Report Exposes Data, Unconscionable Business Of Opioid Epidemic | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Report Exposes Data, Unconscionable Business Of Opioid Epidemic | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. What percentage of these pills are legal use vs illegal use. The laws being in acted are more effective keeping the pills out of the hands of your 90 year old grandma with some pain so intense she tries to commit suicide but the doctor won’t give her what she needs because he’s afraid of losing his license and being harassed. Our laws, “ ready, fire, aim!”. Why isn’t there more harassment of politicians writing ineffective laws. Almost a rhetorical question. They are on the pay roll too. You don’t think that lobbyists from big Phar are all over Congress? Who suffers? Ask Bernie.

  2. It's only legal if a rich white dude does it and his white friends get some kick back from it!

  3. This isn't new – my mother's doctor and the all too willing pharmaceutical industry hooked her on opioids, which eventually killed her – that was 30 years ago. There is a place for pharmaceuticals, but big pharma is a criminal enterprise.

  4. How many of them are legal?
    I take 1440 reliably on time every year.

  5. The black market is definitely a drug-dealing ring, but why can't we ever mention the patients that are being blamed for this and killed daily?

  6. do you realize the suicides due to day after day hour after hour minute after minute pain with no relief and now NO HOPE of even sometimes relief- these suicides are ALSO being COUNTED as drug overdose deaths? often it cant even be determined if accidental or on purpose. many if not most of the middle aged increase in suicide- especially working class and veterans- are mostly due to life in pain including now stigma, both suicides and accidental since many must go to the street for relief now. it seems no one cares any more. people looking to get high is nothing new, but now people who have worn their body out working hard all their life are the targets of the system and are suffering- not rich and powerful people, i am sure they have whatever pain relief they want or need, or full time hot tubs and massages etc, along with adhd and anxiety meds to enhance themselves and their children. it almost seems like someone in the shadows WANTS non rich people to die off. look at the life expectancy difference by social class- working and poor die at the age retirement is pushed to…

  7. Drug rehab is big business in the US of A can be wiped out in 12 months but the US made it illegal those who go outside the country drug free.

  8. Drug was mentioned on CSI years ago.

  9. I guess that’s why you get paid the big bucks finally waking up to the problems!! How do we occupy a country for 18+ years and they get better Poppy seeds?!

  10. Who knew Walmart was such an evil, community destroying company? I mean besides everyone.

  11. Weird. Why aren't you blaming the president at the time?

  12. Walgreens, Activis Pharma and SpecGX brought 301M to my city of 1M people. The 301:1 ratio does not exist where these company's headquarter their business. Wonder why… And No, we did not have a huge accident or a natural disaster between 2006 and 2012 that would have injured enough people to merit that ratio of opiod pills to people.
    Thank you Rachel for bringing this story to light!

  13. This scenario is gut-wrenchingly familiar. I worked as a women's health-care provider in North Carolina from 2003 until retirement in 2016. During that time, more and more pregnant women came into care as drug abusers/addicts. Also during that time, more and more pregnant women were referred to drug rehab clinics. But what the "counsellors" did during their time in "rehab" was disgusting. Sure, the women were "helped" off of Oxycontin or worse, but instead of helping avoid withdrawal and lessen chances of hurting their unborn babies by maintaining the same dose of drugs – and then after delivery helping the moms get out of their addiction – the women were prescribed Suboxone. Suboxone is no less addicting and harmful to unborn babies and their moms than other opioids. Worse yet, the doses they were prescribed were increased with each visit to alarming levels. Babies had to undergo the withdrawal their moms did not. Babies died, moms stayed addicted, families shattered. Drug tests were routine upon admission to the delivery suite so that pediatricians would know which babies would need the withdrawal protocol. Babies were drug screened when moms declared they were drug free – and babies were shown to be addicted as well. Lord help us, this has to stop!

  14. Hey! Whaddya know! There's a database to keep track of every single pill that's sold! Yet they can't even maintain a notepad & pencil to keep track of separated families!

