Restaurant violations: Canada’s Restaurant Secrets (CBC Marketplace)

Restaurant violations: Canada’s Restaurant Secrets (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. I ate at a store , that had a hot food section , bought a chicken breast, ate it by the time ,I got to my mom's house I was sick , was puking at 4am and was sick for 2 days afterwards will never by anything in there hot foods section, they will put foods on or about pill dates in the hot food area, just beware consumers

  2. First thing i noted: no hair nets, no hand washing. Were these contest foods washed. Baskets put on table from the floor where food was to be prepared. I have quit eating out.

  3. ACK! Talking over the food! When one talks one spits out tiny droplets. Immune System on the alert😲☻

  4. I saw a raw chicken cut up for fried fingers  , then a cooked breast cut on the same board for a taco salad, He actually scraped the cooked breast on the  salad from the board. When I asked him why he did that he did not even know he did it,  That was sad

  5. Isn't sealed milk okay at any temperature?

  6. My ears got right up when they said Regina, maybe I’m old and sick

  7. yak…rhis disgusting…i live in Macau, a really small city in south of china…but we dont have this probems in our hut…kfc…you name it… you can even take a look of the kitchens here… cause they are so open and spacious…the dont hide anything

  8. Gross,like everywhere! But I love your Canadian accent!!!!!!Could listen to it all the time, even about dodgy food places 🙂

  9. After re watching this I've changed my mind. They're not over exaggerating at all. Ebola would be terrible

  10. Stop eating out. I know it tastes really good, but your health more important.

  11. Gordon Ramsey: It’s rawwww

  12. A stickler in the kitchen…but turns off faucet with his hand. That handle is meant for elbows.

  13. No matter if your kitchen clean or not if your not wash hand is same your eat dirty

  14. the kfc by my house had workers preparing mashed potatoes on a tray on a garbage can. they got shut down for 2 weeks

  15. 22:00 Dude. Safe cooking temp for chicken is ~85 degrees C

  16. A… "Chef" who washes his hands not even till the wrists and leaves his bacteria covered watch on while doing it? He's contaminating every plate he touches, for sure.

  17. The inspector was very confused. He said between 5 degree celsius to 59 degree celsius (that is Fahrenheit!) So I think he meant between 5 degree celsius to 14.5 degree celsius. I guess that he must be tired and made that mistake. IF IT IS 59 degree celsius, YOU WON'T WANT TO EAT that sandwiches because it will be 148 degree Fahrenheit and succumbed with bacteria!!! DO some math here please!

  18. I was in a Subway and my server started to put onions on a sandwich. I said not to put onions on, and she took the onions off and put them back after they had been on meat in the sandwich, which is cross contamination. I emailed Subway about it, and they immediately got back to me about it.

    If you want to know about cleanliness, apps such as Zomato can help. I have the most reviews of any Zomato member in the Fraser Valley, and they check to see if you are accurate.

  19. Now i know why i dont feel well when ever i go to any restaurant or fast food joint


  21. I don't think I'll be going out to eat anytime soon.Like forever.Thanks so much for the info, it is very very valuable.

  22. If this is happening in Canada, in my country probably is 9/10 probably are with great violation. And my paremts still try to make me enjoy a meal with them, and almost always kick me back at the evening

  23. Chef Mooking's, you souldn't cook with the watch on and, the ring sould be covered!!! You sould know better. Busted!!!!

  24. i never eat in restaurants. i have worked in hotels like the Ritz Carlton in Toronto and it is filthy.

  25. Moxies will make you sick for sure.

  26. That's it, I'm done eating out

  27. … that 'Chef' made gray goop on a plate sprinkled with basil yet displayed it like it look appetizing. It did not.

  28. Thats scary to see

  29. I have been in most Vancouver Restaurants and, Cardero's is by far the best one in my opnion! At Cardero's you can everything that is happening in the kitchen👍Dom Francesco on Burrard has the most disgusting kitchen that I ever seen, also rats walking in the restaurant.

