>I understand, Joe,
you’re a golfer?>>Yeah, yeah. Use the term loosely. [ Laughter ]>>Okay. So get into your
normal swing position.>>Right.>>Asha: Here’s before
the hundred buck clip. Joe seems unsteady.>>Greg’s going to put the
clips on to your ankles. We’ll do your pant
leg actually.>>Asha: Here’s after.>>If there’s a flow of
energy between the three clips.>>Wow.>>Asha: The impression
is Joe’s more stable.>>And resist as I push
and he’s rock solid now.>>Just ’cause of the clips?>>So the technology as I say
was developed by physicists and it creates a phenomena
called quantum entanglement.>>Asha: Five of
the six dragons, including Joe, buy in. There’s still
details to hammer out, though, and in the end,
the deal falls through. But to many, the
damage was done. Metus had the Dragons’
endorsement so why did they fall for it in the first place?>>You know, golfers are the
most gullible consumers in the world.>>Asha: I can imagine.>>So I was like, I was hooked.>>Asha: You guys
were sceptical at first.>>Yep.>>Asha: Take me
through that process.>>It’s a bit of an
auction that goes on. And you get caught
up in the moment. And there was all of this
sort of science behind it, right, the mumbo
jumbo of the science. You know, we di– I don’t mind
sometimes falling for it, you know, it’s like it’s —
I guess it’s business romance.>>Asha: Along with the
romance, a confession.>>I did go golfing with
the Neuro Clips on me.>>Asha: On you, and you did it
the way he told you to put it.>>Oh, I was very careful. And I have to tell you I
did it three days in a row.>>Asha: Really?>>Yeah, and my game
did not improve one bit. Okay?
[ Laughter ]>>Asha: We’ve
talked to experts, we’ve done some tests.>>Yep.
>>Asha: There’s nothing–>>Nothing.>>Asha: –to the clips.
And?>>My chequebook was
closed anyway so I’m safe.>>Asha: Viewers e-mailed us.>>Yep.>>Asha: They thought the
clips were kind of scammy.>>Scammy. Ooh, that’s a bad word.>>Asha: One viewer said that
they can’t believe the dragons fell for it.
>>Right.>>Asha: What do
you think of that?>>But we didn’t make the
investment in the end, right? So, you know, we may seem
gullible, but I can assure you we are not gullible.>>Asha: So it was good for the
investor but not the consumer. Do you take that into
consideration when you’re deciding what to do?>>Yeah, I mean– I think– Listen, nobody wants to sell
a product that’s not living up to its claims. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: Still, Metus’ sales
have been soaring since his debut in the den, over
a hundred grand worth. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: I want to meet the man
behind the invention. Hi, Mark, nice to meet you.>>Nice to meet you, too.>>Asha: Though Metus says he’s
been warned not to talk to us, he decides to anyway. With an entourage of
supporters and that camera guy, too. You knew you’d get some
flak from your appearance. Why did you think that?>>Well, it’s very
unusual science.>>Asha: You said
in your own videos, you’re not quite
sure how it works, it just does. Shouldn’t you, though, as the
inventor know how it works?>>If I said I
knew, I’d be lying. I’m gain–>>Asha: Why is that, though?>>I’m gaining knowledge–
because it is a very strange science, the whole quantum
physics area is very strange. I can only tell if something
works if it changes something.>>Asha: Huh? We test his clips against name
tag clips and no clips at all with ten people. We found no difference. Metus doesn’t agree with our
method but has no credible studies of his own to share. Why not?>>Because there has never
been an opportunity for me to do that.
>>Asha: How come?>>Well, because we’re in the
middle of one stage of research and then we’ll move on to
another stage of research.>>Asha: Those are the
answers I keep getting from you, that it’s coming,
you’re working on it, we’re researching it. But it’s not quite there. Why are you selling
these products then?>>Because they’re
helping people. Every day, they help people. And that is my justification
and for those it doesn’t help, they can– they send it back,
and we give their money back.>>Asha: Meantime, someone’s
blown the whistle on Metus and the products he’s been peddling. He’s on Health Canada’s radar
for making unapproved claims. See this balance clip? He’s not selling it
for now, but the rest? Apparently, no probs. They’re still being sold. Some people say you’re
a snake oil salesman.>>Well,
everybody has an opinion. And that’s quite all right.>>Asha: Now, what to
do with all these clips. So you’re a fashion guru.>>Yeah.>>Asha: Joe Mimran
launched Club Monaco, Joe Fresh. Maybe he has some ideas. We don’t know what to
do with these clips, because they don’t
even work, so…>>Right, so,
that’s the other thing.>>Asha: Do you think that
would be a fashion accessory?>>No.>>Asha: What?
Come on! Like, can’t we throw them on
your scarf there?>>He could have done
them like a nice tie clip, but you don’t wear ties
going golfing and look, it’s going to ruin
your panne velvet here.>>Asha: Oh, you can clip– Oh, wow. All in the name
of Marketplace.>>Restaurant secrets,
who’s getting your tips? [ ♪♪ ]>>Get more Marketplace, sign
up for our weekly newsletter at ♪ ♪>>Tip-out tactics on
your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]>>So, ready to go
into restaurants?>>I’m ready.
>>All right.>>We’re going out
for dinner under cover.>>Recording.
>>Recording.>>Heading into some of your
