Robert Reich: Your Guide to Dealing with Uncle Bob

Robert Reich: Your Guide to Dealing with Uncle Bob

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Holidays with the family are great, but they can sometimes be complicated. “Happy Holidays, Uncle Bob.” “what’s good about them? I’m paying too much in taxes to support poor
people who are sitting on their duffs.” Good old Uncle Bob, sweet man. Wrong. Here are some suggestions to help answer the favorite arguments of the Uncle Bob in
your holiday gathering. “Actually, uncle Bob, the top tax rates, which I assume
you’re paying, is just a little more than half what it was for 4 decades before
1981, and only a tiny percent of your taxes go to the poor. By the way, the poor
are working harder than ever often 60 or 70 hours a week and more
than one job.” “But they aren’t paying any income taxes.” You see, he just wants to
talk about income taxes. That’s a trick. What you need to do is talk about the
total tax burden. “Actually, Uncle Bob, they’re paying a higher share of their
incomes than you are for Social Security, state sales taxes, property taxes, user
fees, and tolls. Add all these up and the entire bottom half Americans is probably
paying a higher tax rate than you pay. “But if the government taxes people like
me, the economy suffers because we’re the job creators.” Every holiday I hear about
this job creators stuff. Even Uncle Bob if he thinks about it brilliant businessman
I’m sure he is knows that he only hires people when he has customers actually
Uncle Bob the real job creators of the vast middle class and the poor who’s
spending motivates companies to add jobs without customers there’d be no jobs
that’s the real economic problem the wages of most people haven’t gone
anywhere for 35 years if you adjust for inflation
most of the economy’s games have gone to the top one percent ah
the problem is labor unions if they criticize unions tie the decline of
unions to what’s happened to middle class incomes actually uncle bob unions
built the great American middle class of the 1950s and 60s giving workers
bargaining power to get fair share of the economy’s gains but
because union membership has plummeted from a third of all private sector
workers then to fewer than 7% now the median wage has been stagnant and the
middle class has been shrinking so I suppose you want to raise the minimum
wage to be ready for this one that’ll mean fewer jobs because with a higher
minimum wage employers will substitute machines which send the jobs abroad
rather than pay people more actually Uncle Bob research shows a higher
minimum wage creates more jobs because people spend most of their paychecks in
the local economy thereby fuelling job growth and it’s also good from lawyers
because it leads to more loyal and reliable employees and less turnover you
know what you are you’re a socialist once they start the ad hominem attacks
you’ve won no Uncle Bob I’m just interested in
facts not labels don’t choke on your apple pie Uncle Bob or in the spirit of
being hopeful around the holidays this may happen name-calling will get you
nowhere Uncle Bob you know we have much more in common than it seems you care
about America I care about America we all want a stronger economy we’re all
worried about money in politics we want to leave a better world for our kids happy holidays
by my friend Mumbai

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  1. Strange . . . Uncle Bob looks a lot like Robert Reich, except with a bow tie and glasses.

  2. A good, rip roaring eggnog fart would shut Uncle Bob up.

  3. Uncle Bob would be a Trump supporter.

  4. Robert you are a good man. I wish you would understand that the system itself is the problem. You always point out the problem and what needs to be done to fix it…..but never how. Therein lies the truth….

  5. Maybe Uncle Bob will come around.

    Christmas is a time for miracles, after all.

  6. I know the Uncle Bob in the skit is a top earner, but the sad fact Robert is that most of our Uncle Bobs are middle class joes who vote against their own economic self interests.

  7. Brilliant this needs more views

  8. Reich can throw around isolated arguments all he wants, but globalization has changed the US middle class and the vaunted part war era is never coming back. Read Friedman "The World is Flat".

  9. Haha, the end credits list bob/uncle bob…but I thought he was played by two separate people!

  10. Strawman: The Video

  11. Strawman: The Video

  12. I wish it were this easy. Old dogs can't learn new tricks is what I believe though

  13. how about instead you drop politics during the holidays and actually spend time talking about non controversial things

  14. This is a really liberal channel. I'm going to go before I reach the butthurt.

  15. Actually Uncle Bob… 😂

  16. Greetings from Norway!
    Socialism sucks.

  17. The prologue to this argument is the leftist short haired wife starting a horrible conversation nobody really wanted to get into.

