Sanders gets in argument with business owner

Sanders gets in argument with business owner

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  1. If there are politicians in office that never make any sense, why do these numb NUTZ keep voting them in

  2. Dear old Sanders,

    Small businesses purchase goods and services from larger businesses. Overtax the big one, he'll add the increase to the goods and services he sells.
    Add all the extra regulation and increased taxes and yes, the little guy's profit dwindles.

    I loathe the fact that people who never owned a business in their life, think they're qualified to create laws that affect businesses. If only they realized that when regulation affects businesses negatively, it also affects the economy negatively.

  3. Bernie is an evil person and should be held responsible for holding onto a belief system that has killed hundreds of millions of people.

  4. Bernie gets agitated during his speech and gets angry and honest because he is really angry. His honest emotions and his promises of free staff excited young and stupid, who knows that they never would have an idea like google or facebook and make for them a dream come truth- everything for nothing! The young not only stupid, they do not know history. Socialists not only force rich to give away all their money and kill them if they resist; they also force lazy people to work and have a slogan which they enforce: Those who do not work, do not eat.

  5. I worked for a blue Chip company before Obama, was 27.90 phr labor. Obama instituted, small business act. Which companies did not have to be sba qualifiy. They were new business with hand full of management works. Way under bid, and the LLC new business just lined their pockets. 27.90 to 20.10 an hour. My employer as sub contractor could not go above the standard of. Pay. Also many other benefits where lopsided. Our health plan was 5-600 less a month. Had sick personal days. The contractor wanted to fall in in there scope because of backlash. Didn't happen except. Pay. Was the worst economy since I was able body worker I have seen.

  6. Hey oi need millyon-ayuhs tabpay moah taxes so out can steel it and pay foah my tree mansions! Oi need moah monee and pow-ah!

  7. Communist Bernie boy don't worry you want have to worry about raising anyone's snail fart..

  8. "This country was founded on entrepreneurship" what history class did you go to. The USA was founded on Imperialism we inherited from the British. Which regulations is he talking about? Saunders should have asked him, the ones that caused the 1929 Wall St Crash or the 2008 Financial Crisis. I have asked this many times and it is always the ones that infringe profits, if he has to use his credit card to pay his staff maybe he should hire an accountant.

  9. Bernie is the man. Stand up to the right wing ignoramuses.

  10. Yeh Another misleading title from CNN , why am I surprised !
    Sanders Told Him that he wasn't against small business( actually he likes to help them get started with tax breaks) also what and who he protected first and if there was a stupid regulation forced into where it Didn't Belong you can Bet Sanders checked into it < if not then it may have been the guy was not giving HIS whole story which I noticed but they all had only a few seconds to discuss it !

  11. Only foolish college students start still live with their parents are dumb enough to vote for Nutcase Sanders. That idiot obama's mission was to destroy America by taking down the middle class, in order to usher in the globalist New World Order.

  12. cnn😂🤣🤣😅😂🤣

  13. With socialism you wait in line for bread. With capitalism the bread waits for you…

  14. When sanders says he isnt for corporations that pay no taxes, i had to wonder if there is such a thing.he says this early in the discussion. Dont corporations lobby for less taxes and regulations because they pay so much in insurance and taxes?

  15. But ol burn is a multi millionaire himself so whonis he to bash millionaire's

  16. Bernie's vision for America is socialism. He's an angry man and he is hoping to destroy America.

  17. He he beat all around that bush but never, never got to the point

  18. The business owner doesn't sound like a smart guy. Rules and regulations? Which ones? What business does he run? Putting payroll on a credit card? Bad move. Could be hes a shitty business man or hes failing, which is no ones fault but his own.

  19. well what the fuck do you people want bernie to say, if the dude could provide specific examples as to what he was talking about he'd get an answer he wants.

  20. so a question about small businesses gets turned into billionaires

  21. Lol. This guy was planted by the DNC.

  22. The Rich don't pay taxes because they are not employees. They own assets that give them cashflow, they leverage debt as a tax break… which people who own homes with a mortgage do btw, and the rich has tax incentives for providing homes and jobs at 500 employees in a company. You really want to find a way to crush the rich through eliminating tax incentives established by the tax bureaus and the federal government? You don't want entrepreneurs to go to the next levels so they can increase jobs in their businesses? I get the whole environment thing. But that business owner is talking about the regulations making it hard for him to get ahead. It is not anything to do with the environment. Bernie Sanders has no answer for that because he don't care about small business or business in general. All he cares about is getting people who don't know the game the rich are playing, all the jealous people that don't know anything about how to gain wealth on his side… all for votes. It's pathetic!!! How about instead of taxing the rich like how he says, why don't we make sure that when there are entrepreneurs ready come into the market that we don't hinder them so more job opportunities are there… you know… if you desire to keep the illegal immigrants around… or maybe you just want to choke job opportunities out there and you want more people living on the streets and crappy on the streets… you know like San Fransico and LA. Bernie you absolutely suck and so do you CNN.

