Report: Russian Mob Money Helped Build Donald Trump Business Empire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Report: Russian Mob Money Helped Build Donald Trump Business Empire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Cohen knows all this. Read his wiki page. Big favors done in N.Y.C. when he flipped properties for 300% profit in cash, and never had to report the buyer's names. Let's put it this way. The Russians aren't going to bomb New York City. It's their living room.

  2. Take a look now 9/22/2018 on a major police action in Finland to round up Russian money launderers.

  3. The American media is slow, they should’ve been reporting this when Trump was a candidate as it was already well known. Trump has always been a crook, fact! American banks stopped lending Trump money years ago because of his 6 bankruptcies. Trumps connection to Russian Oligarchs has been going on for decades, money laundering for them, the list goes on & on!

  4. yep, sure did, saw the check, signed by karl marx or was is joe stallin, anyway the bolshevik national bank honored it. all taxes paid in full, on time!

  5. Craig Unger long time Michael moore butt buddy,. more FAKE news with Brian WIlson, he lied about being shot at ..

  6. So, in 1984 David Bogdan, a man with ties to the the most powerful crime ring in Russia, sits down with Trump and bought FIVE condos in Trump Tower. The state AG ruled that was laundering money..
    And…. Trump bought Mar-a-Lago in 1985.


  8. I still dont know why he got involved with Putin and the Russians.


  10. Oh, trump knew it!


  12. still, trump himself is not the problem. the political system is the problem. with america's resources, it could easily be the most peaceful and prosperous nation in the world. but the management is not motivated to that end, and even casual thought would suggest that a selection process that could result in trump being in the oval office, is not merely ineffectual.

  13. Mafia Trump makes money unfairly and criminal ways.

  14. It's funny Fake News CNN has the same title as u both FAKE NEWS WOW.And now that the FAKE Trump RUSSIAN COLLUSION was PROVEN FALSE when do the Trials for TREASON begin oh I know JAN1 MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND EXECUTIONS BEGIN for Fake news media, the NWO deepstate corrupt Democrats and pizzagate pedophiles.u Fake News have messed with the wrong president.your FAKE NEWS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE soon to be no MORE.

  15. Brian Williams has a very sore butt

  16. But all the criminals come in through the southern border. And stay at Trump Tower.

  17. I know what was going through trumps mind. MONEY

  18. Whether he knew it or not???? Never hear that about poor and working people in the crime world. Already the media setting up a defense for the Thug in the White House.

  19. If America can't overcome Vladimir Putin and con man Trump we had no business ever calling ourselves the greatest country

  20. Yes, but what about all the Russian criminal groups and their crimes in Russia that Trump contributed to. This is what Putin has on Trump.

  21. Time to wake up Republicans time to impeach your orange clown

  22. And American PATRIOTS will, help Purge the FILTH OF AMERICA called DEMOCRATS and Liberals from American SOIL.

  23. When you hear shell company….it means laundry

  24. And Trump never knew it? Oh right.

  25. You will never stop a CHEAT ask the GOP the most crooked party ever created

  26. Us TRUMP supporters no dam well they are using you useful idiot's to overwhelm Americans with your stupidity using illegal immigrants and transgender sports and bad news whores for hire by liars and

  27. Opinion, Theory, Speculation, and Truth are words with a lot of meaning. All have different definitions, but CNN, MSNBC use all four words as the same meaning. They tell a story that destroy lives with these words and are not held accountable. This needs to stop. There use to be laws to protect the US citizens from these words. So please let us bring back THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. IN OUR NEWS,OUR GOVERNMENT, AND OUR CITIZENS. LOL JUST A DREAM I HAVE.

  28. Cocain Mitch doesn’t care‼️

  29. And he is still in office, Took down John Gotti. What a disgrace. If this was another country all Americans would be says look at these gangsters, Im glad its not here. Yes it is even more in your face than others countries would dare. Laughingstock of the world, Gangster capital of the world.