favourite chains to see what servers will dish out but
where your money’s really going.>>Who’s rights?>>Worker’s rights!>>Our story begins with
the rage over minimum wage. The fight being
heard across Canada. Since Ontario
raised the minimum wage, some companies are cutting paid
breaks and reducing benefits.>>I’m here today because of the
gross treatment of these workers are getting in the wake of a
long overdue wage increase.>>Now dozens of servers are
telling us about another tactic called the tip-out.>>I’ll get the
jerk chicken, please. You know, most restaurants
have a tip-out policy, a common practice where servers
share not a portion of their tips but a percentage
of everything they sell. But as the minimum
wage has been hiked, some employers are
hiking the tip-out, too, taking money from the
servers and giving it to the other staff.>>It’s really not fair.>>Grace Ford works at a
family dining chain in Alberta.>>Walk me through this. You make minimum wage.>>Yes, I do. It’s 13.60 right now.>>What do people
in the kitchen make?>>From what I know, there’s
$15 an hour to $32 an hour.>>So why do you have to give
some of your money to them if they’re making more of an
hourly wage than you are?>>They want to make more money
as we begin to make more money but since, you know, times are
hard and my boss cannot afford to pay them more money, he’s
going to take more money out of my total sales and food for the
day instead of giving them a higher wage.>>That sounds to me like you’re
subsidizing your employer.>>Yeah, it does feel like it.>>Grace forks over 4% of all
the food she sells but that’s about to increase to 5%. Just in the past week, how
much have you tipped out?>>I’ve tipped out $413.62.>>So even if she
doesn’t get tipped, she’s still on the hook to
pay that percentage to the restaurant.>>I am a little frustrated. There’s days where I work 12
hours and I still, you know, I give out $80 that I’ve
worked all day for.>>Money Grace is saving
to go to nursing school.>>Hard-earned money that I
have sweat and almost cried over through the past week working
for that just kind of disappears into thin air.>>She’s not alone but she’s
one of the few people willing to go public. So to find out how
widespread this is, we’re checking out
some popular chains. First up, a Kelsey’s
location in Ontario. We’re protecting the identity
of servers who could lose their jobs for speaking up.>>Same story at Sunset Grill. And when we head into Moxie’s.>>It’s like a
wild west out there.>>Deena Ladd has been
fighting for worker’s rights for over two decades.>>No restaurant owner should
be using tips to compensate for the minimum wage.>>She says the
tip-out tactic is unfair.>>If they are trying to recruit
that money to pay other people or to cover other costs, then
that needs to get challenged and we need to make sure
that people know about it.>>Because it’s happening
almost everywhere we visit. [ ♪♪ ]>>At Eastside Mario’s.>>And at The Keg. [ ♪♪ ]>>Seven of Canada’s most
popular restaurant chains have increased their tip-outs
since the minimum wage hike. What it looks like is that
employers are giving a raise to people in the kitchen but the
employer isn’t paying for it, the servers are paying for it?>>If I was a restaurant owner,
I’d be sitting down with my staff and I would be creating a
fair tip pool that is not taking it out on servers and that is
ensuring that everybody feels that it’s a fair process. [ ♪♪ ]>>That’s what
Ivan Gedz has done. As a restaurant owner, he
knows the business is tough, money tight but he doesn’t want
to take it out on his workers. You increase your minimum
wage here up to 16 bucks without increasing the tip-outs. Why did you do it that way?>>Because we felt that some
of the models that we’re seeing elsewhere is a little bit of
robbing Peter to pay Paul. When we make decisions here,
our– my staff know exactly how much money I make. When we make strategic
decisions they’re involved in that process.>>Some of the restaurants
are doubling their tip-outs. What do you think of that?>>Am I allowed to swear on CBC?>>You can try, sure.>>I think they’re full of shit.>>Now why do you say that?>>It’s not fair. It’s, uh– being implemented
in that manner, it’s being pushed
down their throats, it’s not being done
with consultation. You know, from a purely
capitalist perspective, it’s just poor business. It makes no sense.>>The chains we visit won’t
tell us why they’re tip-outs have increased, but they do
say their policies are fair and transparent and tip-outs are a
way to recognize the efforts of the entire team.>>Who’s rights?>>Worker’s rights!>>But these protestors
aren’t buying that message.>>I feel that it’s just another
tactic design to negatively impact those workers.>>I see it as
wage theft really. I mean, these workers, you know,
they don’t make very much, they’re already struggling to
make ends meet and, you know, with that tip-out percentage
going up, it’s just taking more money out of workers’ pockets.>>What do you think about the
tip-out policy at these major restaurant chains? Join the conversation
on Facebook and Twitter. [ ♪♪ ]>>You know,
there’s a — a major, major issue that I
think has to be addressed. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: Exposing
telecom sales tactics.>>I’m not getting
what they’re promising.>>We were guaranteed a price. I don’t want to hear the excuse.>>Asha: Find out how not
to get duped at the door. [ ♪♪ ]