  23. As I recall, a few weeks ago several billionaires claimed that they thought their taxes should be raised. I have studied
    and read Economics since I was about 10 or 11 years old and I guess one fact I have generally held is that we all
    more or less need one another. We live in a society with contradictions and apparent confusion when some High School Graduate works for a fortune 500 company and ends up earning more than a College Graduate in a solid discipline like Economics or maybe a small business owner. And then come the Billionaires and nobody feels sorry for them. I suspect there is always tension when one person thinks another is not getting his share or people believe one person is getting too much and not earning what he is worth. But I still believe America works when we work together and yet there are times when I have to stand up for myself and believe in my own value and worth because probably everyone else is going to believe I'm worthless. We don't know what another person is going through unless we walk a mile or more in his shoes. Indeed, I was surprised many years ago when I was talking with a College Professor and some Students who seemed to dream that I was not hoping to use my education to earn a living and make money. Obama and electing a black president in my opinion present a huge problem. There are blacks who do not seem to like whites and nobody who is white – or at least very few knew what affirmative action was going to do to them. President Reagan studied Economics and I do not know if he was idealistic and motivated by improving the world when he was young and then decided that there are so many circumstances, so many people and so many possibilities that maybe he decided the only hope for his own life was to go into acting and earn as much personal income as possible. Or maybe he studied Economics and planned to run for President? I suppose I am bothered by the polarization of politics and two extremist and impossible views. Unless we can come up with a non Distopian (not Orwellian as in Animal Farm) method of allowing everyone to share in Economic ownership and prosperity, maybe we have to discipline ourselves to get along and respect one another. Or maybe I need to change and be more aggressive. It is may opinion that Ron Reagan did realize that middle income people often pay the most
    and often subsidize, for example, the education of the Rich. I used to be able to spend a weekend at a local (prestigious) state University and read and study in an all night study center but the University has "upgraded" and my access has been limited for many years as a result. At the end of the day life remains a struggle and I have always tried to make the most of whatever circumstances come my way.

  24. I'd like to show up to work at a medium to large business and not worry about being falsely accused of harassment for trivial things. Political correctness has made college expensive and the workplace a minefield.

  25. watever happens im confident your politicians will fuck u. this is the beauty of america. enjoy your country

  26. does bernie create jobs

  27. spouting hot air. get a masters degree in public administration bernie

  28. "community organiser" lol

  29. Haha:

  30. Bernie Sanders should be our President.
    Elizabeth Warren should be our Vice President.
    Andrew Yang should be the Secretary of the Treasury.
    It'd be amazing if they worked together for the good of the country and the world.

  31. What a lame duck, "I'll see the devil in the details". What if you're one of the devil ILS making those details. ….. Talk on that you old Weiner

  32. We tried to get a loan on an ice cream shop @ the beach. $650K total cost was approved, until they found out it was a business, a stand alone business, with a 2 bedroom apartment attached to it. They thought it was a single family home. Then the Obama Administration decided that with our credit scores of 805 & my wife's score is 810 that we would owe $5k a month & after the 10th year, pay off the balance. That's a what is referred to as a "balloon mortgage". It's for people with shitty credit. Credit scores in the high 500's low 600's, not folks who have a credit score of 750 – 800. My SBA loan officer was frustrated as this was the best they could do under the Obama administration. Needless to say, we passed on the ice cream shop…

  33. Bernie skirted from the beginning, and when the guy wanted to interject at the beginning, Bernie said, "excuse me". That was it.

  34. As a business owner and someone who actually understands Bernie’s agenda, I have to say, anyone who owns a small business would be a complete moron to want to stifle capital flows to the people that spend most if not all of what they have.

    These arguments have been proven a Trojan horse for multi-national tax skirting leaches. These mega corporations get tax returns while everyone else is actually paying taxes.