  15. So the 'War on Drugs" was really a war on competitors?

  16. So many people have this completely wrong. A group of medications that are legally manufactured, prescribed by Physicians, distributed to Pharmacies and sold LEGALLY to people whom largely have a genuine medical need for said medication are being blamed and vilified because a small subset of society is misusing them? The Nixon crowd lost their war on pot and coke and just need a new villain. If teens in Germany start getting high on Viagra and diabetes meds will they stop selling those? I doubt it. Our government is responsible for the opioid deaths, mostly. Good, upstanding people that have been TRULY helped be this class of medication is suddenly cut off from something they have come to need, yes, NEED. It is addictive. That is a trade-off those of us living with chronic pain are forced to make. Most don't make it lightly. So when you think of a drug abuser dying of an overdose of heroin, think of your arthritic grandparents that have been taking a LEGAL pill once or twice a day suddenly having to deal with their pain using powdered heroine of unknown strength, purchased on the streets from a stranger, not knowing the dose that is equivalent to their medication, sticking that needle into their vein for the first time. Guess what happens next, all too often? I agree it is a problem, but banning it from people that need it is NOT the solution.

  17. Shame you can't do it for semi-automatic rifle sales.

  18. @msnbc how do you not add the link in the description? Wtf

  19. 46 pills for every person 15 and up. If a spitball 75% of the population never haf any that year, that's almost 200 per person ever getting a perscription.

    It is of course not everyone, but it looks like for those being prescribed opioid pain killers, with masssive help from most links in the supply chain – addiction was the targeted norm, not the exception.

  20. Please don't let your compassion for the lives of addicted people lead to an outright ban of opioids. At the right doses, opioids save the lives of chronic pain patients, every day. The doctors and pharmacists are vital members of a chronic pain patient's health team. Please don't lump all patients into the addicted category or all medical professionals into the unlawful category. Thanks.

    Before Opioids & Nerve Pain Medication: Wracked with pain. Excruciating. 24/7/365Xyrs. Tormented. On the edge. Can't Think. Hermit. Shut-in. Wheelchair. Alone. Despair. Small. Useless to everyone. Making Plans.

    With Opioids & Nerve Pain Medication: Can sleep. Can Think again. Can Breathe. Lucid. Hopeful. Volunteering. Walking the dog. Writing Poetry. Laughing. Tutoring children. Making plans.

  21. You mean the Mexicans aren’t bringing them in ? !!!! Hmmmmmmmmm . FDA CIA BIG PHARMA ! This is a Nation of crash-test dummies!!!!!

  22. 2006? wasn't that the year bush passed a new law making it legal to sell soldiers pain medications? what's the chances of them making it legally nationally after realizing the profits they made on soldiers alone?

  23. seems like one of the most important things about this is missing. the Doctors who keep prescribing these pills.

  24. This should fall on the backs of the prescribing physician. A pharmacist job is to fill prescriptions. They should report red flags, but they can't tell a doctor 'no.'

  25. Can you do this for Guns as well ?

  26. Opioids coming largely across the southern border. Dems want open borders. Do the math

  27. Link to the database without having to subscribe to the Washington Post?

  28. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? People get hooked on drugs because they follow the world view that they deserve & must have whatever they want whenever they want it & are not accountable for anything. Someone else is always to blame & society & the government must pick up the pieces.
    Sure, there are many contributing factors, but in the end each individual is responsible. Grow up & grow a pair in the process.

  29. Is this also considered “fake news “? Thank You for reporting this.

  30. America everyday you prove to us that you are the Big Daddy of Shithole Countries. YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE!!??!! Just let that sink in for a minute. YOU ARE TURNING YOUR POPULATION INTO DRUG DEPENDENT ZOMBIES. Is that the plan of the 1%ers all along. Each Zombie is just a vote.

  31. Got to make more money, so what if a little of the 1% human livestock, die or lives are destroyed. So What, got to make more money!

  32. The Charleston, WV Gazette!! The paper I grew up with. Great journalism!!

  33. Must be the Russians?….or the Chinese perhaps?……nope good ole American big pharma.

  34. WHY WE HAVENT SHOT THESE VERMAN OUT INTO SPACE YET like the TRASH THEY ARE I will never know. We just shake our heads and do nothing yo these human malignancies

  35. Which option do I tap when I'm on the ARCOS main site? EDIT: Disregard. I was trying to go thru the DEA main site–which requires a user/password. You have to go thru the Washington Post page.

