RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World! – Bac Ha Market

RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World! – Bac Ha Market

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  1. Yo Bestys! I missed you. We are now back to our regular schedule! Hope you enjoy Bac Ha as much as I did.

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  2. tuk lao by day, poppers by night

  3. 8:20 …"And Bam, you have a piece of food that you can literally eat" Man Sonny, your writing has improved substantially since you made this video 😀

  4. One of the excellent food blogger on you tube and better than Netflix, Tv travel. Good attitude , funny , positive energy and respecting culture and people.

  5. Việt Nam foods very good

  6. Didn’t he put his whole mouth on the sticky rice then shared itl😂😂💀

  7. I’ve never met Sonny but it feels like I know him so well

  8. Hey my Hmong people.

  9. 🍌🍆🍆🍆🍑🍑🍑

  10. did you know that the "thumbs up" means differently in some culture.

  11. The old lady in 1:15 is holding cellphone in awkward way

  12. Next time you go here, get a Hmong person that can speak the native tongue. I can speak Hmong fluently. Hollar

  13. You were so funny on this one. Mama Long 😘

  14. Sony has to be the hottest dude ever. His personality makes him even MORE irresistible🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😜 and another amazing vid of course.

  15. Dressed like an Ex American war Vet meeting Vietnamese villagers.. Thats gold

  16. I want to try the sweet potato pancake and the taro sesame balls

  17. So you from the streets?
    Him: Yeah, I watched a honey deal go down

  18. It was really nice seeing that kid that was cooking the potato cakes picking his nose

  19. I'd sure like that red noodle Pho recipe….

  20. hit the bong like a champ

  21. Next time you came back here in the Philippines you should try Mami and Pares!They taste so good!😍

  22. Sausage and the nudes together….LOL😂

  23. That’s one funky fungus 😂😭

  24. Your stupid bandanna clearly identifies you as a bumbling American idiot…please stop representing american tourists as a bunch of retards…you are everything I never want to be.

  25. Bruh I need to live there. Food for 50 cents is all i need

  26. 순대국수네 ㅎㅎ 맛있겠다

  27. I’m from saigon and I’m currently a boarding student in America and your video made me miss Vietnam so much!

  28. These people are tribal people who lives in the mountain of Vietnam. They're not familiar with outsider.

  29. Blows into the “bong”

  30. 7:48 we have that too in indonesia,it's called "onde-onde",the fillings are usually green beans

  31. Lol anyone else looked at these comments for other Hmong people? 😂 It’s nice to see Hmong people getting represented! 😁

  32. *goes to vietnam to try local foods
    *gets drunk and high instead


  33. He was drunk lol and high

  34. 13:21 "I put my mouth on it"……….it's probably unrefined pure alcohol…..pretty sure whatever was on your mouth is long dead :).

  35. Who would have thought that the corn cakes and cheese?

  36. 10:29 I find it funny that the woman's chopsticks misses the bowl hahahahaha

  37. You would make one ugly vietnamese girl.

  38. That vegetable make u have s*x longer and that sign mean ur c*ck alway erection

  39. OMG I wan that Bong The most Effect Bong Ever using bamboooo Trust me U gonna like it for Smoke

  40. Take special vinegar for testing purposes and acquire all ingriedients

  41. saving Silverman reference lol I say that all the time and no one ever knows what I’m referring too

  42. Good for men☝️

  43. Is this my order card ……….

    Watching from Tanzania

  44. Those aren’t donut holes. They’re sesame balls 🤪😍 @7:51

  45. Sonny u just drank gas

  46. I like to try to be a traveller like you guy…these foods that i need to eat, no or less preservatives, natural, unlike in big country, the foods have a lot of preservatives and magic taste that slowly poisoning our body…i love natural foods.

  47. Who would have thought that the corn cakes and cheese?

  48. The only white guy that can do an asian squat

  49. Do you have YouTube?

  50. This mushroom is a kind of cordyceps. Because of its shape, it is supposed to be "good for men".

  51. 5:16 I was expecting "now it's peanuts and rice"

  52. Dude! – you run the dappest food channel on Utube!

  53. i think subtitle author wronged about number of ethnic of Vietnam. Exactly there are 54 kind of ethnices

  54. in VietNam , This is strong for men , we call '' Đông trùng hạ thảo" :)))

  55. “I’m a little buzzed right now” 😂

  56. "Men buying it and women selling it" LOL

  57. Am i the only one that noticed that phone? lmao

  58. "you have a pieace of food that u can literally eat"

  59. Maaann you dont shove chopsticks in noodles like that

  60. When the man said it's good for the men I knew exsctly what he meant 😂😂😂

  61. Is he the old logan paul

  62. 11:03 Lets take a bite of sausage and nudes together

  63. This time like Cambodia food 7:48, Can see

  64. I know what that sign language means.

  65. Lmao!! When he blows water out of the bong!!!🤣🤣🤣

  66. He blew into the bong like Kevin from that vine

  67. 2:35
    When I talk shit about my teacher then find her behind me😂😂

  68. i understand vietnamese and this is so damn funny

  69. Oooh datscmy kind of mawket beautiful luv da colors. 👏🏾👏🏾🇯🇲🇨🇦❤😘


  71. Dude with the Bong NEVER moved his position during that WHOLE first montage.,… LMFAO

  72. IF the US was as cheap of living at Nam is it would be great to live here….nobody would be homeless or hungry…

  73. The mystical erection mushroom🍄🤦‍♂️

  74. Woow , it’s amazing experience u lackey guy and the editing of the video is really good and the choose of music also 👍🏻💕💕

  75. Anyone notice at the beginning the lady on the phone has it turned the wrong way lol

  76. 7 dollars FOR THAT MUCH PURE HONEY? WTF THATS INCREDIBLY CHEAP. That goes for 100-200+ overseas

  77. Look at all these price……… Looking at my 3$ bag of chip……. i trade you

  78. Can i just say being able to understand hmong is something i will never regret and im so happy for my culture to be seen with such an amazing audience like yours, thank you so much sonny

  79. Drove a horse…🐴

  80. It would be nice if you actually swallow the fking food.

  81. Your channel is great, brother. I recently discovered it. Brother, I am your friend from the country of Morocco

  82. Lololololz🤭😂 Oh dear! Some things are best left as a mystery indeed. Shuuush!👁🤭

  83. Its good for men ☝

  84. Rice wine with smoking some kind of whatever u want to call it

  85. The lady with the red hood said eat with him he's sharing his food with you

  86. Lol those are not donut holes

  87. At 6:58 the hmong lady said hes sharing have some

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