    And they have captured our government and most of others. You want freedom, put someone in the White House who understands velocity of money.

    Oddly enough, it’s only coming from the one person who hasn’t owned a business.

  35. "We can't blame Obama for everything..we need to protect our environment"..I absolutely detest this clueless waste of skin. As a business owner I empathize with the speaker and for one am beyond thankful for the red tape removed by the Trump administration. Sanders has NO idea how to run a business, the nature of business etc. he's literally nothing but a walking sack of talking points that only the most ignorant/uninformed could possibly rally behind. All of this drama from the left and Trump is STILL a shoe-in for reelection.

  36. I really hate that son of a bitch. These stupid ass socialists have no idea what they're voting for.

  37. Old socialist fool.( Sanders).When Obama was in office, it was the worst job market ever, and the slowest job recovery since I believe the depression. The EPA protects the environment, so this old fool doesn't know what he's talking about. Not only that, he's been in govt. forever so he doesn't know what business is. Not only that, he's one of those RICH PEOPLE that he hates !!!!!!

  38. Democrats are retarded

  39. Isnt it funny how someone who works for everything they have dont see eye to eye with someone who has never worked a day in his lif.

  40. Du my name is Bernie Sanders

  41. he was against gm bailout and hes for the working man bullshit

  42. The thing that you can't get through these fuckin' socialists heads is that if I own a company that employs 1000 "workers" then the payroll taxes more than make up for the "lower" corporate taxes that I'm paying on my profits.

    The alternative is for me to NOT employ those people, or at least to employ less of them.

  43. Asks about small business gets a environment speach 😂

  44. Way to deke the business man and talk about environmentalism…. vote Bernie, free shit!!

  45. Sanders is an asshole.

  46. The old DC dip n twirl…bernies a moron

  47. Bernie is an equal opportunity employer he expects his staffers to work for him for free, he is just a poor millionaire who looks like he just crawled out of a dumpster.

  48. Sanders is a useless old failure that never had a steady paycheck until he was 40 years old and managed to get on the taxpayer tit. Where he has remained ever since. He could n`t even get on a private payroll much less ever meet one. He is one of the most disgusting semi-humans in existence. The only thing his, or anyone else`s, socialism ever distributes equally is poverty.

  49. What about Bernie and Nancy and some of the other politicians who have become millionaires while in office, bet they don't pay the taxes they want to impose on others!

  50. Yes the top 1 percent is doing very well and if they were not nobody else would have a job period… and yes CEOs of big corporations get huge bonuses because they have the most difficult job in the corporation they are in charge of everyone and have the responsibility of making sure everyone does their job

  51. What does Bernie mean "he has to look at it"? How many years has he been pushing his bs agenda? He still does not know the details?????? That is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. So Bernie's answer to the question was no I'm not going to answer your question

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  54. What would Sanders say if he had to pay 75% of his pay, for the rules made himself?

  55. Politicians always "love" small businesses until they actually do things right and prosper and become big businesses then they demonize them. Funny

  56. This fuckin clown is a midget amongst titans. DONALD J. TRUMP WIILL BE REMEMBERED AND REVERED. Bernie Sanders will be a urinal pad. Feelings are not facts snowflakes😁🇺🇸❤

  57. Can Bernie EVER say ANYTHING positive? Why are us Dems so negative?

  58. Sanders proves that he is not a socialist, he is a COMMUNIST! He knows nothing about business, or wealth creation. He wants to take everyone's money and have the government in complete control of ever facet of our lives! This man is evil!

  59. why didn't colonel SANDERS JUST STAY with his kentucky friend chicken ???

  60. The guy with the microphone is talking about small business owners – unless he was a plant put there by the Republican party, or unless by "small business" he's really talking about himself earning $500K annually or up, then what he's complaining about doesn't really pertain to him. He's not in that class of the 1% – and the 1% are NOT getting "kicked in the teeth" by ANY Administration, Obama or otherwise. They are taking tax cuts and benefits left and right in the hopes that they will put back in to the American economy, when all they do is just realize larger record-setting profits than ever before….

  61. I have no clue what Sanders said. Can you say that in English please?

  62. The man had a very valid point bit it was never answered precisely*

  63. Demoncrats are TAXAHOLICS!!! It's written proof in my recent SEATTLE tax pamphlet stating the taxes being raised and who in the legislature that votes for them. All the legislators with (D) after name unanimously voted in favor for MORE TAXES. All the ones with (R) after their names voted unanimously against MORE TAXES!