  36. The system promotes the behavior. Politicians, banks, investors, stockholders, lawyers, law enforcement, the medical industry, and other "institutions" benefit from sick, addicted zombified citizens.

  37. I wish you'd leave my pain meds alone. I hurt enough. I was an "Axe-man"… Slammed by a Widowmaker, which rearranged my body… Leaving me in hellish agony. Now I'm stuck in one place, unable to get moved to another place, because it's near impossible to find another doctor. Causing more stress. I can't go away for more than 28 days. Get out of my life!

  38. pharmaceutical companies are the tobacco companies of this era

  39. MSNBC = More Sh!t Nothing But Crap

  40. iv taken opioids for chronic pain since 2007. I take as directed ALWAYS. NEVER Abused them. have tried spinal cord stem, nerve blocks, therapy other meds nothing has helped relieve the pain except opioids. due to all the drug overdose my doc has lowered my opioids mgs. so daily I get 1/2 of pain relieved and do less movement so my pain don't increase. showing the world what pharmacy sell these pills is dangerous, break ins happen more often

  41. Americans are silent and complicit.

    A hundred thousand in Hong Kong are demonstrating, Americans, mainly the Dem constituents are popping freakin' popcorn!

    The World is watching!

  42. When you guys stop obsessing over Russia and actually do journalism, it's a thing of beauty.

  43. And president Trump blame Mexico for America's drugs problems .

  44. The Trump MAGA Repukeliklan Party is not a political party. IT IS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.

  45. #republicansTARGETOPIODaddicts FACT! #trumpOPIODVOTE

  46. #FASCISTFEDERALISTSOCIETYofFASCISM judges of republicanism-FASCISM of the RICH.

  47. Thank you POTUS for going after big pharma and opiod control! To bad the dems are fighting against this.

  48. Gotta love how she starts out with her random pick of anywhere in the country that just so happens to be one of the worst locations in the country…….even a real report of such a serious issue from this crap channel starts out WITH A LIE!!!! GOTTA GET THAT SHOCK VALUE IN HUH? !!!!!! MSNBC JUST SUX……

  49. The poorly uneducated.

  50. Ya, my Mom was addicted by these opioids, and she didn’t even know. She was mindlessly given them for pain too frequently by uneducated caretakers. They would just give them to her every few hours…

  51. Rachel: the WAPO has NOT made this publicly available. You have to subscribe to their paper to see it. Jeff Bezos gives NOTHING away.

    New sites should not offer links to WAPO articles that are behind a paywall.

  52. there is no opiod crisis= it is made up by the big drug companies that want to sell their dangerous pain pills for 10 times the cost opioids cost. their expensive pills destroy your organs but opioids are natural and do not physical harm= only harm to those that abuse them, kie heavy drinking of booze does .

  53. SEEMS LIKE ORGANIZED CRIME! You have the producers, the distributors & the drug dealers, of highly controlled substances!

  54. You can call alexa and have opiods in minutes. MAGA and get on the opiod bandwagon. You'll love it.

  55. Which Politicians took big money from big pharma? Directly responsible. Poisoning your own people, just as bad as Chernobyl.

  56. so stop wondering why heroin use is on the rise, and wow why all the Fentanyl more broken family,s more deaths, more money for the biggest business jailing people. GET THEM HOOKED AND CUT THE SUPPLY. STOP letting the gov. cover this stuff up . look up who in the top tier of Gov. that gets big money from big Pharm. there,s your complicit people . but its not just big Pharm . its the oil people, the nra /with rubles, foreign influence. STOP THE PAYOLA. TERRA CORAM IPSO

  57. You can be 100% sure she is misleading us in some form or another. Either leaving important facts out or lying directly like she does with every story.

  58. Big pharmas & the govt collude to make money in expense of the people. Then they turn around and blame the epidemic on street drugs.

  59. It would be interesting to have a red county versus blue county distribution of opioids statistic.

  60. These companies should have to invest their profits in a real cure for addicts. Not just switching them to a different more expensive addictive medicine that the companies make more money from.