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    and that is one of reasons that often makes me hesitate to go eating outside frequently.

  55. “I’m not going to give up on my bogus product I’ve backed up by pushing someone’s arm just because you say I should be able to back it up with science since it is science based”

  56. In the US its common for many places to split tips evenly amongst ALL STAFF, I've worked for a company that did this. 2/3 of the staff worked preparing food, 1/3 serving it. Meaning as a server i was required to give away more than 50% of the tips i earned. Assuming an average server makes 12% or 15% tips giving up 5%-6% is maybe a third or a bit more of their tips, we gave away HALF. and the best part. on large parties there was a 10% gratuity (tip) automatically added to the bill, and we were required to remind guests that there was already a tip charged and that they shouldn't be tipping us. the whole restaurant got 10% tips total in a night and would split it so the staff who earned the majority of it actually got less as a whole than those who didnt.

  57. Clip for only 500 dollar today and you`ll be a hardcore weight lifter like the Terminator in 2 seconds…😮😯😪😫

  58. That store owner is a hundred percent right for using the words that he used it's you know I can't even say it cuz you TUEBL actually banned me if I do but this guy and who said it on the CBC those words are absolutely correct and I thank him for it you know sometimes there are times when you have to express yourself in that way and this is the time where you absolutely must God bless him I'm very happy someone is finally spoken and maybe the Food and Drug Administration of Canada really truly need to take a look at this how other people in fast food restaurants how other owners of fast food restaurants in other words are treating their employees maybe that should be taking a look at sometimes these words are very important and sometimes the bleep button should not be used especially in this case I think that store owner for standing up for what's right God bless him he used the words appropriately when it was necessary God bless

  59. Anyway I don't think that the people inside the kitchen need extra money I think it's on fear and the Food and Drug Administration of Canada needs to seriously look into this big league and needs to find restaurants of up to a million and 165 billion dollars per incident that they're caught doing this let's see how fast will continue God bless that guy who stood up for his employees sometimes words are supposed to be used especially if they're in an appropriate situation

  60. Is the clip still on sale?

  61. The Sharks would've laughed this guy out of the room!!!!! I guess it's because Canadians are so nice

  62. i just quit my kitchen job of 10 years. feels great. Also, we didn't get any of the tips.