  64. Bernie Sanders is the closest thing to lunatic I have ever seen in politics and yet he stands there and condones Barak Obama who almost destroyed this country. Bernie will
    never be president of which I am thankful for.

  65. Instead of taxing the rich why not make opportunities for anyone who isn’t rich? Imagine fixing education and healthcare, that alone would increase the chances of a middle class citizen succeeding

  66. Never discuss/argue capitalism with an avowed Socialist, especially one that spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

  67. 80% of all Bernie Sanders says is BS

  68. Bernie Sanders is too old to be running for President. After having that heart attack he should have retired from politics and move into a rest home to maintain his health.

  69. Sanders & Democrats are LIARS. They are Communists. They hate private business and they love welfare.

  70. puck off you socialist babblying clown

  71. Bernie is an idiot

  72. First on first jew on jew,mic on mic, CREDIT CARD MOTHER FUCKER

  73. This man needs to go away for good please

  74. socialists are gay

  75. Sanders isn't concerned about his income? THAT'S A FIRST.

  76. Bernie proved his idiocy when it comes with a real world and the average hard-working American I was just trying to scrape by and when he said this in 2017 to the gentleman asked him that question he really didn't even want to hear the true question he only wanted to say his talking points what Hebrew beliefs would be the answer to the question a gentleman had it right so unfortunately hopefully he's not still paying for things on his credit card when it comes to payroll hopefully Trump's situations have made it easier for him.

  77. For people demonizing big corporations and demanding they get taxed more, dont cry when they dont pay more than minimum wage, pick shitty health care benefits, and raise costs of products. Thats how economics work. The middle class gets a break for tax cuts. No one pays more for tax cuts. Take an economics class.

  78. weasels like sanders have a deep disdain for entrepreneurs.

  79. Trump2020 and beyond !!

  80. Someone’s been watching to much Fox News. Basic republican talking points, ask him to be more specific and he will crumble.

  81. Love how Bernie shuts this goober down!

  82. CNN CORRUPT NEWS! Don't bother arguing with a Communist, it's a waste of time, BREADLINE BERNIE never owned a business, never met a payroll, never put his own money into a project, & doesn't have a clue what it takes to be a successful business owner, he's had that public tit in his mouth forever, even his wife "Baby Jane sanders", milked the system with that fake college scam, these parasites have never worked a day in their lives, political leeches trying to make America exactly like Cuba, or Venezuela, they don't know shit about Capitalism or free enterprise , all they know is "tax the hell out of the successful, & give it to the lazy freeloaders who refuse to better themselves".

  83. They always claim the 1%will pay. How much does Jeff Bezos pay? These people are liars, their goal is to crush small and medium business while big business evades taxes and lobbies and pays off these corrupt politicians. When the jobs go, the people who cant find jobs will vote for these scumbags for foodstamps. Nobody points the finger at them for killing the jobs in the first place

  84. He says "Multi millionaire" now hahahahha i love it

  85. Sanders family left Poland because Poland won war against Soviet Bolsheviks in 1920 and communism was not introduced in Poland. Sanders family would welcome that, so they left Poland for the US.
    Now Sanders are not Polish traitors, they are American traitors.

  86. eat shit bernie and obama sucks welfare maker

  87. Bernie Sanders is just a gravelly-voiced over-the -hill POLIYICIAN who doesn't even recognize that he's been eclipsed by…others that are younher snd have MUCH better ideas! 🙄😃🙃👣

  88. And, YES…!! Bernie: YOU are a millionaire:YOU pay up first; set a good example for your "legion" of followers!! Put YOUR money where your MOUTH is!!! 😃😃😂😁😂😁😂😁😆

  89. Bernie is a joke! He’s not taking about billionaires or polluting the air. He’s a simple hard working entrepreneur your taxing to death

  90. Sanders….you are full of it… are to old and full of cave age ideas……don't you understand that socialism doesn't work….you dummy….????

  91. This argument REALLY HURT Bernie Sanders. I mean, he's showing he doesn't support small businesses

  92. Isn't that what Obama did? Send Millions of jobs abroad to weaken America even more?

  93. Champagne socialist are the enemy of any economy they are in positions of power & yet they epitome of hypocrisy riding the gravy train funded by the tax payers

  94. Middle class people pay for the rich and poor…

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