  30. It is all about the $ stop pretending anything else in us politics mattered

  31. Impeach before it is to late

  32. Dumpf has NEVER been able to make money legally. He has failed all his life. His tax returns will show he doesn’t own all his properties including Mar a Lago. He has laundered Russian money for a long time and the Russians now “own” him as Dopey Donney couldn’t keep his hand out of the cookey jar. He stole from them. He or they proposed a deal to repay, make me President and i will repay you. Since being president, he has been frantically trying to repay the Russians by lifting sanctions etc. THAT’s the deal here but also look to Saudi arms deal secret commission, the Indonesian hotel deal, Seychelles deal re Adfganistan, wherever / whoever he can con Donney has been busy. It is treason to save his and his families toosh’s from the Russians.

  33. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Seize the property!

  34. It is significant that Trump has not threaten to sue Mr Onger. What Mr Onger is stating is believable and should have been the end of Trump presidency. Unfortunately this is the acceptable face of corrupt capitalism in a cortupt democracy.

  35. Save America from crooked Trdumbp, fire him !

  36. Can you imagine if it were the Chinese who were involved in money laundering? I mean, how cliche is that?

  37. 18 percent for nothing seems above board

  38. It’s a witch-hunt ! I love witch-hunts .👏🏼

  39. Trump went bankrupt 6 times and owed 4 billion dollars, yet now he's a millionaire and they're trying to say he has no ties to Russia! Hahahaha it's really laughable that the trumpers think he's a great president! What a joke America has become. My apologies to all the decent hard working normal people there who have had to suffer this vile family and the gop crooks who have aligned themselves with a Russian murderer instead of working for the people.

  40. God I hope they deal with this traitor old school way! Drag him outside the white house and shoot him like a dog.

  41. After he gets fired he can get a job with swamp people

  42. Go figure, another msnbcr. So if someone does business and is smart enough to make money with a foreign country he's bad right? Well what about all money exchangers? Making money on the rise and fall of currency all over the world, goods exchanges the whole stock market system is built on the same principle. Oops, I guess we simple folk are supposed to be too stupid to figure that out. My bad.

  43. Trump family walks hand in hand with anyone who puts money in their pockets without question. The gov should lockup or execute the family and aquire everything they're holdings world wide.

  44. How much longer is this criminal president ? 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  45. Russpublicans origin story. Trump only defence will be that he was unwiiting .. tax evasion got Capone it will get Don Spanky drumph organization .

  46. Amazing how a simple low paying house keeper can find documents in the garbage that can bring a government down, casinos are known to profit from gambling, prostitution, illegal drugs, Mrs Melania Trump herself could be part of human traffic business transaction, how much would you pay for a beautiful woman? If you could and had the money,,, Sad to think a lot of the richest people in the world have really twisted minds, you can pay for anything even a position of power, some have gambling addictions as well, with perhaps millions in debt, for any mafia life means nothing, power is all, you can get rid of entire families without getting any blood on your hands, money talks BS walks.

  47. So why is he in the white house, lost by the people.

  48. Trump is so stupid if he know that he is so corrupt why on earth he runs for president of the United states it makes no sense to me

  49. They need to lock up everyone involved!!!!!! Disgusting🤦🏼‍♀️

  50. Of course his business was built on corrupt money laundering. Everyone knows it. What about Trump’s father buying millions worth of chips at his son’s struggling casino and didn’t cash them ? A gift avoiding any paper trail. Everyone, including the Republicans, KNOW he and his family are crooks, which makes the Republicans even more despicable. They don’t believe he’s innocent, they KNOW he’s guilty. If they thought he was innocent, they wouldn’t be so obstructive. They would welcome investigation as it would surely proveTrump’s innocence, but they don’t.WHY ?………….because they KNOW HE’S GUILTY.

