Recognize Text in Images with ML Kit on Android (Firecasts)

Recognize Text in Images with ML Kit on Android (Firecasts)

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  1. awesome… looking for a card scanner .. and look here it is… thanks firebase <3

  2. how make live ocr ?

  3. Hello Firebase, First I'd like to thank you for the awesome plateforme. I'm wondering whether features like MLkit are considered to be supported on the web in the future 🤔

  4. You guys are simplifying ML for us. Amazing job, Firebase team!

  5. Can't we use this on Web? :/

  6. Great video and, even more important, easy integration. However, my question is if there any good description of what are the known limitations (e.g. can I do handwriting recognition with the existing ML text recognition features).

  7. Is this ready for flutter too??

  8. You can implement it with Kotlin tutorial please.

  9. Thanks Jen, brilliant as always – ML kit is a fantastic component feature.

  10. Hello there,
    is this ML kit recognizes the text(handwritten text) from a picture of book/paper page?

  11. Great tutorial, but should we use the libraries or AndroidX?

  12. i want to use with ios to recognize numbers

  13. I want you to add support for CoreNLP not just recognize text out of image but to recognize values out of a text. for example this sentence. "John, how are you? I will be at Starbucks around 10AM tomorrow. I will see you there. best regards Eran" Now I want the firebase to analyze this sentence and give me things like this is a meeting between John and Eran that will occur at 10am at Starbucks. I want AI to understand the sentence itself. Take a look on Stanford CoreNLP library. In CoreNLP the library will categorize words, for example, 10AM will be time and John and Eran will be "name" and At Starbucks will be "location" so Assume we have an array of names an Array of time and Array of locations then we can really understand the meaning of the sentence. Cool stuff is in it?

  14. I want to Know how i can design to databases in for the user which contains user details which can only visible for user and the another one which is admin of all the user admin can see all the data of user So please guide me how i can implement it in one common application for Android #Askfirebase

  15. Why not using Mobile Vision API it is better and can recognize automatically…

  16. I tested ML Kit OCR on both iOS and Android. However it seems the performance on Android is so much worse compared to iOS. How so?

    I also tried using it to read MRZ on passports. iOS results seem reasonable, Android is crappy. And, there isn't a way to use trained data on ML Kit OCR.

    I ended up using Tesseract with a trained dataset. Sigh…

  17. Hi. i have a question?
    Can scan passport with MLkit?
    sorry because my English skill not good 🙂

  18. This Ml kit is great. It works like a charm. But I have problem with Hebrew language detection from image or live it is not working properly for Hebrew (he, iw). Any suggestion for this will be appreciated. Thanks

  19. Ok, but how to make OCR automatically via camera ???

  20. Hi, I wanted to know whether the capability to recognize text from images of documents is there on the "On-Device Models/API" or the capability is there only on the Cloud models ?

  21. I found these videos helpful when using ML Kit to develop an Android app (Don't Smile Challenge) for an assignment earning my MS Software Development degree at Boston University ( )

  22. Is it possible to train the data to improve the accuracy of the recognized text?

  23. Any one knows how to get the word under the tap motion event? I tried the method element.boundingBox.contains(eventx, eventy)

  24. hello, can it extract hand writing text?

  25. Used MLKit platform to build an educational app implementing all the features of MLKit . The project source code is available in open source on Github 🔥
    App link :
    Source code : (PRs are welcomed) : )

    Thank you firebase for such an awesome feature <3 : )

  26. is she using java or this is another programming language ?(for android development)

  27. Hi the, thanks for the video. My question, will the system be able to capture special character i.e. (&, $ or * etc as well as rest of the text) and second can we modify the digital text captured by the system?

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