  63. It’s a clip with a sticker lol

  64. 15:40 i don't agree with tipping for 2 reasons.
    1 why should the server get all money for just serving food
    2 no other job would get tips for good work
    tip my tire went flat the tire workshop was just 100 m away they still needed to refill and service the job. i bought two bags of buns to thank them. this made me use this tire workshop for changing winter / summer tires. the next time i went there they told me the car is parked and ready for you. i asked how much they wanted, nothing it's already taken care of. so a small contribution towards the workers saved me lots of money.

  65. God damn people are dumb.

  66. You make 13.60 im not tipping you that isn't a bad wage.

  67. Wtf is that is it like a knock off of shark tank ?

  68. LOL this is garbage. The kitchen staff and servers work as a TEAM to make a customer happy. Kitchen gets more per hour because it’s a SKILL but still make less then servers cuz the tip out is so small. Why should servers keep more of a pool of unregulated money and the kitchen make LESS them when they are also working that same service she claim so so hard? So the owner should pay more to the kitchen?! Not going to happen. Servers should just get use to sharing the money as they share the work load

  69. Kitchen staff are poor, servers are not poor! LOL tip pools make it fair front and back of house.

  70. so if a large group comes and orders for 4000$ worth of food {but they do not tip {they are from asia or europe and think tipping is a bad thing to do} }
    the server has to dish out at least 188$ worth of tips if the rate is 4.7%
    if she makes 13.5$ per hour at a 12 hour shift
    that is about -22$ she earns that day.

  71. THEY COOK YOUR FOOD!!!!! If not for their work you would not have tips or a job at all. All that you did was talk to a customer and hold a plate.

  72. There are people who get paid minimum wage without having any tips at all. If they don't like it, they should get better jobs and stop complaining

  73. I don’t know about Canada, but in the U.S. waiters make a pretty damn good living for the work they do. It isn’t nearly as demanding as working behind the line, and they usually make far more than every other non-management position. I worked as a waiter for years and regularly cleared $600/week. That’s almost $800 in Canada. The waitresses made far more than that.

  74. What are you lot complaining about ? the UK has a minimum wage of 9.90 CAD.

  75. Never lift any tips in my damn life and proud

  76. this is what happens when government gets involved with the minimum wage

  77. Its still available for purchase.

  78. You can get the exact same result with substantially cheaper sugar pills as you do with those clips.

  79. People don't seem to understand that if minimum wage goes up then the cost of living and every day items will go up so no one really wins in the end. I mean if you get paid a certain amount an hour and tip put is a certain percent then minimum wage goes up its logical for the tip put percentage to slightly increase to keep the balance. They dont want to pay people more so they can have more money. If we get paid more everything will go up. Say you make 7.50 and hour. So in 1 hour you have 7.50 and let's say a hamburger costs like 1.50 if you raise the minimum wage to let's say 15 dollars so you have 15 dollars for one hour of work now that hamburger will likely increase to like 3 or 4 dollars to keep things balanced for the system

  80. Here in the United States, they don't pay servers minimum wage at all. You could make two dollars an hour, and they will only pay you minimum wage if you don't make the minimum wage through Tips and that is supposed to be legal.

  81. Yeah, you know what, the dragons COULD have been scammed. Whats more likely though, is that knew it was bs, but because their subhuman filth, they ran with it anyway because they'll exploit anyone and anything for profit.