  51. Seth Hettena wrote a book called Trump/Russia it says exactly the same thing .

  52. Putin didn't want to be known as the bad guy so he bought trump with lots of prostitution moneys … too bad trump such a loser and won't pay back rubles. Karma.

  53. Everyone is wondering why GOP don't put checks on trump. Perhaps the reason is he has threatened them with war if they do ?

  54. If the moron sold 70% of Trump tower to money launderer obviously at a high price, what taxes he paid for the high profit?

  55. Good Grief! Start digging his grave. So many million Americans suffered for 35 years
    ,both the rich and the poor well Trumpy boy was playing RUSSIONS Monopply! The nerve of him to even think he had the right to run for president of our nation as he is the top criminal is truly nauseating!

  56. ISLAM IS CULT AND CURSE ALSO CANCER. Congresswoman Rashida and Omar are stooges of terrorist organisation called CAIR Islamic radicals and worse than Taliban and Russia

  57. I read of "the donald's" long history with Russia. I CANNOT understand how his turning a blind eye to money laundering wasn't common knowledge as he ran for POTUS. He also has a long history of association with CRIMINALS on both sides of the Atlantic. Trump's a CROOK and the Republican party doesn't care we have a Russian Asset in the WH.

  58. It's quite amazing Trump was a criminal at its highest level, was selected as the president of the United States. What a shame on the intellect of the people selecting him as president. You guys don't do background checks on your presidential candidates🤔

  59. Money laundering made Trump's money for him. It was the low-hanging fruit that Trump couldn't resist, legal or not.

  60. Was the American people ever informed of these Trump background, to allow for a well informed judgement before voting for this mobster as President.

  61. We got a dope dealing liar in our white house!Look I have said this three yrs, actually I knew he's shutting the southern border for profits for Russian drug dealers!The grifters should resign now Donald, you Mr Trump are a disgrace !

  62. Why didn't this get prosecuted at the time if atty general knew about it? Seems N.Y. SO- CALLED law enforcement FAILED the AMERICAN PEOPLE by not doing THEIR JOBS thus PUTTING ALL OF US IN DANGER by letting rich people be lawless!!! SHAME ON THEM!!!

  63. Let's say I didn't have an idea about this already because I'm not interested and all I did was watch reality TV, like a good many Americans. All one has to do is watch the show Million Dollar Listing on Bravo for just a few episodes and you see exactly how Trump did it. Even the real estate agents in NYC on that show sell to dubious Russians, old and cwry young alike,, with massive unexplained wealth. They never state why these buyers in particular are so rich as they,do with the other buyers. The Russian buyers are obnoxious and seem like bad ppl, however. (The Chinese ones seem obnoxious, but not like bad ppl per se.)
    A lot of the time, the Russian buyers say outright that they never plan to really live in the property, but turn around and sell it. The real estate agents usually look honestly afraid of these Russian clients and it doesn't seem like its pretense just for the show. It is laundering in plain sight. It's just that Trump has been doing it for a longer time than almost anyone else in NYC and Florida, another Russian stronghold, and was dumb enough to let it become the most important aspect to his otherwise failing business model.

  64. Trump is too stupid to be a mob boss! #treasonous. #traitor

  65. So if the Russians control Trump dose that mean the Russians control the US and there telling the US Military what to do and give the Trump false information?

  66. Remember–HELSINKI

  67. "…knew it or not.." is absurd.

  68. Trump was always a Democrat until the financial sector ( Democrat territory, ) cut him off for his whelching. He blames the Clintons for bankrupting him. That's when the Russians moved in and that's why he hates the Hillary Clinton.

  69. Is the swam getting dried out now?

  70. It's embarrassing to have this men like president.

  71. Donald Trump is selling out America wake up there is so much proof of his involvement with Russia and mobsters ,if he is allowed to continue his presidency he will surely bring our country down to its knees.

