Reiki to Assist You When Dealing with Rejection/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

Reiki to Assist You When Dealing with Rejection/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

Hi everyone. This is Lourdes The Reiki in this video is to assist you with dealing with rejection. If you are new to Reiki, my videos, or my channel my videos, or my channel, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions Playlist. There is a link to it above my head. . If you are interested in Reiki, sessions, services, classes or readings, please go to my website, While on my website, you may wish to subscribe to my newsletter. There you may find that the newsletter includes an offer for free Reiki, perhaps a chance to win a contest for a personalized Reiki session or even tips and suggestions to make your life easier. If you are ready, please sit back, relax and let this Reiki flow to you. If you are interested in more Reiki videos please check out those around me. Also, you may want to check out the Community Tab. The Community Tab is where I post Reiki infused photos, sometimes an occasional poll, even an exclusive video. It’s found on my channel’s home page. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you ,I'm really suicidal at the moment and I can feel the energy flowing through from you. Thank you so much 💓

  2. This video was one that the universe had been sending me signs for all last week. Kept reading and hearing about rejection everywhere I turned. Hope it helps many get through the pain of rejection. Blessings, Lourdes

  3. Thank you Lourdes. I have now watched a few of these and feel a bit more positive about myself. thank you.

  4. Hi lourdes…. I am tired of being rejected again and again from friends and strangers and relatives…can you please make one to never be tired of being rejected please ?

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