“Restoration” Episode 1 of 5 | Presented by DUST

“Restoration” Episode 1 of 5 | Presented by DUST

(suspenseful music) – Is this even legal? – Well, it’s not illegal. Of course, it’ll be
easier for everyone if you exercise discretion. – [Oliver] So you’d get
your memories backed up too, then Andrew? – Consider it a benefit
of becoming a partner. – Is it a benefit or a condition? – Oh. It’s an insurance policy. You know, I’ve been watching you
for a long time Oliver. You’ve earned this, you really have. You’re a hell of a lawyer. You’re smart, relentless. Not afraid of a fight. We need to protect you. And us. And what about your family? If we can’t afford to lose you, what about them? Your wife, Talia, your son. You think about that Oliver. (piano music) Excellent mate. It’s really wonderful. – You really think so? – No. I know so. That’s not an easy piece to play. You’re much better than I ever was. – [Heath] Oh, cool. – Mr. Klein? See you now. – Now listen mate, I’ve got to go get my snapshot done, but how ’bout when I get home, you play that for me in person, all right? – Yeah, that’d be great, Dad! Thanks! – Good man. Love you buddy. – Okay, I’ll see you in a bit. – Bye. – (suspenseful music) – So Oliver, how’s work? – You know, same old, same old. – Yeah, I doubt that. I’m sure your firm doesn’t
pay for monthly back-ups for the sheer pleasure of spending cash. – My partners just want, what’s your slogan again? “Peace of mind forever.” – Yeah, a piece of your mind anyway. How’s your family? – They’re good. Heath’s got a piano recital next month. He’s been practicing like a madman. The tune has been stuck
in my head for weeks. There’s um dum dum dum da dum. I’m not doing it any justice. – No. – I don’t have a musical bone in my body. Heath gets all of his talent
from his mother’s side. – My daughter’s obsessed with the violin. She wants one for her seventh birthday. – It’s good that she’s enthusiastic. – Yeah, like I can afford one though. Not like my ex is gonna help with much. Same playlist today? – Mmm. Yeah. – I’m going to monitor the download from the control room, okay? – [Emma] Please say your name, the date, and identity code. – My name is Oliver Micheal Klein, backup date is July 5, 2019. IDC is 3663 Green. – [Emma] Thank you Mr. Klein, starting the download. (whooshing) (upbeat music) – Hey, Emma, we done yet? Emma! I gotta get going. (electronic beeping) (suspenseful whooshing) – Oh, you’re awake already. How are you feeling Mr. Worth? – Where are my things? I told my family I would
be home for dinner. – Your things are right there. I didn’t know you had a family. Something wrong Mr. Worth? – Mr. Klein. – That’s my next patient. Are you sure you’re feeling all right? – I’m feeling a little bit disorientated. I think I’m gonna be sick. (door opening) (door closing) (heart beating) – Mr. Worth? You all right? (gasping) (knocking) Mr. Worth? (knocking) Gavin? Gavin we had a deal. I’ll need you to verify your identity. Can you please give me your IDC? Gavin stop it. You’re hurting me. – Stop calling me Gavin. I’m Oliver. Oliver Micheal Klein. July the Fifth. 3663 Green. – Oh shit. – What the fuck’s happening Emma? – Gavin asked me to rewind his. I must’ve– – I. – You’re not Oliver Klein, you’re just his most recent backup. That’s all. – I swear when I looked in that mirror. – The brain sometimes, it shortcuts. Sometimes we see what we expect to see. We call that a phantom self. – Well where the fuck’s my actual self? – Come with me back to the lab. Come on. I can fix this. – Okay. – Yeah? – Okay, good. – Wait. – How? – I’ll just overwrite– – Just need to overwrite what? Emma? Overwrite me? And then what happens? – I put Mr. Worth back. – Yeah, yeah. But, what happens to me? Oh no. No. No, you can’t do that to me. – But you’re not you. You’re just a backup of you, of Oliver Klein’s memories, his conscious memories. The real you, he’s just walking around out there. He’s completely unaware of (boom) – You’re talking about killing me. Look, there may be another version of me out there, Emma. But I’m every bit me, okay? Do you hear me? – What about Mr. Worth? That’s his body. We don’t know how that’s gonna change you. – Don’t do anything stupid, Emma. I mean it. – Goodbye Mr. Worth. – Dr. Pa. – Everything all right, Emma? – Yeah. Mr. Worth, he can just be– – An arsehole? – Difficult. – I know. (paper rustling) (elevator dings) – Sorry mate, running late. – [Elevator] Restoration going up. (doors slamming) (car dings) – Hey, Emma! Sorry. (metal clacking) (electronic dinging) Everything okay? – Everything’s fine. Thanks Mr. Klein. It’s fine.