  72. Stop trying to make one think they are Untouchable, One is only human.

  73. Red Mafia???hmmm….ha ha ha…Trump looks like you got caught with the thing on your person.

  74. This thread reminds me of the movie #OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest

    You know everybody is mental ill but you can't get out

  75. Impeach, remove, and prosecute #45 immediately! Just sickening and deplorable! Disgusting even!

  76. FAKE LYING NEWS again the true Enemy of the people soon to be no MORE.GITMO SOON FOR SEDITION .Gitmo can't come soon enough for these liars who know exactly the massive CORRUPTION of the Criminal Corrupt Democrats but HIDE IT from American citizens.PAIN IS COMING

  77. All politicians need to be investigated in Washington. No more closed door meetings to sell out America for personal gains.

  78. The Russia were helping Trump behind his back. That why there was no proof.

  79. 30 years of RUSSIANS coluding in secret. Just great butta shoulda would a

  80. Trump knows where that money came from he's part of that organization for the money that's how he gets his money and stays afloat

  81. I still hope that there is someone out there who can explain to me exactly how Donald Trump was able to get a security clearance. Did he have the authority to approve his own? How did the mouse get in the House in the first place?

  82. People wake up what more is it going to take Donald Trump is the president of the United States your in trouble.

  83. Impeach, remove, and prosecute #45 immediately! Just disgusting and deplorable! Putin's puppet! Parlayed with Putin!

  84. How did Mueller miss the whole money piece? or did he?

  85. At last, some criminal intent information.

  86. Russians helped tRump build Hotels. tRump has been losing money for years. tRump Mafia family has been laundering money for years. It's the only way dumb tRump can make money. Sad he sells out his own country. When the tRump Mafia starts failing look out.

  87. All just conjecture or guesswork by Trump haters, left liberals, fake news, and NO actual proof of any of it. The FBI, CIA, and the rest of the government investigative agencies have turned up nothing, and the left cannot stand it. Where is Obamas real birth certificate?

  88. Did the. People know all the things that was going on with Donald Duck. Before voting for him. People say he was a crook and a liar, before running for Office of President.

  89. I wonder why The Don didn't use 30 years of laundering Russian drug money on his resume for President?

  90. Declair a civil war Mr. President… Your true American people WILL RESPOND.. !! All 40 ++ MILLION PATRIOTS AND WELL TRAINED, WELL ARMED VETERANS AND MILITIA PLUS ALL 3%'s. Will HONOR THAT OATH we took to Protect AMERICA from Filthy Scum like them DEMOCRATS and Liberals. IMMEDIATELY !!

  91. Why didnt Mueller look into this????

  92. I believe it for the first time in history Donald Trump brought two Russians IN the oval office .Sergey LAVLOV and another fat guy.

  93. Lock them(the whole corrupt family'Trump's) up
    Then ,make this Whitehouse and Republicans accountable for allowing,
    Trump to lie to America ,and they stood by and covered up all the crimes and lies

  94. The (((Russians)))

  95. Maybe the Deutsche Bank records would be able to reveal more information?
    And, how is it trump is always surrounded by all of these kind of people, connected to russian money deals etc: but yet appears to not know anything– amazing!
    I don't think I have ever heard of anyone so not involved-maybe involved, but does business with these people renting/selling them apartments in his own very expensive towers etc: and yet he knows nothing about what these people do?!
    Same with his denial of Epstein, he said at an earlier time apparently, they had a falling out, but also said something like, he knew Epstein liked women on the younger side, but yet he still supposedly had a model show with Epstein at Mar Largo, the two of them, as reported.
    Now, in my way of thinking, when it comes to big money, you are either in or out, no in between, and the more criminally intricate the money dealings are, the more security they will use to protect themselves, and allowing just anyone into their very protected circle is not going to happen.
    And, then there is the old, and still used business dealings of, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours–
    Lots of possibilities.

  96. built with russia money
    to make russia monet

  97. He knew, he always did

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