  30. Handling Food and Money👎

  31. All that time to make Mucho Pancakes LOL

  32. Moxies should change the name to "The Pigs".

  33. Do not send food back? you are not getting back what you want

  34. Canada is so naive and innocent

  35. Kitchen work is the most gruelling job I've done and I used to deliver newspapers in -20 c.

  36. I’m going Wendy tomortow

  37. I make my own food, but in every restaurant , they should wear gloves. Hairy sweaty hands making your pizza, or holding the bun too long while making your burger ha ha.. no thank you

  38. Moxies is the most disgusting canadain chain restaurant bar none. We ate there for the first time a few months ago and the food was so bad and old we sent everything back and left.

  39. I rarely buy restaurant food for this reason… Food that's left to go rotten and made to look and taste edible. Home-cooking is best!

  40. Mac Donald’s burgers are always room temperature am I the only one that thinks that mc Donald’s serves there burgers cold

  41. I got violently sick early Christmas morning after I was done wrapping my grandbabies presents, had knee surgery schedule for the 26 and have to cancel. I had eaten a sausage and muffin and half of a hash brown which I usually will not eat the hash browns. I vomited violently within 45 minutes after eating. I had gone to 24 hour fast food restaurants Americans favorite, to this day I don't like eating out. No one cares anymore especially about hand washing.

  42. nobody touching the asian guy talking about "an eye opener"?

  43. This report was all over the place. Not put together well, at all. Lots of good information, though.

  44. We need a kitchen nightmares canada edition

  45. Since when is KFC known for its herbs and spices? Is Canadian KFC higher quality that in the US? What other secrets are our brothers and sisters in the great white north keeping from us?

  46. Taking the temp 10 or 15 minutes after getting his food in his car. Failed !

  47. Test kitchen …. her long hair hanging over the food – a NO NO !

  48. Marketplace is a necessary program, so consumers can know what's right and what's wrong!

  49. im american. i luv watchin dis

  50. Health inspectors are greasy themselves they take kickbacks

  51. binging this show lately and the only thing i dont care for is that "try to talk to a CEO part" you always get the same thing …walking/driving away without a word or "you need to leave"

    we all know why this stuff happens… money corrupts and noone is innocent of that, myself included

  52. I work for computer repair. When your hands are wet putting those gloves on is really hard when they are wet.

  53. The woman and guy who were cooking cashew chicken at the studio, she needs to have her long dark hair tied
    back. Who needs to find a long black hair in their food because she is flipping her hair back all the time.
    Gross. Also no long sleeves while cooking. Skin is easier to keep clean that fabric.

  54. This is why I never eat at restaurants. Super expensive and then you get sick. Fast food is ten times safer which is funny.

  55. Need some hand sanitizer

  56. Use the clean as u go

  57. Gordon Ramsay: Ha first time?

  58. " You were washing glasses by hand" really omg however shall we cope with such filth.

  59. I saw a young chinese waitress clipping her fingernails on the restaurant floor…when she had tables up front. I could hear the loud "SNIP" metalic click of the fingernail clippers! I looked at her in horror. At least she could have picked up the nail clippings ? ! This was in MIAMI LAKES FLORIDA chinese restaurant

  60. never been to a moxies, after this never will…

  61. If your sick and your in a restaurant kitchen you are required to show up to work I HAVE A serv safe certificate and you Do not work around found
    1- Do dishes but can't put them away
    2- Take out trash
    3-mop up the floor

  62. Funny they temp it in the car since food doesn't stay cold or hot while it sits in your car or when you hold the milk your hands warm it up

  63. I always wash my hands before I use the restroom…I don't want germs on my butt.

  64. honestly the big violations, yeah, pretty bad. but stuff like touching your hair, face, ect. small stuff, doesn't bother me. We're humans, we've evolved to withstand viruses and bacteria. I am sooo far from a germaphobe and have always shared food and drinks with friends and just not cared. Now i never get sick, never get infections, never have any immune issues. yeah some stuff is gross but ehhhh. as long as it tastes good haha

  65. I'm 31, live in Toronto and never got sick eating out. Thank God.

  66. This is why I don't eat out. One restaurant gal here.

  67. That guy would have a blast in Boston.

  68. I was in Outback steakhouse in the Orlando airport, I took one bite of my delicious filet and a mouse ran over my foot, I was wearing flip flops! They only comped my meal, no way I was going to eat it after that, I had only 1 bite. The mouse also ran over the feet of a woman at the next table. I figured if you can have a mouse running over the diners feet, there must be a boatload of more mice in there.