  61. If u look at the map and see where the most of these are being distributed at…its mostly trump country. Middle and southern America. Poor white communities are being hit the hardest. And tRump wanted us to believe that he wants to tackle this issue. He was just lying. As much as he wants to save white America from this standpoint, he is not willing. Too much money and power is involve.

  62. Thank god Trump has arrived to address this problem

  63. What's the difference between drug companies and drug cartels?
    One is legal. One is not.

    Both do the same thing to your community.

  64. See? All El Chapo ever had to do was apply for articles of incorporation, trade openly on the NYSE, then donate to a Republican PAC, and he would have been fine

  65. Yet, 10000s of people in jail from non violent minor possession charges from marijuana. Only in America

  66. Capitalism need to be heavily regulated if it is to work without killing us all…

  67. But according to the DEA, cannabis is as addictive as heroin!

  68. Thank you for this report. wow angry sad

  69. Giiiirl you on top of the game, thanks Rachel. Greed by any means necessary smh

  70. what is the link to the data base?

  71. Ironically Shes on more stims than our president.

  72. Unbelievable stuff, love you Rachel! PS here is direct link to database


  74. In my time it was the heroin epidemic then it was the crack epidemic in between coke barbiturates and on and on…. now this

  75. wait, I thought opioids come through the border?

  76. …which gives doing the war on drugs an entirely new meaning.


  78. Pain isn't unique to the US. you can even assume that certain places where medical services aren't as advanced or plentiful are likely to have more people who are forced to live with pain and discomfort. Yet no one pops pills like Americans. Now we know why. I think we've all had suspicions that it's the industry that is one of the major causes. But now we have the data. You don't move products with volumes like these unless there is a powerful push for it.

  79. Who wrote all the prescriptions?

  80. Shouldn't capitalists supply what the market demands?

  81. so we build walls around all pharmacys ?

  82. I also blame the Doctors who give these drugs just for some money or any other favor……. Shame on the big Pharma CEO's making money on people's death.

  83. Some people actually need those pill to have a decent quality of life. For some reason our government isnt smart enough to stop the people abusing them while not hurting the ones the use them legitimately. Rachel maddow please do a story on the people being hurt by this.

  84. How about the "unconscionable" buisness of alcohol that kills four time as many peaple annually than all illegal and perscription drugs combined!? But that's ok? Lol peaple are stupid, but not as stupid as they think! Drink up! It's ok

  85. The Republican Party: „Regulations are bad for business. 😑“
    Particularly if your business is being a murderous drug dealer. Literally.

  86. This may sound stupid but how do people so strung out on these pills work or anything else? Who is taking them, how many are being taken? This information is out there too. Who is prescribing them and why. What are they getting out of it.
    Got it. It's a plot by the Sackler Family to get people in Red States so strung out on drugs that they can't think straight, rendering them easy prey to Republican political strategy.

  87. Hey! I thought it was the Mexicans who were "..bringin' drugs…". Didn't Trump say that? I swear…, I really did hear him say that.

  88. That’s pills per person living there, not just per person getting prescriptions.

  89. It's actually a lot like North Korea where a large portion of the population is addicted to methamphetamine (ice).
    The government over there makes it as one of their few industries to help keep the population docile and "in line" and people who have visited have come back and said that it is easier to buy the drug in restaurants than food.
    Just shows that societies are the same all over the world, it's just our surroundings and beliefs are different.

  90. Have you forgotten that these LEGAL MEDICATIONS are made for good reason? If you or a loved one are ever badly injured or get sick with a painful condition, I promise you that your memory will be quickly refreshed. Rachel is supposed to be a great investigative journalist but she failed to do her homework on this issue. The CDC states that only about 6% to 7% of pain patients become addicted. That leaves at least 93% of pain patients Do Not become addicted.  The CDC estimated that 16,000 people overdose and die from Rx pain meds and many of those did not have a prescription for those meds and had other drugs and alcohol in their systems at the time of death.

    88,000 die from alcohol poisoning, but I bet a lot of folks howling against pain pills drink alcohol without a second thought to those who become alcoholics and die.