  18. REGRESSIVE PROPAGANDA talking points for brainwashed Politically Correct pussies.  Also,  its HAPPY CHRISTMAS FUCKTARDS.

  19. On a similar note, I'd love to hear what you think of my recent article, "Has Obama Been A Successful President?":

  20. "Interested in facts, not labels." Give me a break. Liberals have perfected the art of labeling those that disagree with them –> homophobe, racist, bigot, hater, bully… you name it. They do this in an attempt to destroy anyone that disagrees with them and political correctness is their religion. So video was good for that laugh

  21. Well done Mr. Reich! Keep'm coming.

  22. Well they don't really bother using socialist as a pejorative against me, because I am (no joke) a card carrying democratic socialist.

  23. Sorry, but if you raise the minimum wage, you effectively raise the overhead. It doesn't matter how much you sell if the overhead has doubled.

  24. Just bring Robert Reich to your family dinner. I don't have that many facts at my disposal…

  25. Robert Reich is the best!! He is much brighter and smarter than many other dumb self-brainwashed youngsters who really don't even know what they look up to. What a creative treasure he is. Also he is a natural actor!! Thank you for your brilliant thoughtful and heartful sketches all the time!!!

  26. Uncle Bob was a great man, he helped prevent judgement day from ever happening from skynet.

  27. uncle bob is pretty hot

  28. I can destroy these arguments by Reich easily. People pay a lot in sales tax, gasoline tax, license taxes, progressive taxes, medicare taxes, social security taxes, etc. The reason why economies grow is that businesses undertake and accumulate more capital by savings (by consumers and capitalists) not spending. A consumer can spend all he wants if nothing is being produced there is no wealth in society. "The fair share" in the 50s and 60s is baloney. Unions only occupied in their peak at 20% of the entire workforce. We are much wealthier now then it was then and unions are on an all time low in membership. As more capital goods are accumulated wages goes up because businesses need more complementary factors of production which raise their prices.

  29. Actually Uncle Bob… you're dumb as shit

  30. Robert Reich is actually pretty good at acting

  31. I love Robert Reich. I think he is nice and listening to him makes me happy!

  32. If lying pigs could talk… oh, here's Robert Reich.

  33. Come to Australia. You could really use you, Mr Reich.

  34. These videos are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  35. yes uncle Bob, I'm a socialist and you know why? because every country has a degree of socialism in it, yes even the USA…. you are welcome uncle Bob

  36. Robert Reich has a good sense of humor. lol

  37. How do poor people pay more in sales taxes??

  38. Hopefully Uncle Bob is dead for this seasons holidays

  39. Watch his documentary "inequality for all" it's amazing and funny

  40. Every time you hear "actually, Uncle Bob", drink!

  41. This video is for sheep

  42. If only my uncle Bob could be swayed by facts and logic…

  43. I would rather enjoy my meal than bother with this conversation. The "Uncle Bob" types have an answer for everything and in many cases become increasingly irrelevant to the conversation as it moves along. I know exactly why this is, the "Uncle Bob" types get their talking points from a right-wing pundit or politician who come to the conversation with 2-4 well memorized paragraphs of straight bullshit and repeat the information several times as the conversation advances to follow the first rule of the right-wing political plan…say a lie, make it BIG enough and repeat it as often as possible, until it becomes the truth to those who possess no critical thought (which is 99% of those who associate with the republikkkon party)! Until the parents of the U.S.A. start stressing the importance of education to their children and see to it that they're actually learning the U.S.A. will fall deeper into the abyss of dumb-dumb "ism!" Oh, about those "2-4 well memorized paragraphs," for proof of this tactic listen to House speaker P90X Paulie the next time he's interviewed! Or when the obese prescription drug addict "L. Rushbaugh" hangs up on a Liberal caller and spews his BULLSHIT over and OVER! When the caller can no longer keep the druggy on topic, you find that he moves away from the opposing viewpoint until it isn't long before you completely forget what was opposed because the fat druggy has pushed his 2-4 paragraphs every which way from Sunday!