  69. Should never do a class action lawsuit, attorneys walk off with most of what is awarded.

  70. The food handlers are the most frightening thing. Many restaurant workers are careless nasty people that do not need to be in food service. They have poor sanitation practices as well. They do a poor job at wiping down surfaces, cleaning glassware, silverware, and dining room tables and chairs. Beware of eating out.

  71. Say "contaminating" one more time, i dare you!

  72. They have a chinese inspecting Canadian restaurant?????

    Funny how they didn't inspect Montreal, the Canadian city with the most and best restaurant in the country!

  73. My gramps Own a restaurant and the golden rule is wash hands U break it ur fired right on the spot no warnings


  75. i don't like mcdonalds but time and other sources of heat change the temperature.

  76. 25:05 you have a lot more to worry about temperature in a McDonald's burger. Such as the fact that there is hardly any meat in a patty or the chemicals added to it…. Google 20 years old burger

  77. Boston Pizza in Canada……why does that make me laugh?? Lol

  78. No hiring in Denmark without a hygiene course. It's mandatory.



  81. Can you clean your hands well with cold water??

  82. I worked in commercial and business sales. So I'd have to look at the whole building including commercial kitchens. I found a hair on my plate and I just pulled it off and enjoyed a lovely meal. I.l draw the line at a plaster and a mouse though!!!!
    Some of the kitchens I'd seen, places where I'd eaten, but wouldn't eat again.

    Indian restaurants, kebab houses were without fail the worst places.

  83. I have worked at both mom and pop and chain restaurants and I never have seen a kitchen as dirty as the first restaurant in this report.

  84. does canada not have food handler cards? in america you have to provide proof of taking a food handlers class.

  85. If it was published how disgusting most restaurants are, people would immediately stop eating out and the whole industry would collapse.

  86. Celebrity Chef …AkA 🤡

  87. I'm going to be honest for 11 dollars an hour your asking for to much. Your asking unexperienced teens to be perfect for minimum wage. Raise the pay and maybe they'll feel a bit more serious about their job. I don't agree with any of this but my point here is both sides are at fault. This is why I eat home cooked meals.

  88. Celebrity chef talking about food safety.

    Wears a watch while prepping foods 😂

  89. Don't buy cakes or pastries where you gotta use a tong or select any, I see people play with the cakes and croissants before they select the one they want

  90. Where is our BRIT for gordan Ramsey…..

  91. McDonald's burgers always cold asf

  92. From Vancouver, went to White Spot (a Canadian restaurant) and ordered a legendary burger to go. The food not only took 20 minutes to cook when I had already ordered it 50 minutes prior online, but when I went to eat the burger, there was an old burnt shrimp tail in the middle of the burger paddy. It was hard to identify because it looked like old cookie sheet crumpled up. Turns out that it was in fact a shrimp tail that was brown and black sitting in the sauce on top of the meat. I wrote to them explaining what had happened since I wasn't eating there in the restaurant… and they offered me a 20 dollar gift card to go and eat there again. I didn't want a gift card to eat THERE again…. just give me my damn money back.

  93. Anybody bothered by how they took the temperature of the food? They bought the burger and measured the temperature outside in the car. Of course the burger's gonna cool down by then, especially since they put cold lettuce and tomatoes on it as well!

  94. It's good that they focused so much on hand washing, it's a huge huge huge cause for people getting sick. Hep A, staph, norovirus, tons of stuff. So much food poisoning comes from people not washing their hands or thinking gloves are the the solution to everything.

  95. As a professional chef I find this video very very misleading. So much wrong information I don't even know where to begin. I guess it makes for good TV though?

  96. Alberta is the worst province. I've had food poisoning 3 times, all violent. It's kind of funny you list KFC as being one of the cleanest because I got poisoned really bad by them in Edmonton. To be fair, it was a long time ago.

  97. I have A hard time believing people need to be TOLD to wash their hands after they cleaned the bathrooms and before the go back to touching food. Maybe we as customers should spit on our money 😂

  98. This is disgusting. How can so many people walk around a restaurant and not care how filthy and nasty things are? Seriously if you work in a place like this you are horrible.

  99. the puns are very nerdy

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