Ronda Rousey is ready to be done with WWE: Total Divas, Nov. 12 2019

Ronda Rousey is ready to be done with WWE: Total Divas, Nov. 12 2019

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  1. Ronda please comeback to WWE

  2. You do what you want girl I understand and if you want a baby go for it Even though it breaks my heart because you’re one of my favorite wrestlers probably the best wrestlers ever seen before or you do what you want you do it’s right for you that you think I support you and hopefully after you baby you can come back to wrestling in the WWE

  3. I love Ronda she has a strong personality she should be able to continue her life like she wants it ❤

  4. Ronda rousey congratulations on wanting a baby with Travis Browne. Hopefully u come back to the WWE REALLY soon we r proud of u

  5. Rounda is a role model.

  6. I like their friendship

  7. So who’s gonna carry total divas next year

  8. Leave WWE & is the right move for you I wish you well in whatever you do in the future Ronda 👍

  9. She shouldn't leave WWE

  10. I want to see ronda on surviur series

  11. I don't want her to leave WWE.. ❤️

  12. She needs one last match even if it’s not Becky lynch even tho I would love to see that again

  13. Bye Ronda, at least we have my role model Becky we don't need u ronda

  14. This woman can do anything she wants! Let her do what she wants. I honestly think she and Travis would make beautiful babies.

  15. I Still Love Nattie💖😍

  16. ronda rousey will be in wwe for fews more years i think ?

  17. I hope this is a see you later 🥺

  18. Cut back to now and I dont even think shes pregnant yet😑

    With a half empty pint of Ben and Jerry’s
    – Ronda Rousey

  20. Ronda’s bum 🤤

  21. Gotta say natalya looking absolutely gorgeous in that outfit! Gorgeous eyes and smile! What a Sexy women! love to have fun with her

  22. LOVE YOU RONDA ♥️♥️😍😍😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  23. Ronda would make an awesome Mom. I can't wait for Travis and her to become a Mommy and Daddy

  24. No Ronda Please stay in WWE

  25. Ronda Rousey please you don't leave to WWE please 😢😢😢😢😢

  26. i'm happy for her☻☻☻☻

  27. Ronda was the biggest joke to enter wwe ever!!!! And every opportunity handed to her to disrespect it like this is disgusting good riddance

  28. Look….anybody with a brain knew she was going to be a part timer…and may not last long.

  29. She could've stayed a couple more years or at least 1 but idk maybe she'll come back but wait she has kids

  30. I don’t respect ronda

  31. She fakes and never gives

  32. I will marry Natalie

  33. Pls dontt leavee 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Plzz ronda come backk

  35. Could she bring her baby on total divas if she ever gets one

  36. Respect!!!! ☝🏾Is she pregnant yet?

  37. I don't like ronda Rousey and Paige,i like Natalya 😘😘

  38. ronda pls dont leaeveee waaaaa

  39. is ronda coming back or leaving

  40. If she's my mother u Know what's new

  41. I love you Ronda ♥♥♥♥

  42. Ronda please don't go 😭I miss you😭 Come back soon please

  43. I wish you good luck Ronda with getting a baby & good health and see you in Charlie's Angels premiere

  44. Ronda should be booked more like Taker. I dont think she needs a title to help WWE or the women's division. She caught on and did so well quickly. A road to Wrestlemania storyline with the 4 horsewomen would be so cool. I think Shayna baszler winning the Royal Rumble would be interesting. Ronda vs Becky Lynch and Shayna vs Sasha Banks would be dope.

  45. All I wanna see is Ronda Rousey return at survivor series and help shayna beat Becky and baley

  46. Not feeling this season at all. The chemistry of this cast is off. I know it’s scripted but it’s like in your face scripted now. There are inconsistencies from what happens on WWE and what this show claims. So amateur.

  47. The feeling is so mutual! We never wanted you in WWE in the first place

  48. In just an year, she has achieved almost everything, thanks for everything 'the best ever to do it' we love you Ronda

  49. I’m sure Vince will convince her to stay with more $$$$$$$ signs.

  50. I really want ronda to come back

  51. She couldn't wrestle anyways

  52. She is one of my favs but I’m so happy for her do what u need to do girl I just hope she comes back one day

  53. Ronda rousey please please welcome back wwe please

  54. Becky vs Ronda 1 on 1 for the title will still be a huge match.

  55. Ronda had a great WWE career although it was short lived! Loved it when she was Raw Women's champ god thing she's spending time with family and friends. Never seen her at a live WWE event she had lots of thing's to accomplish! Anyone agree?.

  56. I hate ronda good she’s gone

  57. But that was the whole problem Ronda didn’t need wwe once she got there they built everything around her a discarded the rest of the division for a year and when she decided to leave they had nothing


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