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  1. Am I the first person to see all of this

  2. Oh my goooosssshhhh!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕

  3. I wonder if my new self would remember my memories of DUST ?…..HMMMM 🤔.

  4. Coming soon reality ..the technology are here and its actually not new for them..

  5. Brilliant ! ! 😀 I can't wait

  6. henry from neighbours

  7. 2:10 That stomping soundtrack reminded me of the Unsullied army parading outside Casterly Rock, just before the dothraki swooped in.

  8. Ba muy buena esperando la siguiente.

  9. Another good story!!

  10. Interesting… I'm already trying to figure out what this "arrangement" is. I'm pretty sure what we saw isn't an accident.

  11. OH YEAH! From the "DUST ORIGINAL" bug in the lower-left corner through to every aspect of this episode, it's clear that "Restoration" is operating at a whole different level from the standard fare on this channel. With impeccable production quality, casting, and an immediately-engaging plot, I was hooked right from the opening scene. But it was the simple line "Overwrite me?" with the emphasis on "me" that made it clear that this series knows exactly what it wants to explore, and you better believe that I am all in for what will surely be a wild ride!

    If only I didn't have to wait until tomorrow for the next episode!

  12. Oh I'm guessing they're swapping the lawyer with the other dude. Ooh shit

  13. I don't know if I would like to erase my memories too but I probably would just erase myself after if my real body and memories are intact afterall that would be taking over someone else's body or practically murder . Also did she really kill someone for money so she could buy her kid a violin (I mean probably not just that but still) . Nice and believable story nonetheless and acting and concept is awesome.

  14. So did she put worth into Kline's body?

  15. Did they put a modified "personal massager" on his head? Nice to have a tasty show for a change.

  16. Cool ! can't wait for the next episode.

  17. Wow.. can't wait for the next episodes

  18. Emma, no! Why u do dis? Once news gets out, the public backlash will cause a ton of regulation on the industry and the price of backups will triple. I hope the violin was worth it!!

  19. Oh freakin wow! What a plot.
    Can't wait for the rest of the story to unfold

  20. Awesome to watch the episode of DUST. Are guys new twilight zone for the the 21 century series just keep up good work and thankyou 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  21. This is a cut above the rest. This hits the ground running, the immediacy whips you head first into a brain fcuk you never saw coming. The characters are solid and believable. Episode one of five? Way hey.

  22. Awesome 👍. Great job. Can't wait for more..

  23. Very well executed.. Excellent acting and story line. Hooked! or rather.. restored?

  24. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  25. Henry Ramsey the later years

  26. This is REALLY good. Great story and excellent cinematography. But he should know better than to let people f**k with his mind. Did he ever see Total Recall? Lol

  27. Top-quality, I don't watch episodes or series usually but DUST has been an exception to all the rules and as usual, this is really intriguing. Thank you DUST.

  28. На конец-то что-то стоящее, ура.

