Salon Owner | Starting & owning a salon business | Part 4 | Khan Academy

Salon Owner | Starting & owning a salon business | Part 4 | Khan Academy

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  1. How do you figure in color corrections?

  2. i was literally looking for someone else who has done this! i just opened my salon with this type of format! thank you!

  3. Thank you, very good information.

  4. Very inspiring video! Thank you

  5. Beautiful, I am working on something like this. It shall be opened in June next year.

  6. Do you have your cosmetology license? Do u feel like it is absolutely necessary to have one before u open open?

  7. i am pplannin to start a salon

  8. Can u give me ur phn nmbr plz… because i want 2 open a salon

  9. Hey, thank you for the info. I’m in my 5th month of cosmetology, and my goal is to open a salon after graduation. Can you give me some advice please!

  10. This was a in depth and wonderful interview! Thanks so much! And I wish you continued success.

  11. Really good products for salons on our channel

  12. She uses the word "incredible" many times like Donald Trump.

  13. how do you pay your stylist under the membership model business? any example? we if we charge $200 for color and cut we give 45% commission to our stylist, how do you apply it this in your business model?

  14. This isn’t a new business technique in hairdressing . I heard of this years ago in Dallas. There is Pure Salon in Dallas and it’s not just hair but hair , skin and nails .

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