  82. 5:00 gotta admire her guts sneaking a good ol' NSDAP salute on national tv

  83. 32$/hr in the kitchen? She's smoking what? lol when i was cook we were paid 8-10$/hr and waitressed were making 20$/hr with their tip and it was really unfair that they get all the profit from what is a team work. Waitresses have that idea that they do everything and deserve everything but customers tip based on a mix of quality of service, speed, quality of the meal etc. If the cook is slow and work badly the waitress will not get same tip. It's a team work. Of course if the restaurant pays people in the kitchen adequatly and leave waitress income to be mostly the tip then fine, but most restaurants pay min wage to people in the kitchen and it ends up with waitresses making twice the income of a cook. I remember waitresses leaving everyday with 100-150$ in tip while i was making 600$ per 2 weeks then on payday i would grab my check and waitresses would whine that they wish they had that kind of check, oh was i dreaming something fall from the roof lol.

  84. People should just learn about crystals and natural healing

  85. "If I said I know how it works I'd be lying." Just leave the 'I know how' out of that statement.

  86. I don't think you need to be able to explain how your product works as long as you can demonstrate that it works

  87. CBC thanks for all the valuable info

  88. And was able to say all that with a straight face! LMAO

  89. I have been trained to perform muscle testing like this chiropractor uses to prove the physiological change that occurs when the clip is used vs. not. It is NOT a magic trick like the magician is trying to imply. It is a highly researched technique called Applied Kinesiology with highly duplicatable results from practitioner to practitioner. As far as his clips go, I am thinking he is using magnets at a certain frequency to produce his results. I did not think the reporting on this guy was very objective, but rather biased against him from the start. I tip my hat to him for backing his product with a full money back refund. I have used muscle testing in my chiropractic practice as a tool to prove to a patient the implication of a subluxation. For example I have demonstrated a leg muscle weakness (pre-adjustment), adjusted a cervical vertebra, then muscle tested post adjustment and demonstrated that the weak muscle is now strong. I don't do this very often as it takes too much extra time, but on occasion I like to do it to impress a patient of chiropractic's value beyond just pain management. Based upon the comments below, I can see that the people who watched were very easily manipulated by the reporter's bias and like sheep have been led to a conclusion without having to think objectively for themselves. Sad to let reporters (media) think for us.

  90. The cook and hostess are part of the restaurant patrons' positive experience. The food prepared properly and timely is on the cook. When a person tips it is because of a good experience overall, not just because they liked the waitress. Even the busboy who provided clean silverware and plates helped with the experience. The team concept of tip sharing is a good one for these reasons. Perhaps the base pay of the waitress can be raised slightly to offset any tips that are forfeited with an implementation of this team tipping concept.

  91. See, this is why you need to watch star trek. His techno babble sucked!

  92. on the tips issue, my guess is the reason they do percentage on the gross sale of the food {not including taxes and fees} is because it's assumed that diners leave between a minimum of 10 percent tip up to 20 percent tip and in some instances even more depending on the diner. So to take away 2 to 3 or 4 even 5 percent from the food sales is assumed that the server is getting let's say on average 15 percent tip and giving back let's say on average 3.5 percent back to the rest of the staff who assisted her in getting those orders correctly put together. So it's not that bad of a deal to share those tips with the guys sweating over ovens or even the buss boys who have to clean off the tables and wash the dishes. That one girl who said she owed 450 in tips back to her establishment probably should also mentioned that if she's paying back 450 in tips that means she's sold about 8 grand in food for which she probably recieved about at a MINIMUM 800 in tips up to about 1600. So her sharing it with the rest of the staff only seems fair. tips used to be for servers only back in the day but in the recent decades that's switched to include sharing them with the support staff that make those servers "SHINE". I've had buss boys or water boys treat me better than my server in the past and i've actually given a cash tip to those guys in their hand for them only and left a lower tip on the actual table for the server before because I felt those guys did more to serve me than my actual server did.

  93. If I was getting paid as much as those kitchen workers, I wouldn't want money from the tip out.

  94. As a professional Medical Scientist, with PhD level education training – I call complete BS (BadScience) on this quantum entanglement "clip. The only thing these bogus clips are helping is this dishonest, and inscrutable fraud make more money.

  95. You should have done a blind test with the inventor

  96. The doctor doesnt like science. Soo funny. Most doctors are quacks in general.

  97. Hes just selling a placebo. Of course it helps those that have the placebo effect.

  98. I don’t have to stop bc you say I need evidence and logical explanations behind my product 🤡🤡🤡

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