  29. Putting other people's memories in other people's bodies. This is the most epic form of gaslighting.

  30. This is great on all levels! Acting, cinematography, story.

  31. Waiting for the next part😎😚

  32. Getting a "Humans/Humans 2.0" production value vibe here..

    There is NO SUCH WORD as "disorientated"… simply, "disoriented"… damned Aussies…. ;-P
    "Don't do anything stupid, Emma."… oops… too late… Emma done effed up… 😉
    Hey… I've used my car alarm to find my car in a parking garage before… saves a lot of searching… 😉
    This has potential.. could probably string all the parts into an "Outer Limits" episode…

  33. Look, if you have weak morals and choose to trade on your professional integrity, get more money then what was in that envelope.

  34. You want my honest opinion here it is: this is sci-fi done right 1 interesting story with a very nasty twist 2 :characters whose reactions to each other seems realistic 3: this is one of those what if scenarios that actually scares you to the point you actually have a WTF moment when you least expect it. 4 and most importantly this begs to be made into a series, with the right cast and production behind it I honestly think this could be the next the handmaid's Tale, Hollywood take note this is how you get it done.

  35. And here comes Dollhouse

  36. Well now. Somebody wants this guy’s body. And bribed the lady to get it. Backstabbers. Damn shame.

  37. How do u guys get this many scifi flicks

  38. Continue watching “Restoration” with Episode 2:
    Follow the series playlist for a new episode every day throughout the week:

  39. I’m confused. I need help understanding this, I’m a little slow here.

    If Mr. Klein is his normal self and we saw his regular previous “backup” where he talked about his kids recital…..and then he shows up for the next backup at the end as usual ? What was the benefit of Mr Worth effectively “killing” himself as he told Emma it would be if his present idea of “self” ceased to exist? Why wouldn’t Klein complain to the doc about what happened and a better alternative fix than what Emma suggested? Wouldn’t he just go back to his family and job and there’d be 2 men be,icing they are the same individual? He seemed happy. With his life. Isn’t Mr. Worth effectively “dead” now with no awareness of himself? It’d be cheaper to shoot yourself than make this switch unless the present Mr. Klein is Mr. Worth in disguise to take on a new life to escape bad men coming to kill him or prison for some crime he committed where they’ll lock up or kill his body and he’ll be free? Head huts…..

  40. Finally something from dust that will not have a suspenseful ending👍👍👍

  41. Whoa I can't wait to see what happens! Yess a series! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  42. I was a big fan of Payload, and this is promising to meet that level of introspection and intensity. Consciousness-swapping in sci-fi has been done before, and to great effect in games like "SOMA" and the aptly named "The Swapper," but I've yet to experience a really engrossing story told in film. Through the superb acting, well-paced directing, and unobtrusive but believable special effects, this is shaping up to be a highlight in that very niche sub-genre!

  43. I think they need Jenkins for version control

  44. Great first episode. I'm looking forward to the next one tomorrow.

  45. I do want to know what happens

  46. okay.. this looks really good so far.. but I HATE waiting for new episodes.. I am probably going to wait for ALL to be uploaded then watch all at once … see howiyam .. LOL ; ] but yeah.. really good so far … !

  47. I wish I could just pay and see the whole thing.

  48. I knew this was going to happen the second they said they backed people up.

  49. ripped from Jack Vance, "Chateau d'If"…original title, "New Bodies for Old"

  50. Awaiting the next episode.

  51. I feel like this was already made into a movie.

  52. Can't get enough altered carbon either?

  53. Excellent series. Very good to see Craig looking great

  54. I don't like this. The premise is that the backup wouldn't be able to at all comprehend that there was a mistake. Once we get to the point where society accepts the fact that the mind is transferable, there won't be the idea of "killing" in that manner. Not if you have a backup and understand what's happening.

  55. Good thing we can't just plug brains to our computers..

  56. Seems like Gavin paid Emma to swap their bodies/minds, but then again, if that were the case, Emma is phenomenal at acting surprised.

  57. I almost forgot that this is only episode one. You can bet I'll be back for two.

  58. I love anthologies and this is the closest thing to it that is frequent I look forward to every one they put out all have been excellent and mind blowing..I can’t even say one wasn’t that good they r all good

  59. Oh my. This is just going to keep getting better and better. 1 of 5? Yeah baby

  60. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this before, more than once.

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