    I live with intractable pain, autoimmune disease, and I have taken pain pills for years without ever becoming addicted or overdosing. I had a life, I was still ill and still in pain but I could manage that pain with the meds.
    Now, due to crappy reporting like this, I and countless others like me are being denied the medications that allowed us to have lives as opposed to being crippled by pain. What about us, Rachel? Do our lives matter? Do our civil and human rights matter? What about the concept of privacy between doctors and patients? That went right out the window when this media-driven hysteria began.

    Shame on Rachel Maddow and MSNBC for failing to consider the rights of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of chronic/intractable pain patients. We are not the enemy, we have done nothing wrong but we are suffering because the media won't do their research.

  91. Hey, Rachel, here's a sensational story for you, since that seems to be what you are after. Intractable pain patients are killing themselves because they cannot live in constant, high-impact pain. What kind of ghouls want to see that happen? The ignorance brought about by Simple Minded Sensation-seeking reporting like the above is only making things far worse for those who have legitimate painful conditions and truly need the medications. Throwing pain patients under the bus won't do a thing to help stop overdose deaths.

    Guess what, people can make opioids illegally and are doing so with a gusto, anyone who says legal pain medications are the problem is suffering a knee-jerk reaction to a very complex issue. That ignorance is lethal to those living in pain.
    Do you know that even cancer patients cannot get adequate pain management in many cases?  Did you know that little children are now dying in pain due to this idiotic hysteria? Do you care?

    I'm all for helping addicts, but this is a classic case of barking up the wrong tree. You are doing terrible harm to innocent pain patients who are in no way involved in the drug crisis on our streets. The sky-rocketing numbers of overdoses and deaths are NOT due to Rx pain meds. Street Fentanyl is what is killing so many and when this New Temperance League is done punishing pain patients, doctors and those who make LEGAL PAIN MEDICATIONS, there will be no hope left for those suffering in agony. PAIN KILLS TOO.
    How can you be so puffed up, indignant and full of yourself when your actions are literally killing pain patients?


  93. I guess tracking pills for patients is much easier than cleaning up the streets of illicit drugs. Thanks to our government chronic pain patients are denied their medication and looking to streets for pain relief or just suiciding.

  94. You can't do any of this. Go ahead and try. "Paywall," "sign in/sign up" etc. No browser will allow public access to the data.

    An addition, this data is USELESS to the public. Manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies…. that's all the simple consequences of the market.

    This database is useless unless you NAME THE DOCTORS prescribing the drugs. Where is that data? The public needs to know the gatekeepers and the ones pushing the drugs directly to the victims; not the name of the stupid pharmacy where they got their prescriptions filled, or the plant where they were made. It implies that you should blame Walmart for you kid OD'ing, not the dentist down the street who actually gave him the fat bottle of dope for the price of getting a filling.

  95. Hey, Rachel. How many shots of booze were sold in that time period? 88,000 people die from alcoholism a year in the US. I am ashamed to have believed that Maddow was a great investigative journalist. This disgusts me, so clueless and hysterical and not a word about the legitimate patients who need pain meds. How dare you judge something you have NO understanding of? This sort of fanning the flames of hysteria angers me beyond measure. How dare you? Does Maddow now boast a medical degree? This is why we go to doctors when we are in pain, instead of asking idiots like Maddow what to do.

  96. Because of hacks like you I have to suffer everyday. But it is OK for obese people to get addicted to food and that is ok with everyone. There was no opioid crises when President Obama was in office. He said if there is nothing else that can be done for someone send them hope with a pill to make them comfortable. Now,  that Trump is President and stupid wife is in there it is a crisis. I will tell you right now, I will never watch your show again. Not until you come to the reality that it is not a crisis and that is a fact. I, am with Obama on this one and not TRUMP as it appears to be where you are.

  97. Oh Rachel… you are supposed to be smarter than this.

  98. Stop demonizing a medication that I have legally taken since 1996. It helps me. Stop the prejudice I hear about me possibly being an addict if I go see a new doctor or if I have to go to an ER for any reason and I tell them my meds. Stop making it so much more difficult to get help.

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