Revolut vs Curve vs Monese vs TransferWise

Revolut vs Curve vs Monese vs TransferWise

Hello and welcome! Today I show you a comparison between
Revolut, Curve, TransferWise and Monese. This is a comparison on the free subscriptions
free plans and first one we look at is Revolut. This is the standard card and it comes in
this fancy package. Which is pretty nice it’s surprising a bit
when you get it but OK. The package is just a… the impression lasts
for just a bit. What matters more is what you can do with
it. If we compare the Revolut card with the TransferWise
card. Both support contact-less. Both are MasterCard. And OK, the design is a little bit different
on compare to the other. The chip looks a bit different and Revolut
has some strange thing and also TransferWise have some strange part
on the chip and a small notch on the TransferWise card just to show something different. So having a look at the apps. This is the Revolut app. I used it and the selling point of the Revolut
app and the cards is that when you buy something abroad, when you travel
or in another currency, you pay less on the exchange. The exchange rate is the one that is more
fair for you than what your regular bank would do. Options in the app – one of them is
to exchange, any time you can exchange between currencies. And they even have crypto – currencies but
stay away from crypto currencies, in Revolut especially
and in general, try to stay away from those. And you can have an option to save to keep
some savings in there but, I wouldn’t keep large amounts in the Revolut card. This is just as a temporary way to get somewhere
when you’re traveling or, I mean… don’t use it… it shouldn’t be the only card
you have with you. I’m sure some people might disagree but this
is what I believe. This is just for the currency exchange. If you want the different colors and the black
card – metal card, you would have to pay for that. There are the subscriptions that cost more
money. So I would suggest, just keep with standard
so you see how it goes and if you want those
benefits you could get them. The main reasons to have the metal and premium
is to have passes in the airport lounges, be able to withdraw more money from ATM
and some insurance but you don’t get these cards for insurance. A lot of people, they just want the metal
card and not really the service, they care about the actual card itself as
something nice to have. So OK, it’s up to you. The exchange is done very easily withing the
app you see all the time the actual exchange rate
that you will do. And this one is much better than any other
company would give you or your bank. Your bank would give you a much worse exchange
rate. The next app we look at is the TransferWise
and the app is pretty clean, the same as Revolut. You can manage your card details pretty easily
from the app, from within here. And the next one is the Curve app which is
a bit special because you can add other cards here. For example, here I have my Virtual Revolut
I can even change the color on it to make it look black
like I have the premium one. Yeah I know that’s silly. So you can have cashback of 1% from retailers
(for 90 days) in the UK I believe. And other options for
they are adding more merchants. And you can change the color on the cards
that you add and here you can add any cards you have and then
from the app you can switch between them and when you use the Curve card, it will automatically
use the card that you selected. And if it’s a foreign transaction, it will
change the currency with the good exchange rate similar to Revolut and also both
Curve and Revolut have in the Week-end – they have a bit of a higher… They have a fee so try not to exchange in
the week-end with Revolut or with Curve. The next one is Monese and
they give a pretty good signup bonus if you use the link in the description. You will get 15 pounds (GBP)
and a free card from that so that’s a really good offer. And I think it’s good to have Monese as a
backup fro Revolut and you can have it in the Curve app and that’s pretty good. They would work, you could have both cards
just in case something is wrong. Sometimes the service goes down with Revolut
or with the Monese. They all have their moments and it’s good
to have a backup and this one you can load money on your card. Pretty similar to what Revolut does. So that’s the Monese. They have 2 plans,
one is standard and one is premium. But again, just use the standard one and don’t
worry about anything else. If you need the other options of the premium
you would know when you need it. The main selling point of these cards is the
good exchange and be able to use the card – your main card
from your bank without exposing it to the internet. So this would act as an in-between so
when it happens that your card details get stolen
it’s only the Monese card or the Revolut card even the virtual card which can easily be
stopped and your main card is safe. Use the links in the description of this video
and you will get a sign-up bonus and a free card with each service. At the moment Revolut offers 10 EUR or 10
GBP for the signup and a free card. You get a free card. This is when you make the first transaction. And Monese offers 15 GBP when you make the
first transaction. And Curve will give you 5 GBP when you make
the first transaction. They all give you a free card +the bonus and
in total the bonus is gonna be 30 EUR or 30 GBP
and this is pretty good actually. And you could use all 3 and the TransferWise
there is a link also, you get a free transfer and a free card. The Revolut offer is valid until the end of
August 2019 but I will update it with the new offers that
are available. So just check the description to see what
offers are there now, if you’re watching this later. This video is not sponsored by any of these
companies this is just how I got the cards and how I
want to use them and how I already use them, and the reason why I got them. Main reason is to keep your bank card safe
and to have a better exchange rate when you make a foreign transaction. These are the main goals to have this cards
for and the Curve one is a good option to have
it because you can go back in time as in, you can switch
between cards for a transaction that was already done in the past which is really interesting
and to carry only one card with you. So I would say, Revolut, Curve and Monese
are options to have. Monese as a backup for Revolut. Thank you for watching and I hope you like
the video and if you did make sure to leave a like and
write in the comments section bellow how you got it,
what you did and if you have it already, how you use it. Subscribe, Like and Share
And I will see you next time! Bye

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  1. Curve Card You get £5 + Free Card. I get £5 too!
    Sign up with code DZAMB3XE.

    Monese You get £15 or €15 + Free Card. I get €15 too!
    Signup with this link:
    Use code DRAGO862 during signup.
    You get £15 or €15 when you make your first card transaction.

    Signup with Revolut use this link
    As of 27 Aug. 2019 You get a Free Card. I don't get anything other than a thank you comment maybe. 🙂

    Transferwise You get 1 Free transfer and Free card in EU.

    If you already have them, write a comment with how you use these kind of cards.

  2. Nice video. Not sure why to stay away from cryptocurrency but everything else this was good.

  3. I use Revolut to exchange to Euros to buy Bitcoin at zero fees. I use Monese to get the £15 referral fee.

  4. How did you get the Revolut, I do not have the option to give people a bonus

  5. I opened a Mongese account with your code. How much money should I upload to receive the 15€ bonus? and will I get the bonus instantly after I make a payment with my new physical card? Can you see that I’m registered?
    sorry for my english.

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