  44. I actually do have an uncle bob who's like this

  45. I've seen mix studies about job growth and adjustments to the minimum wage. I'm seeing schools cut the hours of their staff when they were told that if anybody worked full-time they needed to be provided health benefits. That would be a raise so to speak and it didn't help anybody I gave more people or part-time jobs and people that were making a living wage got knocked down to a part-time job

  46. Holidays are never fun with the family.

    Holidays are best with your buddies at the bar

  47. Right-wing relatives should be celebrating greedy, vile, hateful Trumpmas instead.

  48. You can't talk to a rock. This is a wee simplistic.

  49. Thats not an uncle bob, uncle bob is supposed to be a whimscle genius and runs along and gives you this.

  50. I actually like Uncle Bob better; he should do the gruffy intellectual.

  51. The usual economic ignorance from Reich.

  52. CONS try and feed you the latest BS story they heard on FOX.

  53. euthanasia for uncle Bob, time Millenials rejected the burden of uncle Bob and the privileged-greedy generation.

  54. Nothing wrong with being a Socialist!

  55. As if you can talk to Bob. Just don’t invite him.

  56. Uncle Bob can suck my dicc

  57. This needs to be a PSA

  58. you can tell he has this guy in his family

  59. This is my brother in law 30 years a union man with pension and 401k yet still spouts uncle Bobs right wing horseshit.

  60. What if all your relatives are "Uncle Bob?"

  61. We have an 'Uncle Bob' in our family. No one invites him and his crazy shit to holiday gatherings…so no problems.

  62. Sure, uncle Bob is going to just BELIEVE me when I state facts. Sure.

  63. yea but Uncle Bob rich as fuck. I'd rather be Bob.

  64. Very well done Robert!

  65. I gave up on uncle Bob a long time ago. I just let him babble. i don't have time or energy for that anymore.

  66. Personally Uncle Bob needs to choke on his apple pie.

    I've had enough of Uncle Bob.

    He smells of wet cardboard.

  67. For me to argue with Uncle Bob, I'd have to get roaring drunk first.

  68. What if you are the only person in your family who didn’t vote for Donald Trump.
    USA USA 🇺🇸

  69. it does't lool like Christmas.

  70. How did I miss this one!
    Wish you'd do a Halloween version of dealing with Uncle Bob before midterms! How to avoid the real horror show if Dems don't deliver!

  71. Unions made America great.

  72. trump doesn't care

  73. You for president 2020!!!

  74. Nice… Yes, the way to defuse "Uncle Bobs" is with calm reasonableness and facts. Thanks again, Robert, for doing this with humor too.

  75. Omg Professor Reich "Uncle Bob" aka my "friend" Tim

  76. Uncle Bob reminds me of my mother in law. What's wrong with being a socialist anyway?

  77. Sadly the Uncle Bob's are being replaced by dumber dishonest fools who ignore truth and facts. They are a creation of right-wing radio who are PROPAGANDA AND LIES

  78. Omg this is such a good video!!

  79. Sorry, but Uncle Bob doesn't give a shit about America or Americans.

  80. Socialism? So what do you call it when government hands out billions of our hard earned tax dollars to Wall Street (who almost caused a world wide economic collapse), greedy defense contractors, farmers (not to grow or destroy crops) and bailouts to corporations who plan or mismanage their companies (then move jobs overseas)?

    Well Uncle Bob I’m waiting for a reply?

  81. He always explains things so well!

  82. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Uncle Bobs in my family. 😬

  83. Why does capitalism have to be so ridiculously confusing? The rich do this on purpose, just as nobles use to bar everyone from learning languages, and kept them complex and difficult to understand too. Design is not found in how complex something is, but rather in how simplistic something is.

  84. This is a great video but, that woman in the purple shirt just seems really uncomfortable. She's thinking, "oh no… they're going to talk about politics forever!"

  85. As much as I am a leftist and democratic voter, they're just going to see these arguments as short sighted and come up with counters to this. You need to start with their point of view, not state your contrast to them

  86. In the face of these facts, how do the majority of US voting public still make such awful choices when electing state and national representatives? Love how Professor Reich explains things so that even I can understand the issues.

  87. I love you, keep up the fantastic work

  88. Don’t choke on your Apple pie, Uncle Bob. On a second thought… your death would liberate money for healthcare and a house and your heritage makes your children rich without even needing to work. So, have another apple pie.

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