Hello! How you guy’s doing? I’m out in the woods today obviously, as you can hear from the buzing sound We’re not bringing [dog name] out here today There are too many bugs I don’t want him to have any bad experiences he is still very young. I’m going to be out here all day He’s going to get eaten alive He’s just going to be laying here, eaten alive I’m going to have to drive home. And, uh, drop him off at home half way through the day anyways I understand that. I knew it was going to be very buggy hear because it is very buggy in the woods right now And we’re in the middle of the woods There is not a breeze There are some birds chirping; so that’s a plus! I’m just going to get some bug spray up on here Start her off good, you know So today we’re going to revamp the fort We’re going to tear all of this down What’s left of this We’re going to start building the back wall It’s going to be a complete re do; like, uh Big back wall Big back high wall, slanted roof, vaguely Build sides But today I’m going to get all of this down I’m going to even probably retie this We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get a little smokey fire going, too keep the bugs at bay, but, as long as I have this on it’s not too big of a deal. That’s why I wore the long sleeve cool guy shirt, you know. So, even my big support log fell Which isn’t surprising because it was on top of snow a bit. We’ll have to drop this down just a touch too to make that fit, but that’s okay So we gotta keep this guy (excursion sounds) (Sound of leaves crunching under feet) I left my uh reflector oven out here The last time I was out here was with Doug and [inaudible] So that’s going to come home with me I only brought an Axe and a saw a banana and a water bottle Okay (Flying insect sounds) If I can reuse all this stuff, obviously I will So I had a video ready for Friday This past Friday. I missed the uh.. I missed the post date because I was uploading my video that I had shot and filmed and edited and I was uploading it from my editing software into my computer VIA my external hard drive and there is a lot going on at my house you know I got a baby, an eight (8) year old And I got Tripper who is a wild, wild dog Things happen External hard drive got knocked out broke and I lost all my files. I lost a bunch of Scout stuff A bunch of Autumn when she was a baby That video; tons of videos Home videos The good news is I sent it to Toronto and there is like a forensic data recovery thing that’s going to help me out hopefully.. But that didn’t help the video coming out Friday Especially when I had skip–when I had missed two weeks Prior to the videos put out So, anyways My apologies It’s the video of Tripper’s first backing trip ever and it was a really fun time; it was a good video It’ll come out in a bit, I gotta wait a couple weeks for that data service to get back to me So, anyway Kind of sucks, but It is what it is. Nice dry piece of wood right there Oops (Laughs) Okay, it’s a good amount of wood Good pile of wood here (Wood cracks) As you can see here my silly Bed Is no more, I lost the big piece on it But that’s okay, we’re going to revamp everything Some dry wood under there, a little cooking grill. So As you can see This side slopes down I figure if I put this support over on this side It will even it out and it will hold this support log in place because it’s down on this side I left a little bit of a lip on this side I don’t know–I can’t remember if this was the top or the bottom last time Hoping that the lip holds this in place a little bit more. Okay Bah, I got bugs in my gloves! I’m going to put some weight on here And it’ll hold it good too Alright You know what Wonder if I should just slide that over to the end here No I’m going to flip this around We’ll see how this side looks Yeah a bit better Okay I’m going to have to tie that together there.. but that’s okay. Ohhh, it’s getting warm. It’s gettin warm. Check this out, this is one black fly bite There, and it’s starting to travel. See the spider web? The leg, going down One black fly bite No joke. I got one on the back of my head too, behind my ears (laughs) I react horribly to them Obviously. First order of business Now that I’ve cleared that all away Is to make the back wall. I’ve got to pound some big longs in as stakes into the ground Pretty far, so.. Let’s do that now I don’t have a backpack with me like I said. I only have a few things, so, I’m going to hang my Axe mask up here so I don’t misplace it I saw one log over here that I knew would be good for that And I could just replace it for the back wall. Here it is. Nice solid pine. Spruce.. whatever it is. Ahh, mosquitos.. To be safe I think I’ll cut this log right in half. It’s a bit long Uh, that way, but I’d rather have it too long and sticking out then I can trim it down after than cut it too short for no reason and waste it Because this is going into the ground I do want it to be as smooth as possible so it doesn’t make more work when we try to pound it in. So, first thing, get rid of these nobs. Old limbs Alright, now I’m going to sharpen it up. There is a really nice easy way to do this Should be able to do it in three (3) or four (4) hits One Two Three and then, see, the bottom just needs a little bit of pointing. We’ll do that in one hit. There ya go. Okay, so one done. One and done! The top was a little bit shorter. And it’s a little bit wider too so I’m going to go on a higher angle and narrow it down. To a point Whoops! No three on that one, okay. Both of those are done. A good idea too is to chamfer the edges so they don’t mushroom out on you You just kind of take a little bit of material off the circle of the top And it helps it not mushroom out so bad or split Now that I got all the logs cleared away back there, it’s time to measure how far back I need to go.This log is from that pile of back logs All of those are going to stationary size because I’ve already cut them to size So, I can measure it with this and be good to go. So, what I’m thinking of Is having a little bit of overhang, still with the logs and having the back log up about this high. And that’s, I think I can go, there. There is plenty of room Especially if my bench is right on the edge or even back a touch Have tons of room for head, head height, and storage So I think that’s what I’ll do Going to right about here With the back wall So I got to pound some stakes right there So the idea is to put one on either side and leave a space in the middle big enough for some logs so that is about big enough for some logs I could even tie it up at the top after but we’ll just stick that there. stick that there oop and get to hammerin’. Get to hammerin’! Now I don’t mean to sharpen my own axe or anything *whacks log* *log bounces back* oh my goodness it must’ve hit a root but I have been known for my axecuracy (accuracy) *chuckle* axecuracy (accuracy) I’m saying accuracy but with an axe instead eh about there *sniffle* axecuracy (accuracy) okay she must have hit a root or something but they are in there pretty good Axecuracy okay they’re in there *sniffle* ahhhh *sits down* *breathing heavy* This little mesh makes it hard to breathe lesser of two evils though Cool. Thanks for coming I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys, uh yeah, are looking forward to the next installment of the fort. I’ll see you later. Captions added by the following:
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